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99 dollar orchestra?


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Hey guys, I believe we have solved the issues presented in this thread. We solved them quite a long time ago to from the date I'm writing this post. I'm running through forums to check if there's anything that slipped. One of the people here couldn't be recorded at Abbey Road at the original booked date.It really sucked. We apologize for that.

The recordings are great and if you if you had a bad experience with the basic 99 Orchestra (€99 deal) you should try the London Sessions. Any repeat customer on this forum who wishes to try the London Sessions please ask [email protected] to get a recording session booked, we will be giving you a 40% discount (meaning we will subsidize your session in order to give you the great experience that you deserve and that needs to be posted on this forum).
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Glad that you are happy with your tracks but it is still not good enough, as mentioned I paid $600 USD in November 2016... no refund nothing not even an email. Lots of undelivered promises. What's so difficult about communicating?
If it's indeed going to be recorded at the "next session" when is that..?
Hi Tpb189. We're not able to identify if we solved your issue or not because we can't identify the author of this post, but please let us know at [email protected].


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Admittedly, I'm happy to have something to hear (and I'm very happy for you too :-D ), but André still broke our contract :-( I signed and paid for a session in January, at Abbey Road and not at Metropolis. I never would have bought a session if it was planned to take place somewhere else :-(
Hi Yura, unfortunately, in order to record your session ASAP we had to record it in another studio, which is also great. We would have to wait longer to go back to Abbey Road Studios. If we can do anything to compensate you please let us know.


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Dear forum,

I just want to post tis publicly here. I've read through a lot of comments here. Starting a business is hard, specially if the start is done by one person. That's not your fault. It's also not how our company is going to grow obviously. We now have a staff of 5 (since August 2018) and we're able to handle operations at the rate we should now.

Unfortunately, in the process the company (and me) screwed up some orders. We screwed up around 5% of the time. That's a small percentage but it's enough for this thread to have purpose.

We're now in the process of collecting anyone that we may have left behind in terms of quality or delivery from our initial runs in order to solve any pending issues. We're also going to invite people that had a bad experience to record their pieces with us again for a big discount or paying after the recording session only.

Whoever got bad recording from a Basic session from us just contact [email protected] and we will be happy to evaluate the situation and propose a fix.

London recording sessions have been great and got a lot of compliments for them, but if anyone got a bad one I would be interested in learning as well.

Please contact us at [email protected]


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No, Musiversal is not a fork of the $99 Orchestra. The $99 Orchestra doesn't exist anymore. I created it so I have the authority to say it. Musiversal took it down and built a company with a team ($99 Orchestra was one guy trying to do a team's job and that's not possible).

Musiversal has recordings in London with union musicians, at abbey road and other studios, it has a team of 5 people working now, it's growing and etc etc etc... and there are a lot of people using it otherwise it wouldn't be in business...

Your comments and feedback is correct about your experience with the $99 Orchestra in the past. But is completely incorrect about Musiversal (I don't want to be rude, just explaining).

If you were unhappy with the results from the $99 Orchestra kickstarter project it's time that topic is closed. I'll ask the team at Musiversal to reach out to everyone on this thread that was not happy with their experience with the $99 Orchestra to give you a free session with Musiversal so you can share your experience again.

It's fair that you have some fun with your music now and it would cool to see you guys finally sharing your recorded music proudly and using it to advance your career.

Please respond to this thread so we can get your sessions going and seeing your music posted here! :)
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