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90% OFF Orchestral Bundle from Aria Sounds


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Anything purchased on VSTBuzz has full support from our support team so no need to worry on that front. If its an issue we can fix, we'll fix it right away. If not, we'll make sure the developer fixes it for you. If there's no fix and its faulty, we'll refund. We don't like unhappy customers :)
During their first(?) sale through VST Buzz, there was an issue with a patch some users brought up here. They resolved it fairly quickly in an update. I don't know if it was a sign that they were going to start being more responsive to customer feedback or if it was a coincidence, but either way it seems to have worked out for at least that one sale/product. I don't think I've read much about them here that's very positive (which could be deserved, to be fair) but from my limited experience I have no complaints.
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