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8Dio Voices That Inspire Choir Sale

Voices That Inspire Choir Sale


Love is in the air, and for the next 48 hours, all of our 8Dio choirs are on sale, 5 Full Choirs, 8 Solo Singers, and 1 World-Class 9 Person Soprano Ensemble totaling 429 singers.

Sale Ends 02/19 11AM PST

Silka Choir

Silka is a new-generation, deep-sampled choral library dedicated to realistic, expressive and easy choral writing. It contains over 63.500 samples and a wealth of new features, including our super realistic and easy playable polyphonic legato. Silka also contains several new types of legato, including dynamically layered intimate legatos and a wealth of rhythmic and textural articulations. Silka can be the falling star across the summer sky. A powerful instrument for even the largest of compositions. A subtle, gentle stroke with your compositional brush. It can be ethereal and angelic, roaring and dramatic. It is an immersive instrument designed to cover the true emotion and motion of choral writing - from the delicate to the legendary.

Insolidus Choir

Insolidus is a new-generation choral library dedicated to effortless, lyrical and expressive choral writing. It is the first to feature expressive polyphonic legato, so you can play advanced chord- and syllable progressions with a single patch. Insolidus can be a soft, distant light of a silent snowy night. A contemporary scoring choir for epic and emotional pieces. Your gentle and sleepy sonic textures or the first pilot for any classical music composition. The heart of Insolidus is 40 males and 25 females hand-picked by master conductor Petr Polonanik. The sessions took place over several weeks and with a completely new approach to sampling, which allows it to be completely fluent and effortless to work with. We spared no expense and the end result is over 89GB of choral material losslessly compressed to 37GB.

Requiem Professional

Requiem Pro is the next-generation virtual choir developed for professional composers featuring 3 microphone positions (5.1 compatible), full ensemble, divisi male/female and 5 solo singers. The solo singers have four microphone positions, including a new Close Microphone. The library is based on a variety of new recording- and sampling techniques some which have never before been deployed in choral sample libraries. The library can literally sound like a real choir and includes both full choir (SATB), divisi groups (males/females) and solo singers – all recorded in 24 bit / 44.1khz with 3 (5.1) microphone positions. Requiem Pro was recorded in one of the most famous cathedrals in San Francisco and has the natural sound and acoustics of this world-class stage.

Lacrimosa Epic Choir

Lacrimosa Choir consists of 70 Basses, 60 Tenors, 40 Altos and 30 Sopranos – in essence following the concept of a pyramid like structure – with a rich heavy bottom and shining bright top. It generates a perfect balance – where the deeper/lower parts of the choir are capable of matching the shiny/higher ranges. The Lacrimosa Choir was recorded in the same large orchestral hall used for exclusive V8P series and 8Dio CAGE & AGE – and contains three microphone positions (Mixed, DECCA & Far). The Choir contains a wealth of deep-sampled articulations and a variety of new and advanced articulations never used in any existing choir libraries.

Liberis Angelic Choir

Liberis - Exquisite Angelic Choir - is our new-generation choir library featuring the professional 45-Piece Multi-Award Winning Piedmont's Children's Choir lead by choral conductor, Bob Geary. The library represents the most accurate and detailed deep-sampled Symphonic Children's Choir on the market, including Full Ensemble Choir and 3 Deep-Sampled Soloists. Liberis allows you to create a realistic-sounding choir by using a variety of next-generation features, including True Layered Legato, which includes both normal and portamento legato based on velocity. The library contains a deep section of over 28 different Multi-Vowels for the Ensemble and 22 different Multi-Vowels for the 3 soloists.

The New Studio Sopranos

The New Studio Sopranos is a highly versatile choir that seamlessly transitions between intimate and aggressive, providing beautiful background textures to your orchestrations, or being upfront and dominant in the mix. Produced by Emmy Nominated Composer Colin O’Malley, The New Studio Sopranos features 9 extremely talented Soprano singers, recorded in 3 separate divisions each controlled with their own individual fader. Recording the sopranos in groups of 3 allows you to not only have an extremely defined sound, but also to have flexibility when controlling the size, placement, and character of your choir.

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Really time for a super promo offer __ 'Studio Vocals: Roula ' Expected these solo voices to be included for Valentines Day ! :crying:


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Dangit. I caved and purchased Silka and Insolidus. I have Dominus Pro but this sounds like it can do certain things better, even if only those few limited things. The legato transitions and the change of phrase and key on the fly sound incredibly smooth and real to me.


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Dangit. I caved and purchased Silka and Insolidus. I have Dominus Pro but this sounds like it can do certain things better, even if only those few limited things. The legato transitions and the change of phrase and key on the fly sound incredibly smooth and real to me.

I have Silka. Niche, but fantastic. There is no other lib that does what Silka and Insolidus do


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after researching this forum a bit, some people have commented on silka and insolidus being more or less the same library marketed differently, though maybe someone here will object to that. I'd say based on this, if you're looking for versatility, choosing an epic library like lacrimosa to compliment either silka or insolidus would be wiser. it's all down to what you need...don't make the same mistake as i did over xmas and start stocking up on shit you won't end up using just because it's on sale.
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