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The New Glass Marimba is a custom 8DIO instrument and is a modification of the classic Marimba. We have taken a classic Marimba and replaced the wooden bars with glass bars, this gives a very warm and bright tone to the classic sound. This instrument is a type of xylophone where the bars are struck with mallets to produce musical tones, but with broader/warmer and lower tonal range. The origin of the marimba goes back Guatamala and Mayan culture and is not of African descent – though it sounds like it. We deep-sampled this gorgeous deep-sampled instrument, which contains +2.000 samples. All core articulations were deep-sampled separately and consist of soft mallets, hard mallets, muted and finger samples. In addition, we created a variety of FX and ambient patches – all made with the samples from The New Glass Marimba. The New update now includes 30 new custom in house presets from trance sounds, pads and effects the presets add even more options to the library.

The New Glass Marimba Offical Walkthroughs 1:

The New Glass Marimba Offical Walkthroughs 2:

The New Glass Marimba Offical Demos:

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I think sometimes you really should make a competition to write a song with all that "on the house" stuff. Really marvellous, I must (ashamed) admit I have not even touched the ground with all this, only had a closer look on the free angels so far but all this should be good enough for a whole album (even if there seem to be no more albums anymore :) ). Really big, big thanks for all this great "on the house" stuff :)

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This sounds super good. I've been checking out some of 8Dio's other On the House range too - I especially like the Minis - a grab-bag of many different sounds, such as coins, buttons, chairs, toys, you name it. Really good. Thanks 8Dio
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