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8Dio The Four Hybrids Sale

The Four Hybrids Sale


Get the entire collection of our industry-standard cinematic instruments and effects, and yes ... this sale works with the bundle makers (Click here for more details).

Hybrid Tools I:
The library that sparked a whole new category of epic music. Mega-Horns, Downers, Risers, and everything in between. The New Hybrid Tools 1 contains 10 Different Core FX Categories, including Boomers, Distortions, Downers, Impacts, Mega-Horns, Risers, Transformorphing Sounds, Whooshes, Hybrid Rhythms, 45 Multi-Sampled Synths and 30 additional core presets. All Core FX Categories have a variety of specialized sub-categories – offering you virtually any take on the sounds. Whether it is a normal or a gritty impact, a slow, medium or fast riser or bass, medium and high-frequency based Hybrid Rhythms.
The dark gritty sequel focused on big, epic, larger than life type of instruments including a disgustingly dark horror section.The instrument contains a variety of core banks from the biggest mega-horns ever made to our new psychological signature sounds that just burns in your brain. We created some insanely big percussive rolls, which are perfect for transitions and a cool assortment of Dubstep Trailer FX. We also added fresh whooshes, risers and slamming hits that all have that strong, cut-through, sound used in many trailers.
Massive Epic Taiko Ensembles, advanced custom Cinematic Percussion, modern Mega-Horns all focused on that big, expensive, cinematic sounds. Hybrid Tools Vol. 3 contains over 4.5GB of content and more than 2100 hand-crafted sonic gems. Hybrid Tools Vol. 3 contains 16 different core sound classes. We designed a wide selection of common hybrid sounds (ex. Boomers, BPM Synced Grooves/Pulses, Drones, Risers, Wooshes), but also created a variety of new sound types based on the most current and upcoming trends in the cinematic world (ex. Drastic Lines, Epic Tonal Bends, Epic Drum Kits, Levitations, Lights, Psychological Signature Sounds, etc).
The latest and largest in our modern cinematic instruments series. Thousands of brand new instruments and effects and in vast sets of new cinematic categories. The cinematic sound of 2020. 8Dio Hybrid Tools Series has become the professional gold standard for high-end cinematic scoring tools. Featured in thousands of Blockbusters, TV-Shows, AAA Video Games, Int. Trailers and everything in between. Hybrid Tools 4 is about expanding the notion of what instruments and sound design be. Creating a new hybrid style of musical sound design that applies broadly across the spectrum of music.

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