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8Dio The BIG Choir Flash Sale


Insolidus is one of my favourite choirs, and even though it is in many ways a one trick pony, it also has good/passable sustain/legato patches to give some soft fat and depth to a track. For example in a James Newton Howard like fashion, when it's almost inaudible on the background. I didn't know they're supposedly the same as those in Lacrimosa, though the latter has more syllables/articulations.

The real meat is the vowels-patches that are a joy to work with and it can sound very big as well - thanks to the plethora of microphone positions that can go from very close to far as hell. If you have it, see what difference it makes to mix the decca, far and wide mics and then ad some close mics on top of it.

Here's a small "one patch demo"

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So, I'm now setting up the choirs in VEPro and I have one question: What does DFD, TMPro and TM2 mean? I have no idea and it's also not in the abbreviation glossary. Can someone help out, please?


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Lacrimosa back on sale for $198 (now they are dodging their own bundlermaker which grants you 20% discount if you buy worth $200).
Majestica is also on sale at same price.

"Cause MOM deserves an epic track in her name" - hilarious slogan :)


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OK now I'm tempted. They have some "Bottles Instrument for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples" for $2. So Lacrimosa + Bottle Instrument =$200 which allows using Bundler and get that 20% so that is the easiest way to get Lacrimosa for $160. Where's my credit card? I just bought a reverb today and was quite worried if I have $50 for ValhallaRoom...
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