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8Dio Studio Series Fire Saxophone 🔥🎷

🔥🎷 Studio Series Fire Saxophone 🎷🔥


The Studio Fire Saxophone is the latest addition to our Studio Series, utilizing recording techniques for gathering a dry and modern sound, the resulting library is an instrument that fits perfectly in any Pop, Salsa, or Latin music. This library is perfect for performers who want to have total control of the music they write – with articulations that sound alive, crazy fast legatos, the instrument is sampled to never-heard-before depth.


Studio Fire Sax is a Tenor Saxophone, recorded in a clean and neat way. As modern pop is characterized for its spectacular playing style, we’ve captured every single articulation that can fit in this type of music – from drops to staccato, glissandi of all types, crescendi, and sforzandi that will fill your tunes with lively authenticity. Additionally, multi-velocity sustains both flat and vibrato, and an extreme-vibrato sustain will allow longer notes to intervene in that perfect composition. Also included there are bends, grupetti, and ornaments typically used in this style of music for real movements that could not be possible to be replicated with the boring old-style sampling.


Forget about classical slow legatos recorded in halls with perfect reverbs – This library is nothing like that: Studio Fire Sax contains the fastest legatos you will ever play, drag your finger through the keyboard and hear real transitions at top speeds, this is no Mozart or Beethoven, this is the guy who grew up with his instrument and suffered through it, this is the guy who will make you dance with a note, you will never hear more lively Sax than this.


🔥🎷 Live Demo by Troels 🎷🔥



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Well done! I love the tone and the vibrato. Besides Salsa and Latin music, this is the kind of sax library that would work great to emulate the sounds of bands like The Emeralds as well as some of the bands in the Texas Czech scene.


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Was looking at getting the tenor sax but this has stopped me in my tracks. I'll echo the request to see if anyone has both, and how do they compare?


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I only have the Studio Sax, and I really like it. I also have the Embertone Sensual Sax, which is a hidden gem with very emotional legato. There's something in the demo of the Fire Sax that makes the legato sound choppy and raw rather than smooth. Listen to the demo above around :34 and :50. That's probably the intent of the library, but I prefer a smooth sound.

Another thing to consider is the articulations offered by each library. I think that they are different, so you may want to compare those and determine what works best for your needs.

Scarlet Jerry
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