8Dio New Release 'Century Ostinato Brass Trumpets & Horns'

Century Ostinato Brass Trumpets & Horns


The 8Dio Century Series is the definitive state-of-the-art collection of hyper-realistic orchestral instruments. Century continues to represent our most significant leap forward in hall based orchestral sampling to date. With this latest addition, we have brought our Ostinato techniques and workflow to the world of Brass.

Ostinato Brass features a modular arranged ensemble with a carefully auditioned and hand-picked selection of 4 French Horns and 2 Trumpets together creating a comprehensive yet nuanced brass section. Each instrument section was recorded individually, allowing for complete flexibility and customization in the compositional process.

This series focus was the capturing of the perfect imperfections and true essence of repetitive playing. From varying short notes to an abundance of Agile movements and Flowing patterns, this addition to the Ostinato series is the perfect companion to any orchestral and hybrid score alike.

The beauty behind the Century Ostinato series is its live recorded dynamic phrases. Each uniquely captured expression and pattern is available across the range of the instrument at multiple dynamics, all while maintaining the same feel and human-like inaccuracies of a real performance by utilizing the fully host synchronized capabilities. This means you have ultimate flexibility and playability, all while letting the instrument work to fit your production.

Century is and always will be more than a collection of sample libraries to us. Each one tells the story of our musical journey, emotional, distinct, and without doubt, one of the most realistic series of deeply-sampled instruments ever launched. And with Century Ostinato Brass we have gone beyond realism, bringing you the best that large scale phrase-based sampling has to offer.

- Century Ostinato Trombones & Tubas Available Now -

Official Demos

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I’ve been using Ostinato Trumpets+Horns a lot lately and they sound excellent 🌱

We’ll be including jams with Century Ostinato Brass + Ostinato Strings layered together on the next episode of Auki, the Gamified Music Improvisation Podcast - check it out !