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8Dio Intimate Studio Woodwinds


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I like the sound of the 8Dio intimate series. I'm not sure I have a real use for it at the moment, but I really like it. I will purchase strings, winds, and especially brass when they are on sale, or when I have a real use for them. It is an interesting approach, and one that is not too common.


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Now you have my attention... :dancedance:

Seriously peeked my interest there!
Just in time as I was eyeing up the Berlin Soloists too :rolleyes:
The only issue is when. They are working on a lot of things it seems, and they're a small company...so I am keeping my fingers crossed for it to be at least over the summer.


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Since 8Dio has a bit of a reputation for "overdressing" their demos, and since the instruments are presented here with a geeenerous amount of reverb (except for a few short moments where they actually are raw:)), and since this product is marketed as "intimate"---

And since I recognize at least two of the demos from brilliant fellow VIC forum members
@DarkestShadow @leogardini (bravo gents)

I wonder if it would be possible to hear those demos naked, i.e. just the woodwinds isolated and with a minimum of processing so that we can see the more intimate side of these instruments? Or, if not those demos, any naked examples of these winds please? :emoji_sunglasses:
From my demo you can hear the minimum processing you are looking for. I haven't done anything else other than add a little of reverb on them.
Thanks for listening!

jon wayne

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I'm liking the sound pretty much. Haven't heard just the clarinet. On the fence:It sounds like these players were in the same booth, bumping elbows. Out of that context...I don't know about their flexibility.


It really is just an expensive hobby for me
Has anyone tried these in an orchestral setting? I tried them out of the box at a buddy's house and these winds just might be the real deal.


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Now some very 'contrasty' comment over on COMMERCIAL Thread. Wondering if the 'reverb' issue is involved in these diverse impressions …. perhaps related to 'synthy' experiences ?

Hate to miss -50% Promo for this Library if there are 'fixes' to applied …..
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