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8Dio Emotional Guitars Bundle/Rhythms are Available Now!

Emotional Guitars Bundle


A couple of years ago, we wondered how we could make a library that could encapsulate the most important human emotions, those that drive us to act the way we do, what makes us human. After some research, we discovered the Plutchik Wheel, which would summarize human emotions in a wheel, relating them by proximity and similarities.

We decided we could use this information to create a library that could help you create pieces aimed to make listeners feel such emotions, however, we wanted to offer more… so we decided to have these emotions in MultiSample form, in Pads and in Rhythmic loops, that way, you would be able to choose exactly HOW to drive your listeners towards an emotional level.

After narrowing down the project, we decided to make this library only with guitars, to try and make the musician recording these emotions CREATE them with his hands, craft every single note with his art and not merely sound design. This is how Emotional Guitars was born – from the hands and inspiration of one musician (with a lot of guitars), to your fingertips. We loved working on this project, and we are sure it will become an army knife of reaching quick results for you.

With thousands of emotional rhythms organized into 32 different articulations (Emotions) that closely follow the Plutchik’s Wheel, it has never been easier to score scenes with this much of an emotional impact. Whether you need just a simple underscore or a more complex score that weaves in and out between dozens of different emotional textures, Emotional Guitars has you covered.

Emotional Guitars: Multi-Samples is the 3rd volume, including ‘Emotional Guitars Multi-Sampled’ and ‘Emotional Guitars Pads‘ which feature both multi-sampled guitars, and custom pads all designed with a single guitar. It truly has never been this easy to score with such emotion and such accuracy. Any situation, any time.

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- Emotional Guitars - MultiSamples -

Thirty-two articulations, each one crafted from recording to editing to make the listener feel something specific – the artistry and expertise of the musician was not only in recording a guitar but making it drive towards a specific feeling. Each of the multi-sampled emotions will allow you to create lead lines with special colors, which will help you emphasize a specific emotional response on your listeners.

- Emotional Guitars Rhythms -

For those of you composers of pulsing and rhythmic pieces, we have created rhythmic loops that will add that special touch to your pieces. Every rhythm was created from the very scratch using an arsenal of guitars, every rhythm will synchronize with your song’s tempo and every rhythm will highlight the beauty of human emotions.

- Emotional Guitars Pads -

For a filling and background-type of results, we created looping pads (everything done with guitars!) with colors that will drive your listeners towards rage, serenity, distraction, and even ecstasy! These pads are designed to add to your compositions and just let your fingers go with long sustains, that will colorize your music in a matter of seconds.

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