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8Dio Early Leap Year Sale 40% off all products.


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I very quickly ate up the Century Artisan Brass and a Tuba. Eu had me at euphoniums. There is something so regal and academy about the sound of cimbassos, euphoniums, and flugelhorns. Less strident like the Olympics, more foggy like Dead Poet’s Society. A wealth of articulations.

Holy crap, these load fast! A red letter day. I wanted to mouth kiss that frog when I saw it. And I’m not sure I’m done with this sale.

Kiss the frog. I’m not sure when there will be another sale like this one! Lol.

What a lucky catch.



There'll be another one along shortly..... i have a ton of 8dio products and I'll never pay full price again because there's always a sale of some kind on.


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The full century brass essemble and solo bundle went down from 598 to 398....i had it in my cart for 239. So tempted.


Antal Nusselder (not really evil)
Thinking of picking up a few Century Brass Solo Instruments at $28.80...
Any gems in there?
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