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8Dio Custom Instrument Series Everwave

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Continuing with our experimental trip though custom-made instruments, we have another gem that intends to fulfill your transcendental desired in music EverWave.
After months of design and almost a year in development, our master luthier presented us with this beautiful masterpiece.
With over 100lbs of weight, EverWave is a unique instrument that required a lot of passion and preparation. It was built from the ground up and then transferred to our studio where we filled it with microphones from every angle. The result is an amazing library that sounds absolutely unique.

EverWave was recorded using all sorts of techniques. Due to its complexity, we decided to sample it until it would break, and so we did. Each note required an almost 30-minute sessions of tuning, and at a point, the pressure was so great, that the instrument perished. The result, however, is an absolute delight to the ears of the listener. You will feel transcending into other worlds, this is an instrument that can fit perfectly both in an epic composition but also in a soft ambience.

After recording, we created a massive amount of multi-velocity loops. Over 40GB of content compressed to 18GB (lossless) characterize this instrument – a new era of sampling, where we’re looking for new boundaries in sounds.


EverWave was physically built by our master luthier using wood, metal, and A LOT of strings. Suspended in the air, EverWave uses its body to generate a beautiful resonance that floats in the air from every corner. We surrounded the instrument with microphones, added microphones inside, and recorded days of sounds with ethereal vibes. After we were done, we went experimenting further with new sounds to a point where EverWave couldn’t hold the pressure of the strings anymore. The resulting is a total exploration of new sonic adventures that come in a taste of long 1+ minute sustains that will give your compositions a touch of uniqueness and a lot of harmonic fulfillment.


EverWave has so many microphones and options, that we have to split them in different patches in order to be merciful with your system. A set of mono-microphones such as contact microphone, a shotgun microphone inside EverWave’s body, among others, will provide a directional spot-like sound in the different characteristics of the instrument. Additionally, a set of stereo microphones that were distributed around the instrument throughout the sessions, offer you the perfect stereophonic fill that provides a singular richness to the sound. Finally, we’ve created different mixes that offer ready-made solutions for those looking for quick perfection.


EverWave contains huge samples that were recorded using several velocities. The result is a unique experience – as each sample can be started at any point (and the starting point can even be randomized), this is the equivalent to almost-infinite round robins. Letting any key pressed for any length will give a unique sensation that will never be repeated. Additionally, if you use the Mod. Wheel, the intensity of the instrument will vary in an organic way, allowing you to create waves of perfection. Along with the traditional sustains, we explored the possibilities of EverWave using glass, ebows, drumsticks and other tools in order to create more unique experiences. EverWave can be soft and silky but also aggressive and epic. We explored every possibility of the instrument to cover whatever needs you may have. EverWave will offer you a unique opportunity for filling your compositions with emotion and transcendence.

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