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I ran out of space and have stopped updating this. The new thread is HERE
There are 50 or more listings on it.

8Dio - 40% Off - Use Code 8M8ZING
A|A|S - Up to 60% Off
Aria Sounds - 80% Off Aurora Choir at VSTBuzz
Arturia V Collection 6 - $249 New Customers - $99 Upgrade from 5 - $199 from Analog Lab (Until 12/5)

Cinesamples Featured Product Cinestrings Solo
D16 Group 40% off CODE BLACK2018
DiscoDSP - 50% Off
Dream Audio Tools 50% off 9 products
EastWest Up to 60% Off
Fluffy Audio Up to 60% off all Products
FXPansion BFD 50% off
Gothic Instruments - Up to 60% Off at Time+Space Dronar Modules for $26!
Handheld Sound - Scoring Mallets 50% off with code SMTG18
Heavyocity Storewide Sale (ends 12/7)
IK Multimedia Happy Holi-Deals 50% off all IK Software and apps
ImageLine Up to 50% off
In Session Audio - Fruit Shake Percussion Library FREE
Keepforest up to 70% off
Krotos Audio 50% off with code NOVSALE
Michael Picher - All Libraries 25% Off
Modwheel 30% Off - Use Code NOV18MW
Native Instruments - 175 Products 50% Off (ends 12/2)
Output - 25% off all software
Production Voices - Sales up to 70% off
Realitone - Fingerpick 2.0 Released with Special Price - and Mike is selling Hip Hop Creator too!
Rigid Audio Cinematrix ($5.99)
Sample Fuel - 20 - 40% off selected products

Sample Hero - 50% Off Everything
Sampletekk - Essentials Bundle at APD
Scarbee Up to 50% Off
Serato DJ Suite and Serato Sample 50% off at JRRShop
Sonuscore Stage 2 Sale Now 40% Off - Stage 3 11/22 (one instrument)
SONiVOX Premier Collection Upgrade $49.99 at Don't Crac[k]
Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Resona & Mountains still £10
Sound Dust Sponge Piano $27.00 at T+S
SoundIron Up to 40% Off (ends 11/26)
Thenatan up to 90% off
Toontrack Holiday Sale EZX expansions 35% off SDX expansions- 40% off - more
ujam - Save 50% on all instruments & packs (except new bass, discounted less) ends 12/3
Vienna Symphony Library - 30% off Woodwinds & Brass
Volko Audio 70% Off All Products
50% off

ZenAudio - Alk2 Looping Daw 33k% off
Bitwig Studio 2 Save up to $100
Studio One Professional $168.99 at AudioDeluxe + Deals on Upgrades
Propellerhead - Save $100 on Reason 10 and get Drum Sequencer and Europa

Acon Digital Mastering pack is $99 at Plugin Boutique

Accusonus BF Sale
Antares Sale
Boz Digital Extra Discount w/code FORUM

Eventide - Save up to 75%
Save up to 50%
GRM Tools at JRR Shop
iZotope Neutron 2 Standard for $99 at Plugin Boutique (Need code from email)
Trash & Iris 2 Bundle $49 at PB
Lexicon Reverb Deals at JRR
Overloud - Up to 75% Off
Plugin Alliance
Relab discounts at JRR
Softube - Up to 60% Off at Best Service (until 12/1)
Soundhack Sale
Soundspot £1/$1 Deals at Plugin Boutique
Synchro Arts Sale at AudioDeluxe
Waves - Sign up to get a FREE new plugin on Black Friday HERE.
Also early Waves BF deals are here.

I've moved LOOPS and MISC to later in this thread because I'm not allowed to post more than 10,000 characters.
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I want to bump this, since TigerTheFrog is keeping it updated. So I'll double post this deal:

B&H has a 48 hour flash sale on Samsung 960 Evo M.2
$110 -- 500gb
$220 -- 1tb

Also, I don't see the Impact Soundworks Orchestra Bundle on the Audio Plugin Deals site.
Thanks @Land of Missing Parts You're right. They're not there anymore. Thanks.
I took those and other APD Shop deals down. Either these were mistakes or they put them up too early.


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Hi, is there any kontakt player library that would allow crossgrade on sale?

It seems drummicA won’t allow crossgrade anymore..