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55% off Red Room Audio Saga | 33% off Soundiron Hyperion String Elements


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Hi guys, we've got a couple of exclusive deals on some excellent Kontakt libraries/instruments this long Easter weekend!

55% off Red Room Audio SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion
Provide impact and scale to your cinematic and trailer music with this extensive collection of thunderous drums, dynamic metals and other real-world acoustic percussion instruments. "If your palette of cinematic and percussion sounds needs expanding, Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion is well worth auditioning." said Sound on Sound in their 5 star review.

Get it here with 55% off until Monday > https://www.timespace.com/products/red-room-audio-saga-acoustic-trailer-percussion

33% off Soundiron Hyperion String Elements
Ready to perform from the moment you load it up, this beautiful-sounding string ensemble library for the free Kontakt Player is perfect for everyone whether you’re a working composer, student, producer, songwriter, teacher, arranger, band, sound designer, or are just curious about creating your own music.

Get it here with 33% off until Monday > https://www.timespace.com/products/soundiron-hyperion-strings-elements

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Big fan here. I just bought it and consider this deal somewhat of a no-brainer. I have Palette which I've considered decent (but not great). But percussion in palette does overlap somewhat with Saga, and is fantastic, IMO. Saga is more comprehensive as far as instruments and articulations. I find the interface great and easy to use in SAGA. It exactly fits my needs as far as having orchestra percussion that is more epic, but not way over the top. As far as sound quality, it is great with the hall being fairly neutral, so I can add my own reverb when I want. The rolls are top-notch, which is one reason i got this library. I especially like the Surdos ensemble, which sounds great in this library. By the way, I also have HZ Percussion Professional which is obviously fantastic, but sometimes it can get complex to try to weed my way through the sounds and various artist mixes. Saga compliments it nicely and is simple just to fire up and play, and i think it will blend well with HZ percussion (just haven't tried it yet). Can't go wrong with this deal.


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sketchpad is the only one I have. There are things I really like about it, like the percussion and various features like “strings sustain to tremolo“ crossfade, which surprisingly I have not seen in other libraries. But as far as sound for strings, winds, etc, there is something about it I can’t put my finger on, like it lacks definition, something about the hall where they recorded. The sound is nice enough but not great, for certain instruments. This of course is just my opinion. And I do value the library, Its very smooth across the keyboard for playing the various sections. But it just doesn’t compare to something like Berlin Inspire for sound quality.


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I love Saga, prefer it over percussions in Albion and Iceni. Easy to play out of the box and it sounds smooth and is very inspiring. But I don't see the 55% off?
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