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Wally Garten

Senior Member
"Orchestral Dust features 12 different multisampled orchestral instruments – and each has a set of articulations and ensemble sizes."

Is there an instrument list or documentation somewhere? I get that it's not a traditional orch lib and the emphasis is on granular, gating, etc., but was wondering what kinds of sounds are included.


VST/AU Developer
OK here's the list of OD sampled sounds. These were all taken and reworked from high-quality public domain sources - we did a lot of resampling, balancing and editing to get them to work well in a granular instrument:


Bassoon Lg Stacc
Bassoon Lg Sus
Bassoon Lg Sus Loud
Bassoon Lg Sus Soft
Bassoon Lg Vib
Bassoon Sm Stacc
Bassoon Sm Sus
Bassoon Sm Sus Loud
Bassoon Sm Sus Soft
Bassoon Sm Vib
Bassoon So Stacc
Bassoon So Sus Loud
Bassoon So Sus Soft
Bassoon So Vib


Cello Lg Pizz
Cello Lg Spicc
Cello Lg Trem
Cello Lg Vib
Cello Lg Vib Loud
Cello Lg Vib Soft
Cello Sm Pizz
Cello Sm Spicc
Cello Sm Trem
Cello Sm Vib
Cello Sm Vib Loud
Cello Sm Vib Soft
Cello So Pizz
Cello So Spicc
Cello So Trem
Cello So Vib
Cello So Vib Loud
Cello So Vib Soft


Clarinet Lg Stacc
Clarinet Lg Sus
Clarinet Lg Sus Loud
Clarinet Lg Sus Soft
Clarinet Sm Stacc
Clarinet Sm Sus
Clarinet Sm Sus Loud
Clarinet Sm Sus Soft
Clarinet So Stacc
Clarinet So Sus
Clarinet So Sus Loud
Clarinet So Sus Soft

Contra Bass

Contra Bass Lg Pizz
Contra Bass Lg Spicc
Contra Bass Lg Sus
Contra Bass Lg Sus Loud
Contra Bass Lg Sus Soft
Contra Bass Lg Trem
Contra Bass Lg Vib
Contra Bass Sm Pizz
Contra Bass Sm Spicc
Contra Bass Sm Sus
Contra Bass Sm Sus Loud
Contra Bass Sm Sus Soft
Contra Bass Sm Trem
Contra Bass So Pizz
Contra Bass So Spicc
Contra Bass So Sus
Contra Bass So Sus Loud
Contra Bass So Sus Soft
Contra Bass So Trem
Contra Bass So Vib


Flute Lg Stacc
Flute Lg Sus
Flute Lg Sus Loud
Flute Lg Sus Soft
Flute Lg Vib
Flute Sm Stacc
Flute Sm Sus
Flute Sm Sus Loud
Flute Sm Sus Soft
Flute Sm Vib
Flute So Stacc
Flute So Sus
Flute So Sus Loud
Flute So Sus Soft
Flute So Vib

French Horn

French Horn Lg Mute
French Horn Lg Stacc
French Horn Lg Sus
French Horn Lg Sus Loud
French Horn Lg Sus Soft
French Horn Sm Mute
French Horn Sm Stacc
French Horn Sm Sus
French Horn Sm Sus Loud
French Horn Sm Sus Soft
French Horn So Mute
French Horn So Stacc
French Horn So Sus
French Horn So Sus Loud
French Horn So Sus Soft


Oboe Lg Stacc
OboeLg Sus
Oboe Lg Sus Loud
Oboe Lg Sus Soft
Oboe Lg Vib
Oboe Sm Stacc
Oboe Sm Sus
Oboe Sm Sus Loud
Oboe Sm Sus Soft
Oboe Sm Vib
Oboe So Stacc
Oboe So Sus
Oboe So Sus Loud
Oboe So Sus Soft
Oboe So Vib


Trombone Lg Stacc
Trombone Lg Sus
Trombone Lg Sus Loud
Trombone Lg Sus Soft
Trombone Lg Vib
Trombone Sm Stacc
Trombone Sm Sus
Trombone Sm Sus Loud
Trombone Sm Sus Soft
Trombone Sm Vib
Trombone So Stacc
Trombone So Sus
Trombone So Sus Loud
Trombone So Sus Soft
Trombone So Vib


Trumpet Lg Mute
Trumpet Lg Mute Harm
Trumpet Lg Stacc
Trumpet Lg Sus
Trumpet Lg Vib
Trumpet Sm Mute
Trumpet Sm Mute Harm
Trumpet Sm Stacc
Trumpet Sm Sus
Trumpet Sm Vib
Trumpet So Mute Harm
Trumpet So Stacc
Trumpet So Sus
Trumpet So Vib


Tuba Lg Stacc
Tuba Lg Sus
Tuba Lg Sus Loud
Tuba Lg Sus Soft
Tuba Sm Stac
Tuba Sm Sus
Tuba Sm Sus Loud
Tuba Sm Sus Soft
Tuba So Stacc
Tuba So Sus
Tuba So Sus Loud
Tuba So Sus Soft


Viola Lg Pizz
Viola Lg Spicc
Viola Lg Vib
Viola Lg Vib Loud
Viola Lg Vib Soft
Viola Sm Pizz
Viola Sm Spicc
Viola Sm Vib
Viola Sm Vib Loud
Viola Sm Vib Soft
Viola So Pizz
Viola So Spicc
Viola So Trem
Viola So Vib
Viola So Vib Loud
Viola So Vib Soft


Violin Lg Pizz
Violin Lg Spicc
Violin Lg Trem
Violin Lg Vib
Violin Lg Vib Loud
Violin Lg Vib Soft
Violin Sm Pizz
Violin Sm Spicc
Violin Sm Trem
Violin Sm Vib
Violin Sm Vib Loud
Violin Sm Vib Soft
Violin So Pizz
Violin So Spicc
Violin So Trem
Violin So Vib
Violin So Vib Loud
Violin So Vib Soft