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50% 0FF Film Scoring for Beginners - Benjamin Botkin Course 6 HOURS LEFT!


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Hey guys! The second online course that I just launched through my new online educational site (Forte Composer Academy) is called Film Scoring for Beginners.

This in-depth, 42 lesson/10-hour-long video course course is intended to be a pretty comprehensive introduction to the art, craft, philosophy, business, relationships, process, practice, and problem-solving of film scoring for someone who is fairly new to it, yet is serious about following the film composer career. A big point of emphasis in this material is addressing the scenarios and realities that composers starting out in the indie/low budget/no budget film world will face, and working with other team members who may not be particularly experienced because they are just starting out as well.

  • The Role of Music in Film and the vocabulary of Film Music
  • The Role of the Film Composer
  • The Role of the Director, and how to successfully relate to and communicate with him (and how to communicate with inexperienced directors!)
  • How to Build and Maintain Strong Collaborative Relationships with Filmmakers
  • Crafting your Career Goals and Priorities
  • Navigating Existing Job Opportunities
  • Basics about Money, Rights, Royalties, and Contracts
  • How to Analyze the Story of the Film and Break Down its Needs
  • How to Develop the Score (Musical Pre-Production)
  • How to Compose Compelling Themes and Motives
  • How to Have a Successful Spotting Session
  • Critical Theory and Tips on Musical Placement
  • How to Create a use a Cue Sheet
  • How to Balance and Schedule your Scoring Workload
  • How to handle Sync, Timecode, and File Management
  • The Differences Between Scoring for Different Visual Mediums (Features, Docs, Commercials, Etc.)
  • The Distinctive Musical Needs of Different Genres
  • How to Plan a Cue and Score to Picture
  • How to Hit Precise Timing Notes and Use the Tempo Track
  • How to Balance Drama and Emotion
  • How to Create Effective Underscore with Modern Tools
  • How to Score Action, Comedy, Suspense, and Intimate Scenes
  • How to Overcome Common Problems in the Film Scoring Process
  • How to Overcome Common Low-Budget/Indie Problems
  • How to Deal with Rejection and Redos
  • How to Survive on a Deadline
  • How to Successfully Prepare and Deliver Music Files

But be sure to check out the info and preview lessons on the course page to see if this course is a good fit for you, because it's not for everyone.

NOV 2021 EDIT: The regular price is $475, but for the month of November 2021 it (along with all my other products) is for sale at 50% off (by far the largest discount so far), which drops the total to $237.50. To secure the discount, use coupon code "FAIRLYLARGE" at checkout or follow this discount link to the store: https://store.fortecomposeracademy.com/?coupon=FAIRLYLARGE

Thanks, guys!

Ben (Forte Composer Academy)
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Just bumping this thread to let everyone know that the 20% coupon code expires at 11:59PM CDT tonight, May 25th. So that's in just a little over 12 hours.


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Just a heads up that this Film Scoring course will only be on sale for half price for a few more hours!
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