5 years later - My new Orchestral/Epic/OST/pirateslike 13 minutes track "The Prevail Suite"


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5 years ago I did a 2 minute track called prevail of the strategist :
This is the old theme please continue for my new release.

Back then I still had a library that lacked realism and I had some exportation quality issues. But I still liked the theme that was born.
Years later I still compared every composition I made to that theme, and was often wondering why I didn't get an idea like that one.
A few months ago a friend told me that I should do a longer version of the theme. I realized after that the theme was a bit underused and that I could make it really better.
So I just released a 13:40 new track using that same theme, but with new techniques, new VSTs and a more polished arrangement/structure.

I would love to hear what you guys think about it.

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Thanks in advance for your feedback