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5 weeks now - will anyone listen and give feedback?

Mads Skønberg

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Now it is 5 (or maybe 6 weeks) since I started making this kind of music. I will call my music Epic soundtrack/trailer/filmmusic.

I would be very happy if you will listen and tell me what you think about my piece. Thanx!

You've definitely made progression :). Some observations:
  • The piano is very quiet, it's supposed to carry the melody in the beginning, but it gets drowned by the background strings.
  • I would take the crash in the start away.
  • The drum hits in 0.24, 0.29 and 0.34 sound a bit strange, maybe they are too loud compared to the melody and the background.
  • The choir gets a bit drowned in the mix too. Maybe you could make the mixing especially in the chorus part clearer.
  • I would like a bit more development in the melody. The chorus is very similar to the melody in the beginning and there's just a different part at 0.57, which is good. For your next song try experimenting and developing the theme even more. E.g. what I sometimes do is that I have a rhythmic idea in the beginning, and a melody, but I'm not repeating the melody in the chorus, but e.g. I'm utilizing the same rhythmic idea and parts of the melody
Hope these help.
That's a beautiful theme, Mads. I'm hearing some harmony issues here and there (at 0:52 for exemple), and the rythmic signature is quite confusing : the piano theme looks clearly 3/4, but when the percs or the string ostinato comes in, it's 4/4. My advice would be to make a choice here, I can't bang my head like the metalhead I used to be ;)

Otherwise, again, beautiful theme ! Seems like you're inspired and productive, keep up the good work !
I concur with the above points. I'd suggest letting the piano state & reinforce the theme solo to begin with, and layer from there. The crash and strings just get in the way initially. Don't be afraid to make a simple musical statement without feeling the need to embellish straight away. And yes, the 3/4 - 4/4 mix is confusing and jarring for this type of piece. The ideas are there for a really nice theme, but less is more I think in this case.
Thanx everyone. This is very good feedback for me.

I have tried to make some changes into the piece. The 3/4 4/4 issue is on purpose. I think it is making the piece more interesting, but I understand I might be wrong here:)

Here is the piece incl the changes.


I listened to the original and reworked and I definitely think the revised version is better, and more cohesive. Good job!
I like the violin/strings line. I want to hear it more before the drum beds come in actually. It would be interesting to hear a more traditional or mellow orchestration with it at some point (thats just my taste of course).
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