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40% of all Audiofier cinematic and ambient instruments


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40% of all Audiofier cinematic and ambient instruments:

Audiofier Abstrung $35
Audiofier Aerkord $35
Audiofier AetherArp $35
Audiofier Veevum Trilogy $59
Audiofier VenKatt $35
Audiofier Vesper $35



Very strange I was at the JRR site the other day.
I had the Audiofier products, I was going to buy in my cart.
When I went back to the site just now I saw the products in my cart and then page immediately refreshed,the cart was empty and if you now search for anything Audiofier @JRR nothing comes up. 1 or 2 days ago they had Audiofier products now ,nothing.
The good news another e-store has the sale going on ,as this is a JRR thread out of respect for Uncle Eric I will let you know via a message.
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I can't find these in shop. Have they been added to JRRshop yet?

Just a temporary glitch, I'd guess. Pretty sure it's sleepy-time, in his part of the world, so it'd be worth waiting till he gets his notifications for this thread to see if he can get it sorted ;)


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Went to check the audiofier on JRR as well just minute ago but the site is down....

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 10.41.59.png

Hope they are coming back soon, gotta get Venkatt...
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In another thread they posted they were down to fix some security problems. Maybe it was phrased differently, like making the website resilient or something.


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Just to confirm, JRRShop site down in Sydney Australia too.
Venkatt is a bit dearer at $59 on the developer site


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Just to confirm, JRRShop site down in Sydney Australia too.
Venkatt is a bit dearer at $59 on the developer site
That’s the normal price I guess. But if I can find it cheaper... not that it is not worth 59. I don’t know why audiofier has so low prices compared with what their products can do. But I’m not gonna complain about that :)


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If you have some time they are from time to time on sale on kontakthub (but not at the moment), Audiofier has some sales too from time to time (usually up to 40 %). But I agree that they are worth the full prize, really great stuff.

:) Thought I just give it a try and look somewhere else, here you go:

Its not mentioned under deals but I found out that its really worth to have a look directly if you are looking for some concrete product.
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