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40% EDU Discount on Sample Libraries and Software Products!




40% OFF all libraries and software products - our great Vienna student discounts are back in September!

Just log-in with your VSL account (or create a free one here), go to our EDU discount site and upload your valid student or teacher ID.
Our team will verify it as soon as possible and once your EDU Status is confirmed, your EDU discount price will be displayed in the price box or each product page.

BRAND-NEW: We received a lot of requests to offer EDU discounts permanently.
And I'm happy to announce that you will be able to get a 25% educational discount all year long, right after our September offer has ended.
All you need is a valid student / teacher ID (discount can not be combined with sales- and intro- discounts) and you're good to go.
Any questions: Let me know or contact our sales team via [email protected]!

Best, Ben


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Does the edu discount add on to discounts from previous purchases? i.e. if I have sy SE1, sy woodwinds is discounted already, will the edu discount be on that or the list price?


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(discount can not be combined with sales- and intro- discounts)
After you uploaded a valid ID and it got validateed by our team, you can see your personal price in the price-box on the product pages.


my son student can he buy for me ? he want to make present to me ...
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