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2D / 3D Annimator Designer for Video


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(Not for me)

Just posting this to see if any of you might want some extra work.

A start up project I'm providing audio for requires an animated video demonstrating (approximately 1 or 2 mins long) concept of the business.

Project revolves around mental well being and relaxation using cinematic styled story telling.

Client is looking for an artist who can provide the visuals and animate them. It'll either be 2D or 3D work so if you can do both 👍

Payed work, rates negotiable, budget is lowish £££ (bare that in mind)

You'll need to provide a portfolio of your 2D / 3D animation work, please make sure you got it sorted.

If the project takes-off there'll be plenty more work for video creation (Could be a good one to take a punt on in the long run.)

Shoot me a DM and I'll put you in contact if your interested. Just want to post on here because theres a lot of awesome talent individuals on the forum.

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