25 keys MIDI keyboard workflow: How do you make it workable?


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I have some space in-front of my PC's screen, keyboard and mouse for an 25 keys MIDI keyboard(unfortunately I'm limited for 25 keys space-wise).

Can someone who uses 25 keys MIDI keyboard please share: How do you take out the best of it, in terms of workflow, when composing in-front of a DAW and virtual instruments?
And if someone can share a link to a video that demonstrate that, it would be great. I didn't find one in YouTube search so far.

25 keys is very, very limited. Personally I'm used to 88 keys.
But I assume there are methods to maximize the benefits from such an instrument, considering the fact that there are many who limited to 25 keys because of various reasons like space, portability, etc...
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I couldn't make it work for myself tbh... . I Ended up getting a 61 key and a 32 key keyboard besides my digital piano.


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I couldn't make it work for myself tbh... . I Ended up getting a 61 key and a 32 key keyboard besides my digital piano.
Which is pretty much the conclusion I’d reached - hence my other thread On here asking for advice on 61-key boards lol.

I plan on using the 61 for note entry and my existing 25-key as a controller for keyswitches, etc.


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25 is just too limiting, I agree. Unless you must have full-size keys, here's some thoughts: I wanted a small midi keyboard at work in my office for break time. I ended up with this Arturia, and I can't tell you what a difference the extra 7 keys makes. Check the specs see if it would fit. The black edition is limited, often it comes in white but the build is nice and the strips work quite well for Mod and Pitch. You can also add the tiny Korg NanoKontrol for more sliders. I also keep this MicroKeyAir handy at home for the quick get-the-idea-down, and with 37 keys, hugely better. See if it's too big. The microKey Air is amazing paired with the Garritan CFX, I can't get over how fast and fluid you can do piano runs, especially with smaller keys. It plugs right in or you can go wireless to an iPad, etc.

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25 Keys is definitely limiting for a keyboard player. I bought a Komplete Kontrol A25, and then an m32 which made a huge difference due to the extra keys it had. Piano parts would definitely be a struggle if they are not 88 keys but all other parts should be manageable.