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20%-off LunarNewYear-Penka Masterclass [Cultivating a Career for Media Composers] Hollywood Composer


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Dear fellow VI-Control Members,

On behalf of dear Penka Kouneva (Hollywood Composer/Orchestrator - Prince of Persia, Transformers, World of Warcraft, Ender's Game etc.) we are proud to present her very first online masterclass entitled Cultivating a Career for Media Composers. This is designed for early-career and aspiring media composers, orchestrators, composer assistants, interns, recent graduates and all interested.

The masterclass comprises of two major parts -
1) A high quality multi-camera edited recording of a live-masterclass she gave in L.A (Split into segments/topics) [1 hour]
2) A Q&A Segment recorded in her studio [approximately 50 minutes]
[Total Duration: 1 Hour 50 Minutes]

Bonus materials includes scores / mp3s from her first two albums (A Warrior's Odyssey / The Woman Astronaut)

*Lunar New Year 2019 Special*
Happy Lunar New Year all Chinese colleagues! We are having a discount of 20% during this festive season. Use the code LNY2019 at checkout to obtain this :)!

Full information and purchasing of the masterclass can be found on our dedicated website:

Segment from the Main Masterclass:

Segment from the Q&A:

Click here for more previews of the masterclass on our YouTube Channel

Much Love,
Peter [on behalf of the Penka Kouneva Masterclass Team]

Welcoming Penka Herself to the VI-Control forum, she will answer questions if anyone has any!

All who purchase the masterclass will be included in our mailing list with more sharing by Penka - e.g. blogs answering in depth questions that were asked of Penka by students at various Master's Media Scoring programs (USC, CalArts, etc)

Penka Kouneva's Bio:

Penka Kouneva is a Film & Game Composer known for her exceptional talent in the Hollywood industry. Some of her recent scores include “The Mummy” VR Game, a $30M NASA Exhibit ‘Heroes and Legends’ at the Kenny Space Center and feature films such as Devil’s Whisper (Sony Pictures DVD), Encounter, Blue and Aga (Berlinale Film Fest ’18 Closing Feature). She has released two critically acclaimed orchestral albums on the Varase Sarabande label (The Woman Astronaut, Rebirth of ID), both of which received 5-star reviews nationwide.

Penka began her career scoring independent features and TV movies and had a break in the video games industry as a collaborator of Steve Jablonsky (on Prince of Persia, Transformers games). She has scored numerous mobile and VR Games and over 20 feature films including the breakout features of Chloe Moretz and Josh Duhamel. Her notable clients as a Lead Orchestrator are Neal Acree (Blizzard games), Steve Jablonsky (Transformers, Ninja Turtles) and Nathan Barr (House with Clock In Its Walls). Penka is also a Sundance Composer Fellow and winner of the 2015 Game Audio Network Guild's Recognition Award.

As an extraordinary mentor and lead orchestrator Penka has been instrumental in nurturing the careers of many rising talents who have continued to work on studio films, top TV shows, games and trailers. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Penka was classically trained and received the first-ever Ph.D. in composition from Duke University. In 1999, Penka arrived in Hollywood with one contact and small savings. In the following decade, she made history as the first woman lead orchestrator on studio blockbusters since Shirley Walker. Penka is passionate about artist growth as she believes that development of one's skills and originality (along with cultivating relationships), is the prerequisite for success in the scoring business.
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Dear colleagues,
Thank you for your warm welcome. Indeed, I will be glad to answer questions, and be of service.

I wanted to let you know about the Contents of my Career Masterclass in detail. My colleague Si Hao Ting did a brilliant job with the organization of the material.

Here is the Table of Contents:
[Main Masterclass - Duration 1 Hour]

* The Core Questions
* 02 Cultivating An Individual Style
* Score Reading & Analysis
* Analysis of Thematic Development
* Temp Scores
* Skills For A Successful Career
* Composing Style
* Collaborative Skills
* Technical Fluency
* Business Acumen
* What Fuels Your Career
* Inspiring Others To Help You
* Getting A Scoring Job
* Will You Listen To My Demo?
* Takeaways

[Q&A Segment - Duration 50 minutes - these are FAQ that pop up at such career classes every time]
1.What are some mistakes commonly made by inexperienced composers?
2.How important is it to go to a Film-Scoring program?
3.What advice would you give a fresh graduate or someone without much work experience?
4.What are some advantages in starting out as a composer’s assistant?
5.How long does it take a composer to establish a sustainable career in media composing?
6.How would you approach a genre of music that is unfamiliar to you?
7.How do you deal with writer’s block?
8.How do you deal with writing large amounts of music in short periods of time?
9.How do samples play a part in achieving the desired sound or style required of a project?
10.What is your approach to conceptualizing a new piece of music or project?
11.Do you prefer writing in notation program vs a DAW?
12.How important is it for media composers to learn about the physical limitations of instruments?
13.How important is it for you to listen to realistic samples during the scoring process?
14.How does your cultural identity play a role in shaping your music and career?
15.Would you recommend a composer who is not from the US to move to LA?
16.What are some of the challenges working on multi-cultural/international collaborations?
17.What advice can you give on seizing global opportunities?
18.What is your experience dealing with scoring orchestras globally?
19.What is your take on using social media as a promotional tool?
20.What is your take on budgets and industry standard rates?
21.Conclusion: Embracing Collaboration


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Only for VI-Control members, we have extended our festive / new year sales and are offering a special 35% off for the festive / new year period till 10th January 2019. Use this discount code at checkout:
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Wow - great stuff. And I made it while the offer lasted. Very happy with this course.
Great to hear that Palu! :) We will be sending out additional information and be in-touch with those who bought the masterclass really soon.

3 days more till this for special 35% discount!

colony nofi

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I tried to jump on it moments after the last message but the price was only showing without the discount. No huge matter - the course looks like great value


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I tried to jump on it moments after the last message but the price was only showing without the discount. No huge matter - the course looks like great value
Hi! So sorry it is a mistake on our end, we intended the coupon to stay valid till 11:59PST on the 10th. Let us know if you have already bought it without the discount (send an email over to [email protected] with your receipt) and we will still honour the discount!

We will extend this sale till the 11th Jan 11:59PST for the benefit of those who want to get it at this special price :)


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*Lunar New Year 2019 Special*
Happy Lunar New Year all Chinese colleagues! We are having a discount 20% during this festive season. Use the code LNY2019 at checkout to obtain this :)!
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