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[email protected] Discount on Film Composition and Orchestration Ebooks!



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Halloween Sale! 20% off on all ebooks!

Nine books: Film Music Anthology-Developing Material-Scoring Tips-Composer's Handbook-20th Century Score Anthology-15 Lesson Orchestration Course-Composition-Focus on the Strings

20% off on all ebooks-until November 3rd!
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As a music teacher I find the analysis of orchestration from classic repertoire very interesting. The examples from film music repertoire are very useful, too.
I'll tag @Norman so he hopefully gets the message here, but just a general note to say I'm going through the video seminars at the moment and I'm finding them hugely inspiring and informative. Perfectly pitched between the technical musical stuff and the narrative/dramatic sensibilities required for music-to-picture. Really well-communicated, entertaining stuff and worth every penny.
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