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Thank you Wayne!

-> Major End of Decade Announcement Below <-

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As a member of Vi-Control since 2014, today marks a very special occasion for me.

I’m happy to announce the official launch of our new creative venture CodeUltra Sounds: Your source for innovative tools of the trade. I hope you find our products inspiring, rewarding and perpetually useful.

Introducing ARKEON: SERUM for the Media Composer, like you’ve never heard it before.

CodeUltra Sounds Arkeon for SERUM
Project ARKEON is the most complete Media Composer’s toolkit ever created for xfer’s SERUM, Steve Duda’s amazing wavetable synth.

SERUM is highly regarded for its pristine sound and versatility, with loads untapped potential IMHO. Although many of us in this community will agree: those cool factory sounds are aimed elsewhere. ;)

So, If you have ever felt that SERUM needs another voicing, to better serve your needs as a Film/TV and Media Composer, then ARKEON is tailor made for you.

ARKEON contains +200 master crafted programs, offering a rich variety of sonic inspirations, with a new level of deep programming and customizability.

We have all your favorite types of sounds covered, sometimes in unique and surprisingly useful combinations.

  • PADs
  • SEQs
  • ARPs
  • KEYs
  • ORCH (Strings, Hits, BRASS)
  • BASS and BLs
  • CHOIRs
  • LOOPs
  • PERC
  • FX, Hits and SUBs

And for the first time: ARKEON unleashes the full power of xfer's SERUM-FX Plugin, by including a selection of 20 highly customizable AUX send programs, which can generate endless permutations of your source sounds. You can use them as MIDI controlled effect sends on your favorite Kontakt loops. We will show you how, and include session files for you to use.

Together ARKEON's +200 programs cover a plethora of sonic duties, across a wide range of mediums and styles including:

  • Film/TV
  • Games and Interactive
  • Trailers and Commercials
  • Innovative takes on mainstream Musical styles from Pop to EDM

As you will see on the video demonstrations, every single ARKEON program potentially generates hundreds of unique sounds, through velocity, MOD or simple tweaks of its Macros.

The Sound of ARKEON:

Now, let me show you how ARKEON pushes SERUM far beyond that stereotypical image of a Dubstep/EDM synth. (Which it does very, very well BTW!)

:emoji_headphones: Please use your Headphones or studio Monitors

DEMO 1: Evolving FX Programs - Drum Titans

This is a demonstration of ARKEON’s Evolving FX SEND programs, using just one instance: Drum Titans. We will apply it through the SERUM FX plugin, to transform one of the most acclaimed percussion products in the industry.

Aside from the Kontakt percussion loop from our colleagues at Heavyocity, all the sounds you hear in this video are coming straight out of ARKEON! We simply applied some minor EQ and Compression. This includes our Audio Logo, the Intro and Outro sounds. We will feature them in future videos.

UPDATE: AUG 9th - Today let’s explore some of ARKEON’s exotic sounds.

DEMO 2: Complex Scene Programs - Aquamarine - Live scoring a short video with ARKEON.

Scenes or SCNs are designed to serve your entire spectrum of sonic needs, when you have thematically compatible material, giving you both melodic and SFX components.

In this demonstration, I’m using SCN Aquamarine, in my first attempt to score a Summer themed video montage.

Everything you hear in this video is:
  • Coming from a single SERUM instance running SCN Aquamarine
  • Played Live, in my first take…please excuse my performance. (。-_-。)
  • Has no external FX processing added, just EQ, Compression and Limiting (Normalized to -14db LUFS)

Throughout the video, you’ll notice how I use Velocity and MOD wheel to control the rich variety of sounds this program can produce. I also change octaves to call on different timbres like Electric Piano, Guitar, BASS or even a sound that evokes seafaring birds.

UPDATE: AUG 27th - Today let’s explore the RAW ARKEON sound.​

DEMO 3: Complex Scene Programs - Prismapolis - The RAW ARKEON Sound.

In this video, you can hear the first of our RAW ARKEON demonstrations.

This is the RAW unaffected sound coming straight from SERUM. To experience the full sound of this immersive patch, download the uncompressed audio from here:

With SCN programs you can:

  • Use Macros to mix their sounds, or mute some of them like the SFX.
  • Control the velocity on your piano roll to extract a precisely desired nuance.
  • Split the sound over multiple instances with complementing MIDI data. (Lead, Bass, SFX, PAD)

This essentially allows you to cover your scene’s entire audio spectrum with a single SCN program, as seen in the video.

UPDATE: AUG 29th - Today let’s try out a Keys Patch.​

DEMO 4: Plutonium Rains - The RAW ARKEON Sound Part 2: Complex KEYs

In this video we demonstrate the RAW Sound of our Plutonium Rains immersive Keys + SFX Patch. Everything you hear comes straight out of SERUM, without any processing or effects. You can't miss the vast amount of nuance and variety one can get out of these patches. We based the track on commercially available MIDI data to give users a reference point. This also shows how the patch can react to a live performance played on a Graded Hammer Action Keyboard.

And here's the AIFF file: Arkeon Plutonium Rains RAW Audio

UPDATE: Sep 4th - Today let’s try out a Guitars Patch.​

DEMO 5: Kitarino - Celestial Ambient Guitars and PADs

In this video we demo the RAW Sound of Kitarino, an immersive Ambient Guitar and PADs Patch. As usual, everything you hear comes straight out of SERUM, without any processing or effects. MOD wheel and Macros tag along with velocity to give you dozens of timbres. There's also an organic pluck layer that reacts to your performance.

Demo 6 is Coming Soon: Orchestral Patches (Strings, Brass, Orchestral Hits and more!)​

Mix and Master with ease:

ARKEON's sounds are balanced to a healthy gain level on the K14-K12 scales. This allows you to mix and master them professionally, without wrestling through clipping patches or obscenely loud noises.

Most of the toolkit's programs have been extensively tested with the most popular mixing tools, making sure there are no prohibitive issues during use.

Pricing and Availability:

ARKEON is Available Now for an Exclusive Sale Price of $26.7 USD, valid through Dec 28th 2019.

To claim your exclusive Discount, head over now to our Project ARKEON website: -> Click Here <-

You can pay with your local currency in any of +40 supported countries.

Your Orders are fulfilled immediately and are guaranteed by our reputable Merchant Of Record.

After the sales period our regular price will be €40 or $45.

My Personal Pledge:

I will make this a good investment for you:
  • We will NOT give away ARKEON for a dirt cheap discount, just a few months down the line.
  • Customers who join us at "The Lair" will discover a growing amount of benefits to their investment
  • If your country imposes an unusually big tax on your ARKEON purchase, please DM me.

So go ahead and join us: -> Order ARKEON from Here <-

Make sure you visit our dedicated ARKEON website at: www.codeultrasounds.com

Talk to us:

I will be here as often as possible to answer your questions and appreciate your requests for future products. I encourage you to help grow this conversation by sharing this with your friends and colleagues.

We truly value this opportunity to innovate for this creative community.

Rest Assured: SERUM is just the beginning...Omnisphere, Zebra+HZ, Diva, Hive2, Falcon, Avenger and Kontakt, we are coming for you all!

Your support means a whole lot to us!

Thank you very much and Enjoy!

S.M Hassani

Founder - CodeUltra Sounds

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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Hi - good luck with this!

The first video is nice, but in addition, would appreciate a proper walkthrough.

The second video is private, so I can't watch it.
Hello Erica,

Thank you, I truly appreciate your kind words and wishes. The second video will be unlocked tomorrow, since it's related to another surprise.

Update: We have a lucky Golden Ticket winner now. 🥳
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Senior Member
Very interested to see what this thing can do. It's been a while since I've been excited for a Serum library but this seems to be taking a step away from what everyone else has been doing so I'm keeping my eyes on this one. Looking forward to the walkthrough.
S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
This looks pretty great from a few different perspectives. Purchased and look forward to Experimenting with it .
Your trust is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

Very interested to see what this thing can do. It's been a while since I've been excited for a Serum library but this seems to be taking a step away from what everyone else has been doing so I'm keeping my eyes on this one. Looking forward to the walkthrough.
I'm very happy to hear that. And to that end, please enjoy our newly added Summer themed demo above. And remember we have more surprises coming for you!

If you encounter our ARKEON Banner AD on ViControl, do click on it. It leads to a constantly updated menu of important links. We might include something special in there as well. ;)
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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
And here goes the first of our special surprises for Pre-Order Customers:

I'm giving our Pre-Order customers will a chance to win a license of Valhalla Delay - An amazing FX plugin and an ideal companion to ARKEON. See the main post for details.
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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds

We've been busy, but we pick up the pace Later Today: This time we will show you some RAW ARKEON videos. Just pure unaffected patch sounds.

You can catch a sneak peek over at our Instagram account:

CodeUltra Sounds on Instagram

We post some cool content daily over there.

The full videos will go live on this post in a few hours from now.

BTW: 5 Fresh 50% coupons have been added...you know what to do. ;)

Catch you soon!



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BTW: 5 Fresh 50% coupons have been added...you know what to do. ;)
Suggestion: don't do this in the future. Changing deals, especially when people buy in thinking they are getting a short term/limited deal alienates your customerbase very quickly. You've got a good product already, take pride in that.
S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Dear Friends,

We’re back with a new Video that demonstrates SCN Prismapolis: one of the +200 sounds our customers are already enjoying inside ARKEON. This is recorded straight out of SERUM, without any additional effects or processing. In the video you can see how much variation we can obtain from this one patch. In fact the patch also has an embedded bass line ARP that we did not show in this video.
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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Update: DEMO 4

If you enjoy playing some Exotic Dynamic Synth Keys, then you'll love our 4th Demo: Plutonium Rains Complex Keys + FX Patch. This one is also dedicated to all you Anime Otakus out there. 😉

See our Thread Starting Post for this Video:

ARKEON HxH Plutonium Rains Demo Thumbnail.jpg

I will return soon to bring you more Videos, updates and commentaries.


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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
UPDATE: New Demos and Announcement

Checkout Demo 5: Kitarino one of many Guitar 🎸 inspired patches in Arkeon. It also features a beautiful ambient PAD mode. Very useful when you want to fade a prominent guitar lead into a “widescreen” ambient background, whilst retaining a consistently pleasant vibe. The little Charango esque plucks are very versatile too.

Demo 6 is coming out soon: Orchestral Patches (Strings, Brass, Orchestral Hits and more!)​

Announcement: Final 24h for launch Pricing

Friends, this is the final 24hs for our Launch offer of $35 USD. Since our announcement we have had many requests to extend that pricing, and we have done so.

With that said, our valued Pre Order customers, who paid for Arkeon before Aug 15th 2019, will all receive an exclusive gift, as a special token of our gratitude. We will contact them soon to announce it.

Arkeon owners should know that we have made several updates to the Aug 14th release package. To get the latest version, owners can simply download again from the original link. If you lost your delivery email, please contact us through the support email or DM me for immediate assistance.

We will continue to update Arkeon for the foreseeable future, at no extra charge. And yes, that will include adding even more amazing patches!

During our campaign we were faced with an exceptional logistical challenge: We had to move over to our - newer and much bigger studios - far sooner than anticipated. As we begin to settle in, we are discovering many creative benefits to this space. This will make our work better and our future products even more exciting.

Finally, I will ask our valued community to engage with us in creative dialog. We will gladly respond to your requests and inquiries.

  • Do you have a request for a specific Arkeon Demo?
  • Would you like to learn about any of the techniques we employed in its making?
  • Do you have a MIDI file you would like to test on any of our Patches?
  • Do have ideas for future products? ( If we use your idea, You get the product for FREE!) :2thumbs:
  • Do you have other ideas not on this list? Just let us know!
I will also ask Arkeon owners to share with us their creations: If you have a use case for Arkeon or an interesting piece of music you've made -even without Arkeon- DM us and well feature it on our platforms.

Thank you for engaging with us throughout this and we hope to hear from you soon!

Sidi Hassani

Founder - CodeUltra Sounds
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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Arkeon Livestream Poster Facebook Post Template_CC.png

Hi Everybody,

This weekend we are partnering with our friend and Arkeon user Tim Blast, a Los Angeles based Multi-Instrumentalist, Film and Games Composer.

Tim will take a Deep Dive into the upcoming ARKEON v1.1 Update, during a Live Stream next Saturday.

He will uncover what makes Arkeon so unique among SERUM sound sets. He will also be using it to write a Hybrid Track for an upcoming release.

This will be the ideal way to find out if Arkeon is a good match for you.

To make this a cool occasion we are offering a Giveaway and a Special Discount to Everyone in Attendance!

Join us at:


Visit the page to qualify for the Giveway and receive your Discount Voucher

The Stream Goes Live this Sat, SEP 28th 2019 at 10:00PST - 5:00PM UTC​

We will be there to answer your sound design question and share some cool stories about how Arkeon came to be.

See you there!

Sidi Hassani

Founder - CodeUltra Sounds
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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Dear Friends,

We have some exciting news about Arkeon our Synth Toolkit for Film, Media and Games Composers.

Today we are announcing our End of Decade Special, a Major Update and a detailed Roadmap which will take us together on our way to Version 2.0.

Please read on to find out how you can benefit from this:

Arkeon will soon become a Multi-Synth Composer’s toolkit!

In the upcoming weeks we will begin releasing a series of Expansions Packs, each with a specific focus on one of these amazing synths:

- Diva
- RePro 1 and 5
- Zebra/HZ
- Massive X
- Surprise Expansions! ;)

These are some of the most acclaimed synths in our community. You can expect us to push them to their limits, much like we did with Serum!

The Arkeon sound bank will ultimately exceed +700 deeply programmed patches, covering a vast array of sonic landscapes, full of inspiring, actionable sounds to explore and build your cues from.

Arkeon already has a full featured sound bank with 206 deeply programmed patches for Serum and Serum FX.

It took our friend composer Tim Blast about a minute to improvise this cool cue, made entirely from Arkeon’s current sounds bank:

Naturally the price for this powerful synth toolkit will eventually rise to $75, which would be a fair reflection of its sonic wealth.

But before it does, we have some Cool News for you:

If you already purchased Arkeon, this is all going to be a FREE update!

We will email qualifying customers as we release the expansions. You will also get a special gift in appreciation of your loyalty.​

For our hesitant friends who have not yet joined in, and for those who don’t have Serum but use the other synths we’’ll cover:

If you purchase Arkeon while this opportunity lasts: You will get all the subsequent expansions for FREE!

To celebrate this we are announcing a 40% Discount:

Get Arkeon now with a FREE upgrade to all subsequent expansions for just: $26.7 USD

That's $48 in potential savings!

Arkeon Update 1.3:

Today we are also officially announcing Arkeon version 1.3 with these major updates and improvements:

Melodic SerumFX Patches:

  • Major Patch Updates to +38 programs adding More Macros, sonic Depth and Playability refinements
  • 11 Brand New SERUM FX Patches for Triplet Rhythms. Now with an awesome Melodic Component!
  • Complete Logic Pro X Production Toolkit with 30 powerful MIDI Transforms and Custom Arkeon Lane Sets.
  • Our fully laid out Arkeon FX Production Template for Cubase users. (Easily accessible from your main screen)
  • We are at 206 Serum and SerumFX Patches in total.
  • Arkeon now comes with Detailed Documentation for all its components, featuring advanced LPX tips and tricks.

If you like my popular Logic Pro X MIDI Transforms you will love this:

Arkeon LPX Toolkit.png

Arkeon now comes with a new and fully documented Logic Pro X Production Toolkit, with 30 powerful MID Transforms to supercharge your Note editing and CC workflow.

We also give you a custom Lane Set for the logic Step Editor, allowing you to automate Serum patches from one main panel with ease.

This is currently the only way to freely grab the latest version of my popular MIDI Transforms Set.

Coming Soon:


Arkeon 1.4 is in the works and it will feature our Elgato Stream Deck Command Template for Logic Pro X - Another cool FREE Update in the making!

It took a good time to plan and make, but as you’ll soon discover the outcome is well worth it.

We were able to leverage the power of Elgato’s smart software with our LPX MIDI Transforms, to create some unprecedented push button combos. Here’s a sneak peek: Push Button Chords and Chord Inversions!

Grab Arkeon today and stay tuned for this add on. It will completely transform your Logic Pro X experience, even if you don’t use any synths in your work!

You can buy Arkeon now at the discounted price of $26.7 USD from our website: www.codeultrasounds.com

We have some very cool content lined up for you in the next few weeks.

So make sure you connect with us on Instagram and Facebook

Thank you for your amazing support!


Founder - CodeUltra Sounds
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