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For Sale 1978 Rhodes Stage 88 (Los Angeles)


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This is a 1978 Rhodes Stage (passive) 88-key electric piano.

It has been completely refurbished. The Hammers, Dampers, Felts, and Screws were all replaced. Tines were each removed, polished, replaced, and tuned. The rubber bumpers and screws were replaced, the springs were polished. The pickups were individually cleaned and adjusted. The key bushings were all worked on, around 25% of them were replaced. The "grounding plane mod" has been done for quieter operation. The keys have been leveled and straightened. Some of the electronics were replaced, like the wire and jack. The wood, cover, pots, and everything else was cleaned. The damper pedal is brand new.

What did not get refurbished were the cosmetics: tolex and key caps. This is a "reliced" piano that looks (and is) vintage. Some of the tolex is peeling up on the bottom. It does not have the top case cover or the original legs, but a (sturdier) aftermarket stand is included.

Also included are a box of spare parts: additional felt, hammers, bushing tools, damper straps, and more. A tuning tool is also included.

As you can see in this demo, every key works except the top three notes (they play but don't make much of a tone.) This is recorded from the line output.

Contact me with any questions. I will not ship this, you will need to pick it up in Pasadena, CA. $1150


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my office these days

I have a project Rhodes in the garage, I even have all the parts I need to restore it, but the time is a challenge, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'd use it if I restored it. I used to love them.

Yours is gorgeous! I'd love to hear a clip!

A little surprised that you are selling it for so little, I'd have thought they'd command a slightly higher price, but I have not looked in quite some time.

Good luck with the sale, you are going to make some lucky keyboard player grin!


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There's a tiny clip in the dropbox video link. And all of the keys do indeed work, I just flubbed that note because I'm a crappy piano player.
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