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1) I think this is a piano, 2) what librraies have this


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Sounds like a piano, no? Pitched down? How do they achieve that effect? By hitting the piano?

Also, are there any sample libraries that have that sound?



Prepared piano of some sort, yes. I'd say the lower strings hit were directly, but while being muted, because it sounds really short.

For the libraries, I guess you can look for showcase videos or walkthrough of anything that includes "prepared piano", "piano FX" and so on. More than often this kind of patch just throws in a bunch of percussive / scrapping effects, with any luck you'll find your desired sound…


As recent release I can think of Randy's Prepared Piano by Cinesamples, there's probably interesting stuff in there


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interesting. sounds like an obvious prepared piano hitting the lower strings with a delay or played like it... but then it slowly morphed into a pair of large timpani hits in exact timing and pitch.
that has to be some good weed right there to do that back in the day.

try that. one of the prepared piano libraries (its hitting the piano strings with random objects in it) and with delay, then mix in a timpani library and slowly raise the volume and add a bunch of reverb.

omnisphere mighthave that sound if u have it. or i think spitfire other libraries have free prepared piano.
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Do you have Omnisphere 2 @erica-grace? If you search "piano" in the patch browser (all), there are a few patches involving percusive hits and sound design elements derived from or sounding like piano.

The first patch that comes up for me is called Drumming inside the Piano. It is close to this sound (play low down). Turn off the Radio Delay in the Aux effects to remove the repetition of the sound and match closer to your example.

There are others.


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I have a bowed piano, but not sure which one. Maybe SonicCouture? I go through my libraries when I'm back on my computer.


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8dio has a Prepared Piano library that I’m eyeing during their 40% off sale. Each week for the next month they run even deeper discounts so it might go even lower. Check out the walkthrough video, has some percussive stuff at the end.


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Try SonicCouture's Xtended Piano - Mallet Piano setting with a bit of reverb maybe. It definitely has that hit the strings sound and you have the choice of a wooden mallet or a marimba mallet. You can also adjust the ASDR, LAO and Filter. There's also a plucked piano that has a better tail to it. I wonder if mix of the two would work.

Spitfire Labs had a plucked grand. Don't know if they brought it back yet. That one also has a sound similar to what you are looking for.

UVI's Augmented Piano also has a similar sound using a wood stick. I'm sure there are a few others that will work as well. The other thing you might want to try is something like Pianoteq with the key and pedal noise all the way up. Then you get that percussion sound with every note you press. There are others that do the noise, I just remember seeing it on my Pianoteq one.
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