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🍂 Luftrum Autumn Sale! Save up to 50% 🍂


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The wind is rising and leaves are falling, and if a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour. We are having a storewide Autumn Sale, everything is discounted and you can save up to 50% in the Sound Shop until October 16.

Here are just some of the offers:

Equilibrium for Omnisphere 50% off
Luftrum 23 for Pigments 50% off
Expanse 2 for Omnisphere 30% off
Lunaris 40% off
Bioscape 30% off

To receive the discount, just enter the code fallingleaves in the promo field at checkout.


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There are still 5 days left to grab some sonic goodies during the Luftrum Autumn Sale.
Thank you so much for the discount! Finally bought Ambient Sounscapes. As always with your pads, I press a key and fly away)
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