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For Sale £3,400 ono - Zimmerman Baby Grand Piano w MIDI PianoDisc QuietTime MagicStar 4S retrofit

Daniel Stenning

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For those such as composers and producers who like to improvise on a REAL baby grand piano and at same time record what they play via MIDI into a computer DAW.

This Zimmerman Baby Grand Piano has had a MIDI retrofit with a Magicstar QuietTime system around 2011 by J&L PianoDisc Services at a cost of around £2000.

Situated in High Wycombe Bucks England UK, this piano would be perfect for those such as composers and producers who would prefer to improvise and try out their musical ideas on a *real* grand piano and at the same time be able to record what they play via MIDI into a computer DAW or iPad.

Due to the QuietTime PianoDisc system by moving a lever on the bottom left hand side of the piano under the keys (out of sight ) the piano can become a silent piano. In this mode the sound module in the QuietTime module can be used to play on headphones to not disturb the neighbours - or instead - via a MIDI connection and USB adapter a virtual instrument (VST/AU) inside a computer app such as a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation - Cubase, Logic etc ).

The QuietTime module has two headphone outputs so the piano can be used for teaching pupils in situations where noise matters mean the headphones need to be used for teacher and pupil.

The piano was originally made in Leipzig Eastern Europe over 40 years ago and purchased second hand restored from Bluthner Pianos London by my late father when he retired.

Collection in person only. Buyer must arrange and pay for the removal and collection of this piano.

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