1. Aleela

    The Unfinished Zebra Dark Editions

    Hi! I'm thinking about buying some presets from The Unfinished (@TheUnfinished ). Can you please tell me if the Zebra Dark edition also contains the presets of the normal edition? Thanks
  2. hdale

    Physical Modelling Trumpet in Zebra2

    Hey guys, here's a trumpet patch I've been working on. Hope you enjoy it! I would love some feedback! P.S. I took some inspiration from the Eugene Latsko trombone-patch, mostly on the reverb. Shout-out to him for making that great sounding patch!
  3. Grim_Universe

    A Zebra2 cinematic cyberpunk sound library. Questions for potential buyers.

    After I composed I had a very positive feedback and some of guys suggested to make my own Zebra 2 sound library. Before I start to make it, I wanna say, that it will be top notch and one of the best on the whole market for sure, but it won't be really big, because each sound takes a lot of...
  4. Grim_Universe

    Eugene Latsko - F3ar-u

    This is a cyberpunk style composition using only ONE synthesizer - Zebra2. Literally no samples or libraries were used here and all the sounds were made by me. This music is very important to me not only because I spent A LOT of time composing\sound designing it, but because it is not just a...
  5. andreascw

    Hans Zimmer Masterclass - Zebra2 Synth

    Hey people. I'm new to the forum, and in the process of scanning through the threads :sneaky: After watching Hans Zimmers masterclass many months ago I bought the Zebra2 synthisizer and studied the manual and every module for a long time. The synthisizer is amazing and sounds pretty much...
  6. akox

    30% off Storewide by Origins of Audio

    Origins of Audio celebrates Valentine's Day with all you music lovers! This is why we are offering a 30% discount on all our products, by using the coupon code VALDAY30. This offer will last until February 15. And you can still grab your free copy of Zebramatic
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