wine glass

  1. jasonachapman

    Production Voices releases The Halfling for sforzando - Hybrid Piano Fantasy Soundscape Library

    Production Voices' The Halfling for sforzando is a fantasy inspired virtual instrument for the free Plogue sforzando player that combines both hifi and lofi piano, choir, throat singing, glass and organ samples to create otherworldly sounds suitable for game composers, film composers, sound...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Imbibaphones 2.0! On sale now for $17!

    Unique and melodically tuned wine glasses like you've never heard. Exquisitely sampled resonant sustains and tuned percussion with a martini glass, champagne flute, and even broken glass. Including natural sustaining finger rubbed notes and soft mallet strikes for each type of glass. 20 custom...