1. D

    Batch Exporting Multiple Logic Projects to Windows

    Hi all, I'm moving from Logic Pro X on a Mac to a PC. I'm not yet sure which DAW. I know how to export each project so that it would open on PC. However, I have around 500 projects. Is there any way to automate it so it will batch export all projects? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Victor N.

    How to Plan a Migration to a New Workstation

    Hello :emoji_blush: I want to upgrade to a better computer so I thought I would ask people who have done it in the past. I have postponed this for a while because chances are I will screw everything up and regret the whole thing :emoji_sweat_smile: Here are my questions: a. I use Cubase (on a...
  3. O

    Simple mp3 player software that takes VST3,64bit VST plugins for e.g. Sennheiser dearVR Micro / Goodhertz CanOpener plugins

    Hi - I am NOT a composer/editor. I just want to experiment with binaurilisation on my music library so I can listen to music louder without annoying my neighbours. I tried Cakewalk but got nowhere after a few hours as it's so complicated. Is there a simple player for Windows that will enable me...
  4. mducharme

    VST2 Default Folder Manager for Windows

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I have created a VST2 Default Folder Manager for Windows, programmed in AutoHotKey. This ensures that the Windows registry settings for 64-bit and 32-bit VST2 effects/instruments are properly set, and allows changing them if you want...
  5. dman007

    Cubase 10.5.2 update on Windows 10 64-but Pro 1803

    Is anyone using Cubase 10.5.2 Pro update on Windows 10 64-but Pro 1803 ? (not 1809 or above) If so, any issues?
  6. MoeWalsaad

    Override Windows outputs, apply EQ, FXs, Ducking etc..

    This is not a music production question! yet I think VI forum is a very suitable place to ask this. I'm looking if there is a software that can override Windows audio output, put the audio of all running software/games into a mixer, and be able to adjust the audio coming from each software...
  7. P

    Windows thinks PLAY is malware?

    I've had slow load times in EastWest PLAY despite having an SSD. I just assumed the player was naturally slower than kontakt for whatever reason, but today I had my task manager open and noticed loading a library in PLAY caused a spike in CPU usage for the infamous "antimalware service...

    Windows only VSTs in Logic?

    I impulsively bought Genesis Pro Synth and then realised that its Windows-only VST (in 2020?) Is there a way to run this inside logic, like with Komplete Kontrol or some Blue Cat plugin? If the answer is NO, then someone who is on windows and is interested PM me and I'll send you the (unused)...

    Cubase 10 - videoslave setup stumped!!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping there is someone here that has successfully setup VideoSlave with Cubase10 or Nuendo 10. Having spent a couple of days trying to sort out why videos freeze in Cubase, I've now decided to follow a number of recommendations to use VideoHive to display videos in-sync with...
  10. wuubb

    Buy new Mac Mini vs upgrade Thinkpad X1E

    I'm at a bit of a crossroads here and could use some advice. Up until this past semester of college I had a 15u server rack with a 4u workstation, a 3u VEP PC, a Linux server...It just became too much. I wasn't even using the VEP machine and plus the whole setup was a pain to move in/out of...
  11. D

    Cubase/Nuendo 10 Performance Test

    I'm not shocked because most of us know the performance hit we take using Cubase or Nuendo on macOS but I AM shocked at the difference in performance loss/gain. So, I conducted a small test today on the performance of Nuendo 10.0.20 on my 2013 Mac pro (trashcan) in comparison to another PC I...
  12. Vonk

    Why I hate Windows effing updates

    Dear customer, We are currently investigating an issue that affects our TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 Mk2, MASCHINE STUDIO, and all KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Mk1 hardware. Following the latest updates to Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10, these controllers are no longer recognized. The issue was introduced...
  13. wuubb

    Is doing a batch resave to the same location from multiple computers bad?

    So I have a Samsung T3 that I have most of my samples on. I bring it with me so that I can have access to the same libraries with my laptop as my desktop. I originally batch resaved on the desktop, and my load times were shit on the laptop, so I did a batch resave there. Now the load times on...
  14. MinorMajor7

    Cubase- move plugin window to another monitor with key command?

    Hi all, I'm on Windows 10 and Cubase 10. Is there a way to move a plugin GUI window to another monitor with a single key command? I know normally on Windows you can use Windows-Shift-Right/Left to bounce a window between monitors. However, this is not working with pop up plugin windows. Any advice?
  15. dman007

    Getting UAD Apollo Twin Mk2 to work with Asus X99-Deluxe II & EX3

    Hi, I am trying to get the UAD Apollo Twin Mk2 to work with my PC. I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Motherboard is Asus X99-Deluxe ii with Asus Thunderbolt EX 3 card CPU is Intel i7-6800K I'm using the StarTech Thunderbolt adapter. I've got the latest drivers installed for the EX3 card...
  16. augustof

    Rare electric Piano free

    Hi guys. We've just release Electrix. An electric Piano based on the Hohner Electra Piano T used by Led Zeppelin. Opinions are needed :) Best Augusto
  17. Will Wilson

    Mac Mini 2011

    I have acquired a 2011 Mac Mini (Quad i7, 8Gb, Spinner Disks).... Currently my "main" machine is my Windows Gaming Machine. i7 4770, 32GB RAM and Lots of SSD (1 x 256GB Boot, 1 x 512GB for Games, 2 x 1TB for samples etc) (Win10). I'm currently using Studio One 3 which is OK but I really miss...
  18. David Hall

    Lag spikes on studio one 3?

    I know that most of you use cubase or dp. I have been using studio one 3 and nothing to complain, except i sometimes will notice lag spikes and audio glitches. I i'm not familiar on how this occurs i did some research and my dpc latency shows that somehow is my graphic card causing some sort of...
  19. wuubb

    Is there any performance gain from syncing all CPU cores?

    I've seen in a couple of audio-optimizing guides for PC around the web that disabling turbo boost and speed step are better for audio work. This would effectively make all the cores run at the same speed. One could theoretically even sync them to the turbo boost frequency or overclock frequency...
  20. dman007

    Audio Interface Recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 audio interface and would like any suggestions based upon user experience etc. The budget is upto £500 GBP. Okay with Firewire, USB or Thunderbolt (up to TB3) Preferences: I would prefer an on-board MIDI IN but that's not essential...
  21. dman007

    Audio PCs and the Chip BUG

    Regarding the chip bug, how does this stand regarding Windows audio PCs, ASIO, audio interface drivers, and DAWs ? Thanks
  22. creativeforge

    Hans Zimmer Piano: PC specs to run it well?

    I'm playing with the idea of purchasing the HZP. However I'm wondering what kind of system Windows) is needed to run it well in real-life? Anyone knows if Spitfire may be working on a different version that would make its use easier for technology? Thanks! Andre
  23. G

    Which W10 to use on a Slave PC?

    I'm a bit of a Mac fanboy. I have fiddled a bit with Windows PCs, but am not too familiar on all the differences between the W10 versions. Which one do you guys recommend will be appropriate for a W10 slave PC? Will the Home Edition suffice or do I need the Pro version. Any limitations with...
  24. M

    Master/Slave: MacMini + PC?

    Hi all! I'm planning a system upgrade very soon, and I'm thinking about going one of the following routes: - PC Master + PC Slave - Mac Mini Master + PC Slave Considering the Mac Mini is long in the tooth, I'll wait and see if Apple will release a new model before the end of this year. I was...
  25. dtonthept

    First Windows Install for a Mac User - coupla questions

    Hi folks, I'm just looking to install a windows OS on an external drive to run on my laptop so I can start having a play around, perhaps run VEP for a spell, basically to start to get to know Windows before buying a dedicated PC. Couple of quick questions: 1) Buying windows - I'm seeing...
  26. creativeforge

    Minimum (Windows) laptop specs to run DAW and VSTs

    I've looked around online, and concluded that I needed to have an Intel chip, at least 16 to 32GB of RAM, SSD drive (1TB), USB 3 ports (Firewire if I can for my Saffire Pro 24), 14 inch screen minimum, max 17 inch, network card, etc. I'd be installing Mixcraft or Reaper, Omnisphere, Addictive...
  27. sazema

    Good alternative to multi-mode Logic compressor for Windows

    I'm wondering is there a good alternative to Logic compressor for Windows. All in one, multi-mode, opto, vca, etc...
  28. Tysmall

    My extremely cost efficient slave build.

    Posting this for criticism on why this won't work from someone who may know more than I do. Also posting to give light on this underground used server part market that I didn't know existed. 468 us dollars: 32...
  29. musicalweather

    General Impressions of DP9 and Windows

    For those of you who are working with Digital Performer 9 and Windows, is everything working smoothly? I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone who previously used DP on Mac and switched to DP on Windows. I'm a long time DP/Mac user considering switching over to PC/Windows (I guess it...
  30. G

    Cubase - Why better on Windows than Mac?

    Hi Guys, I've just recently got Cubase. And I've seen it pop up a lot here that it runs better on Windows than Mac. I'm a super Mac fanboy (still using Logic, but maybe I'll be swayed completely onto Cubase). But how come does it run better under Windows than the Mac OS. Just wanted to know...
  31. Pasticcio

    How to deal with windows?(no, not Microsoft)

    Hey, So I moved to a new place around 2 months ago and are just getting started improving this place for recording/mixing purposes. Unfortunately there's alot of windows in this room, which is a big downside, especially since I'm planning to do alot of acosutic recordings here(vocals, guitars...
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