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  1. Illico

    Monitoring CPU RAM Resources on Windows 10 - Xbox Game Bar

    Hi, We are often faced with managing our hardware resources such as CPU and RAM. Until today, I was using the "Performance Monitor" application of my Windows 10. But now, I use the Xbox Game Bar widget that I place in a corner of the screen. Press Windows logo key + G to open Game Bar over your...
  2. JHughesMusic

    Newly Built (Spring 2020) PC for sale

    Hello all! I recently built a PC in April for running large film scoring projects but am wanting to move over to Apple as my preferred platform. Here are the specs (with hyperlinks to the hardware): - Intel i9-9900k Processor 8 Cores/16 threads 3.6 GHz w/ overclock speeds up to 5.0 Turbo...
  3. R

    Questions for Windows DAWs users, coming from Mac

    Hi all, I have a few questions for those of you who work on Windows systems (regardless of the size of your computers / size of your projects). I currently have a Mac Pro Trashcan with 64gigs of ram, and it served me well for my needs in the last seven years. Before that I mostly had Macs but...
  4. VladK

    Windows 10 2004 latency improved

    Is it only me who noticed that build 2004 has improved DPC timings? LatencyMon would usually report 1500-1600 microsec (ntoskrnl) during the first hour when run with Win10 builds 19xx. Same PC with build 2004 never reports >700 microsec (the longest test was ran for almost 24hrs).
  5. A

    Cubase - How To Install The Leap Motion Controller And GECO On Windows 10

    So, I recently bought a Leap Motion specifically after watching the Cubase hidden gem video, but could not get it working with GECO at all. I had tried everything to sync GECO with Cubase, and had almost given up, until I came across an old unanswered post from @MarcusD, and the problem was...
  6. T

    Do disk partitions affect performance? [W10 w/ 1TB NVMe SSD]

    Hi there! OK. Simple (hopefully) question: 1) Do disk partitions affect DAW/audio performance, or any other DAW performance related metric, negatively? I've had a look, but I haven't managed to find this question being asked or answered. (Please feel free to link me to somewhere where this is...
  7. T

    Cubase-Template: Questions (Multi Mic Routing, Expression Maps, Intonation, CC11)

    Cubase-Template: Questions Hi there, I'm intending on updating my already huge orchestral template with some new addition. At the moment I use single articulations on individual instrument tracks with lots of disabling. FYI my System Specs are: Win 10 --- Cubase 8.0.4--- ASUS x99 A-II --- i7...
  8. B

    Windows 10, VEP Standalone, and MIDI over Ethernet

    Trying to find a solution for sending MIDI over network to VEP in standalone mode on Windows 10. MIDIOverLAN used to be the way I did this, but it's discontinued. I own a couple version 2 licenses, but don't have an installer anymore. MusicLab won't provide me with one. I just tried rtpMIDI...
  9. matthieuL

    Digital Performer 10 : wrong font (musical) for patch names

    Hello, In my install of Digital Performer 10 on Windows 10, the patch names appear in musical font (probably QuickScribe), which is unreadable. To be precise, they are in musical font in the list to pick one, but they are as expected in text font as soon it's chosen, in the median lane of the...
  10. Manuel Federici

    Cubase 9 w/ Windows 10. Audio issues, RealTime Peak, Average Load

    Hello all, I have a technical question about Cubase 9. During playback or while playing, at some point the volume goes up and down or there is a sudden interruption for 1/2 seconds. There's a continuos real time peak. This increase when i play or when i open microsoft edge. I've tried all...

    Script / Macro to Connect To Existing VEP6 Instance from Cubase

    Hello fellow VEPro6 folk, Does anyone know of a way to setup a key command or macro in Cubase to Connect to an existing VEP6 instance that has already loaded on a slave ? I have around 60+ instances, with instrument tracks already mapped in a Cubase template. What I want to do is either have...
  12. jadedsean

    File History Issue (PLEASE HELP)

    Hi guys, First off sorry for the convoluted description:shocked: I wonder can anyone offer me advice on this issue? So i plan to clone my 2tb HDD to my new 2tb Samsung 860 SSD. The plan was to transfer unwanted libraries to an external backup and then do a basic clean up, however, i noticed a...
  13. Robert Kooijman

    Windows 10 ButterflyTaskbar utility

    Found a very nice utility that prevents the taskbar popping up every time you (accidentally) hover the mouse over it. Thought this could be useful for anyone using e.g. a DAW with transport buttons at the bottom. AFAIK, Windows lets you only auto-hide the taskbar or keep it in place. Either...
  14. David Hall

    Lag spikes on studio one 3?

    I know that most of you use cubase or dp. I have been using studio one 3 and nothing to complain, except i sometimes will notice lag spikes and audio glitches. I i'm not familiar on how this occurs i did some research and my dpc latency shows that somehow is my graphic card causing some sort of...
  15. S

    Does Kontakt load instruments slower in Windows 10 than in MacOS?

    Hello all. I recently switched from Mac to PC, from Logic to Cubase, and I'm banging my head trying to figure out why Kontakt loads instrument libraries MUCH slower in Windows 10 than in MacOS, despite vastly superior hardware. I'll drop in a patch from 8Dio that's about a gigabyte in size...
  16. midiman

    Virtual Routing from DAW to Web Browser - for the purpose of Webcasting on Windows

    Hello, Anyone know what is the best software for routing audio form DAW to google Chrome. The purpose is to broadcast an audio session through Source Connect Now on Goggle Chrome. Any tips would be really appreciated. Source connect has a software called Source Nexus, but it is only for Mac...
  17. JaikumarS

    Slave Machine for VEP6 - Sierra or Windows 10?

    I am planning to have a slave machine for VEP6, wondering whether to go with Sierra (on Hackintosh) or Windows10 (on a PC)? Is there any advantage in using VEP6 in an Hackintosh? Thanks
  18. kilgurt

    Show your most valuable DAW related software-tools!

    Hey guys, I'd like to start this thread with two of my most valuable tools on my DAW-PC: 1. Search Everything ( - very fast search tool for any file, very handy to search huge libraries (file based) very fast. Switch off your WIN-index! 2. Procmon...
  19. dtonthept

    Windows 10 touch/pen

    Just wondering if any of you windows 10 folks are using any of the touch or pen capabilities in the OS, in any way, music or not? As a user of a Wacom Cintiq tablet I'm curious to know how your experiences are in a more fundamentally OS integrated way.
  20. sazema

    M-Audio PCI soundcard, static noise problem on left channel

    After I switch my workstation from old Core 2 Duo to i7 with a brand new mother board, from time to time I can hear strange static noise (like LP) only in left channel, but only when music is played. No problem if no sound - on silence. To be worst, after I restart W10 everything seams ok, and...
  21. manuhz

    Building a new PC DAW: DDR4 velocity and latency considerations

    I've recently decided to switch from Mac to PC. Not an easy decision for me, but the total amount for a 128gb machine with latest i7 CPU was unquestionably the main reason. Now, I am trying to understand wich hardware components make here the biggest diference, mainly regarding to the best...
  22. musicalweather

    General Impressions of DP9 and Windows

    For those of you who are working with Digital Performer 9 and Windows, is everything working smoothly? I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone who previously used DP on Mac and switched to DP on Windows. I'm a long time DP/Mac user considering switching over to PC/Windows (I guess it...
  23. Jdiggity1

    Macro software for Windows (Keyboard Maestro alt.)

    I love using Keyboard Maestro on Mac for creating macros to use with ProTools etc. Is there an equivalent piece of software or method for Windows users? Or maybe even an Ipad app you've found useful?
  24. N

    Composer Cloud and iLok License Errors

    I have submitted a ticket to EastWest's support team, but thought I would check in here to see if anyone else is having similar problems, and, of course, to see if anyone has any possible solutions. -- I booted up my slave PC yesterday morning, and when loading templates, I had PLAY...
  25. musicalweather

    Moving from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro - questions

    I've been putting off thinking about this, but now I'm getting constant messages (together with a countdown clock) from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10. I currently have a slave PC with Windows 7 Pro. I use it mainly for Vienna Ensemble Pro (5.4.1) , PLAY (version 4.2.35), Kontakt...
  26. bjderganc

    What is your DPC latency? How were you able to reduce it?

    Hi All, I'm on a mission to reduce the latency in my brand new monster PC. Right now it's sitting around 1000us (as per DPC Latency Checker). I have heard that 100us is possible with a dual Xeon setup. My goal is to use a keyboard controller in Cubase without having to enable "Constrain Delay...
  27. Alohabob

    Are the Yamaha WX5, or other wind controllers, still viable?

    I don't perform live but rather I compose. However, I don't play piano well either so I'm usually using the step editor to draw in notes. I have an Akai EWI wind controller that I've never liked because of the fact that the keys are touch-sensitive and being a sax player I can't ever get used...
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