1. dman007

    How do I create a keyboard shortcut for the larger pan window in Cubase?

    The large panner window is great in Cubase but can I create a keyboard shortcut to open/close the larger pan window? If so, how please, this would be a bit quicker for workflow. Thanks.

    CUBASE: Switching Commands - Project and MixConsole Windows

    Hi everyone and hope you're staying safe and well, I'm looking for a key command(s) or macro or some other method that will allow me to switch focus to specific windows within Cubase / Nuendo. For example, I normally have the Project window open together with 4 MixConsole windows, and ideally...
  3. kessel

    IPad Pro, should I buy it?

    Hi, I'm about to change my contract with my mobile provider and was thinking about getting an iPad Pro additional to my contract as this time I don't need a new phone. The question is that after watching some infos on the internet I'm still not pretty sure if it's worth buying it specially...
  4. G

    Cubase - Copy Text from Marker List

    Does anyone know if its possible to copy the text from the Marker List/Window. You can select each marker and change the timing, but not copy it. I need to copy the timings (its quite a few markers) and paste these in an Excel Doc. I hope there's a way. Or else its going to be a long manual...