1. Alex Camnasio

    Hypersamples releases Warning Signs (WAV, Kontakt)

    Hypersamples has released Warning Signs, a premium Sound Design collection featuring unique and disquieting sonic elements that have their roots into deep electronic music experimentations. The sound pack comes with 500+ Designed sounds which are fresh and inspiring, invaluable when you are...
  2. Cory Pelizzari

    Sound Pack - Cinematic World

    Check it out here: https://rtsonics.com/products/cinematic-world
  3. Bluemount Score

    Room tone audio files?

    I'm searching for simple, long room tone recordings to lay under my orchestral tracks for quite moments. Nothing too fancy. Ideas where to find something like that? Thank you!
  4. Akarin

    Managing your sound design library

    I've just written a quick tutorial on how to manage your sound design samples in an efficient way: What's your method?
  5. A

    Average SSD: How many WAV files stream simultaneosly?

    Hey guys! I need to know how many WAVs (5.1, 24bit, 48khz) does a average SSD (Samsung Evo 750 class) handle simultaneosly? A guessing number could helpful too?
  6. Aviram Dayan Production

    DreaMelodic Sound - Happy Dream Track Pack (Wav)

    Video: All info: http://www.aviramdayan-dreamelodic.com/happy-dream-track-pack
  7. W

    Solo Strings: Access to samples in order to modify?

    I've had some frustration with some of the solo string libraries, when I can identify a change that would be very good but the libraries are locked up so no samples can be modified. And reviewers inevitably seem to ignore this issue in their reviews, so before you buy it can be very hard to...
  8. E

    Bounces Ohio - NI Maschine and WAV library

    NEW MASCHINE AND WAV PRODUCT AVAILABLE !!! Get our new Maschine and wav library inspired from Zapp and Roger work. This new funky loops and beats volume will provide you inspirational sounds, hi-quality samples and professional records. This library contains 4 construction kits including ...
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