1. producerspot

    My list of Free VST plugins released in 2019

    I have posted on my site a list of the best free plugins released in 2019. The list is open, I am waiting for your recommendations. What plugin (effect or instrument) you have recently downloaded and liked (remember, it must be free and released this year) ???
  2. R

    FS: Embertone Walker D Full piano VST, all mic's, 50% off!

    Selling the Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D (Steinway D) piano. All mic's included. (188GB of samples!). Bought for $149 (132 EUR) Sale price 50% off: 75 USD (66.45 EUR) Embertone support granted permission to transfer the license. Please send a PM and we can transfer the license.
  3. H

    Metallica Hardwired sound drum vst

    The title says it all...how do i get the drum sound of hardwired to self destruct by Metallica using vsts? Thanks.
  4. C

    Woodwind Freebies/Demo Samples

    Hi there, I'm looking to bulk up my library of virtual instruments with some freebies and whilst I've found quite a lot for strings and piano, I can't find any for woodwinds. Does anyone know of any (Kontakt or otherwise) that are good? I have looked in the freebie thread but was having...
  5. C

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    I've found myself really liking very focused individual sample libraries. While the Komplete's and Ominispheres would be nice, I can't always justify $400, $600, $1000 purchases. One option is to save up, but I feel I'd be saving up and not doing anything. Examples of what I am referring to in...
  6. BrotherCharles

    Win Martinic Elka Panther For FREE | Reviewer's Revival

    HURRY in! - Win a FREE license of Martinic Elka Panther VSTi | Reviewer's Revival Exclusive Giveaway DRAW Enter The Draw Here
  7. L

    Spitfire Chamber Strings vs Studio Strings PRO

    In your opinion which one, and why? I will be using this for film/game/tv scoring. As far as I understand from what I've read so far, SSS is recorded in a drier environment so I would have to add reverb in post. I would love if I could get the SCS PRO but it is so much more than SSS PRO that...
  8. Victor N.

    NI Heavyweight Bass and Drums Special 50% Off

    https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/heavyweight-bass-and-drums-special/ was wondering if anyone used any of those that they can recommend? especially the drums. thanks also anyone by chance knows a deal on a good bass instrument?
  9. kessel

    VSTi that finds notes out of audio files?

    Hi, I've been looking for a VSTi that may be able to find out the notes of song parts by analyzing it, but I'm not very convinced with my findings. The one that looks to do the job the best is Photosounder's Spiral, which seems to be pretty fine but in my opinion is way too expensive ($99) for...
  10. ?

    Help me choose between Shreddage 3 and Strawberry...

    I'm looking for a guitar that can play the tones in these soundtracks: , plus with enough versatility to play others. And I've been wondering if I should get Strawberry or Shreddage. Electri6ity is too expensive, only a last resort.
  11. KSProgrammer

    Audio Programming for Beginners, a Blog

    Hello all! I'm normally working away on the sample library side of the equation, but I have since started out writing some code for some audio plugins. It is quite a new territory for me and I have been dismayed by the number of resources that are difficult to follow without an extensive...
  12. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Tines & Echoes

    WELCOME TO THE HOPKIN INSTRUMENTARIUM An inspiring and distinctive series of bespoke, hand-made instruments for Kontakt 6 Player Tines & Echoes is a unique hand-crafted tuned percussion instrument created by instrument designer and sound sculptor Bart Hopkin. It's a pentagonal sound box with...
  13. Arise

    Parawave Rapid - thoughts?

    I heard a lot of good stuff about Rapid. 3 oscillators, 8 layers = 24 oscillators in total. So it seems to be based on layering and getting fat sounds. The UI is not the best but it doesn't look terrible imo and it has a good amount of skins. Apparently you can import wavetables as well now...
  14. Arise

    Hyperion Strings Micro - Good shorts?

    Hey guys, I'm currently in need of a low budget string library (Kontakt PLAYER compatibility required) and so I thought of getting either Hyperion Strings from Soundiron (32usd with my discount) or Eastwest's Hollywood Strings Silver (66usd on sale). I am mainly looking for nice sounding...
  15. kessel

    Is Vocaloid ever on sale?

    Hi, I've been thinking a couple of times about making use of vocaloid on some songs but I wasn't really impressed by how it sounds in the past. Looking at the newest Vocalic 6 version it seems like it's finally getting better and I could imagine making some good use of it, but honestly I find...
  16. kessel

    List of Japanese Instruments VSTs

    Hi, I'm going to copy/paste a post I did on a different forum just in case someone is interested in japanese instruments as VST and if you do know some more to add to this list For those interested in japanese VSTs, I did some research on Japanese VSTs months ago, I ended up buying some of...
  17. kessel

    Japanese Shinobue Flute VST?

    Hi, I asked this on a different thread but as it weren't directly related to this kind of flute and after a good recommendation I decided to open a new thread specially for this. As the title says, I've been watching for a very specific kind of flute coming from Japan called Shinobue and see...
  18. A

    Shepard Tone Maker (Free) *Update*

    Hello. I wanted to share a fun, little effect I made that turns any sound into a shepard tone. Simply hold down a note, hit "Start", keep holding for 2 seconds and it's done (you don't have to keep holding the note anymore). Add a good doze of reverb and experiment with lots of sounds! Render...
  19. Fermile

    Ethnic library collection resolution

    Hi all, Recently I found myself searching for ethnic sounds like didgeridoo, pantam, irish flute and some more ethnic instruments... I decided I need some more information about the collections offered for comparison. After some research on this forum and other sources, I found out there are 3-4...
  20. bfreepro

    Let's Listen to MRythmizerMB by MeldaProduction! ( currently 75% off!)

    Currently 75% off at https://vstbuzz.com/deals/75-off-mrhythmizermb-by-meldaproduction/?ref=52 The Rythmizer is an audio time manipulation effect that has gating, glitching, repeating hits and scratching, all with a plethora of options and built in patterns and presets, easy to pick up and...
  21. Aleela

    Best VST Piano to start with

    Hi! Which are the best VST pianos to start with? (Beginner)
  22. mihajlo šinka

    Selling my plugins. Half price.

    Hi guys! I am selling my plugins collection since i need money to upgrade to Studio One 4 Professional and possibly get myself a new PC. Here is the list and pricing: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS: Premium Tube Series - 100 euros Replika - 20 euros Supercharger - 20 euros Driver - 20 euros Phasis - 20...
  23. Akarin

    Your best 2018 purchase?

    I see that the "most disappointing library" thread is making a come back to my front page, these days so I was wondering what's your best 2018 acquisition. The year is nearly over and even though there may still be Christmas sales coming our way, considering the Black Friday craze, I think now...
  24. jtyh1g11

    Ticking sticks VST recommendation?

    Does anyone know of a library that offers 'ticking drumstick' sounds, as heard at 0:07 in the attached video? Just after something quick, cheap and cheerful that doesn't sound like a machine gun and that I won't have to record myself! Thanks!
  25. Akarin

    Orchestral percussion with modwheel rolls. True Strike?

    Hey all. I'm searching for a good orchestral percussion lib (not the epic type, I have stuff like HZ percs). One important thing I'm looking for is to be able to control rolls (timpani, snares, gran cassa at least) with the modwheel. Would True Strike fit the bill? I've looked into Spitfire Joby...
  26. SBK

    Software like pedalboard2 alternatives?

    Hi, Do you know an app that does a similar thing with pedalboard2? Which basically adds a vst plugin to your computer sound. http://www.niallmoody.com/apps/pedalboard2 Mine got an appcrash error, and cannot open it at all. Any alternatives by anyone? I want to process my headphones with...
  27. C

    Cubase: Merging Projects WITHOUT Losing MIDI Track Input Settings

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to see if you could help me resolve a very annoying issue in Cubase 8.5/9.5: When importing MIDI/VST tracks from another Cubase.cpr file into a new Cubase session (i.e. "merging" projects), the inputs for the newly imported MIDI/VST tracks...
  28. Ganampf

    Which Solo String Library should I buy?

    Hello, I really need a Solo String Library, as I haven't got one; I also am a student and don't want to bust the bank. For the rest of the orchestra I am using EW Hollywood Orchestra Diamond. At first I thought about the new Spitfire Solo Strings, but heard some bad things about their...
  29. beyd770

    Albion 1 vs updates - Why so many prefer the old version?

    Why does the first version of Albion 1 show up in so many composers VST-lists? Albion ONE has a "Legacy"-version included - is this the same as the original version? Both Junkie XL and Daniel James claim they use the original version for various reasons. Do you guys still prefer the first...
  30. beyd770

    New from Strezov Sampling: Afflatus Chapter - Part one: Strings

    Strezov Sampling are proud to present "Afflatus Chapter I Strings" - the first instalment in the new "Afflatus" series - inspired by film and classical music icons and based on authentic musician performance. Thoughts? :)
  31. bfreepro

    Review: Hexeract by Auddict

    This was voted for in the poll last time as well, so here it is! This one was a long time coming, as I have owned this product almost a year, and have had quite an eventful time trying to get it to work. I held off on a review, simply because I wanted to give Auddict a chance to correct the...
  32. Oxborg

    8DIO's Adagio strings worth it?

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum and I apologize beforehand for any faults I am doing. I was looking for a new strings library to mostly complement my Albion strings with a bit more scratchy sound and more articulations on the short notes (Marcato and different types of Spiccato) and I...
  33. D

    Bass Guitar VST Instruments / Sample - Which one!?

    What are the most realistic bass guitar VST instruments / samples for pop/rock music? What would you recommend and what's your favourite?
  34. augustof

    Rare electric Piano free

    Hi guys. We've just release Electrix. An electric Piano based on the Hohner Electra Piano T used by Led Zeppelin. www.sampleson.com/electrix-rare-electric-piano.html Opinions are needed :) Best Augusto
  35. Epicurse

    FS - Cinesamples Voxos 2 - Kontakt license

    Hello everyone, Cinesamples licenses cannot be resold per their EULA. https://cinesamples.com/file/misc/Cinesamples_EULA_2015.pdf Thx, Epicurse.
  36. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Perfect Drums

    Get it here: https://theperfectdrums.com/
  37. benmwatson

    [Cubase] Instrument track has no sound after recording it

    I've been teaching myself the various MIDI recording techniques and I have somehow gotten a track into a silent state. I was recording in stacked cycle mode. In the project window, the track's background is gray, while others are blue. I have checked note velocity, volume events (none), muting...
  38. Solara_Audio

    Essential modern percussion with full patches

    Dear fellow members, I am looking for a vst that features modern, epic percussion without being limited to mech/synth/artifical hits and that comes with a full patch, spreading its sounds over the keyboard. I really like to play the percussion instead of programming it, so single instruments...
  39. Aleela

    Which VSTs Libraries for Thomas Newman sound

    Which VSTs Libraries for Thomas Newman sound?
  40. Fermile

    Sound FXs

    Hi forum, Lately I'm in need of a collection of SFXs. Things like metal bend, car tire blows, vacuum cleaner, electricity, ETC. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good SFX source like VST for kontakt, any information you may share would be valuable to me :) Thanks
  41. augustof

    New website, what do you think?

    Hi guys, we are doing our first steps into VI arena. We just launched our website featuring 2 small VI (under development, free to test drive) http://sampleson.com Opinions? Thanks in advance! Augusto
  42. A

    Realism in Orchestral Tracks

    This might sound like a very basic question, but I've been yet to find anything on the internet that provides me a decent solution or workaround. Let me inform you of my situation first - I'm 17 and have been dabbling in orchestration since I was 14. At the moment I am using a combination of...
  43. Fermile

    Saxophone VST query

    Hi I was wondering if there are any high-end saxophone libraries on the market ? Searching for such a tool, I could find lots of free sax vsts which sounds really synthetic and a much better Audio modeling's Swam Saxophones which is based on their SWAM Engine and sounds good generally but when I...
  44. Ganampf

    PLEASE HELP | Effective RAM usage with VSTis

    Hello, first of all my PC specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit 16GB RAM Intel Core i5-6500 CPU Cubase 9 Pro Now, I've got a problem with my VST problems in Cubase: Sometimes the sound becomes extremely laggy, I can't even work or listen to anything at all when I try to play the project. I confess to...
  45. hozierschurch

    Gain Staging (VSTi)

    Is it okay to use a gain plug-in on every VST instrument channel for purposes of gain staging (even if this means 60+ instances?). Will this impact on CPU resources? Is this best practise?
  46. D

    Which Guitar Amp & Effects VSTs would you recommend?

    Which guitar amp & fx VSTs would you recommend? Which sound the most realistic? Which provide the best results for modern rock, hard rock and metal productions? How do the different ones compare? And are there any Guitar Instrument VSTis you'd recommend for use with them (for rock, hard rock...
  47. Pierre

    Out now: BOOM Library’s next sound design plug-in: Enforcer

    Hey guys, we're gladly introducing our next audio plug-in: Enforcer Enforcer adds punch & a powerful body to your samples. You can beef up sounds or add only a hint of weight. You can use it as a kick-drum synth, exchange existing kick drum tails and tune them easily using semitones or you can...
  48. D

    Vibrato VST

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good vibrato VST for use with electric guitar VSTis? Thanks in advance
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