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  1. ThomCSounds

    In Depth - Epica Bass by Sam Spacey

    Hi everyone, Epica Bass by Sam Spacey is, in my opinion, a very good example of what an analog synth can sound like. In the video, you'll see me go through a lot of the sounds that are divided in different folders in this 7GB sample library, from monophonic and polyphonic basses, to arps...
  2. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Echorec by Pulsar Audio

    Delay effects have been used in productions around the world for decades. For some, it is a way to add width, movement, and a larger than life feel to vocals and other instruments. For others, it is part of a signature guitar sound. Echorec is the emulation of a unit that did both. In the...
  3. bfreepro

    Let's Listen to Impact Soundworks Percussion Bundle (current VST Buzz Deal)

    Hey guys. Here's some quick demos/overviews of the products included in this bundle. https://vstbuzz.com/deals/71-off-drum... "Curious what you get with the deal? Well here ya go! (Unboxing/presets, NOT in depth walkthru) My favorites : Momentum and Forest Frame Drums! Best for : underscore...
  4. reutunes

    75% off Hybrid Scoring Bundle - €394 value now just €99 (with extensive playthrough video)

    Hey Controllers... Reuben here, I don't normally bother looking in detail at many of these big discount deals but this one REALLY impressed me so I just had to put a quick and dirty walkthrough video together. I've looked here at all 6 libraries that are included in the deal, some that I've...
  5. kurtvanzo

    Stigmatized Drummer Sale - Anyone own this?

    VST is selling this for €15 (normally €50), does anyone own it or have experience using it? http://vi-control.net/community/threads/vstbuzz-70-off-“stigmatized-drummer”-by-stigmatized-productions-normally-€50-00-now-€14-99.60425/ Made in Greece and sold fairly cheaply, it's hard for me to see...
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