1. Phryq

    Options for "dry" composers

    So right now the strings options for someone who uses only dry samples are VSL Dimension Strings / Chamber Strings Christ Hein Strings Sample Modeling (by layering many many instances and automating a lot) LASS NI Symphonic Strings Ensemble Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit Am I missing...
  2. G

    VSL Special Edition Complete to VSL Symphonic Cube?

    Hello, I'm doing orchestration and most of my work is to be able to come up with a realistic orchestral mockup, that can possibly be played by a real orchestra. Here's my (very simple) workflow: - Logic Pro X: find ideas - Sibelius: import ideas from Logic Pro X and then write correctly /...
  3. Salorom

    FS: VSL Synchron Strings I / Special Edition Vol1 / Vienna Suite / MIR Pro + Roompacks 1-2-3

    Hi, I am selling these VSL products for half the original price. I will also pay for half the handling fees. If you do not yet own an eLicenser dongle, I can provide for one for an additional €20. Synchron Strings I: €595 -50% = €297 Special Edition Vol1: €295 -50% = €148 The handling fee for...
  4. Cory Pelizzari

    Synchron Strings Legato?

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I've watched both of VSL's videos on the Synchron Strings legato and listened to all of the demo tracks - I can't hear any legato transitions. Can anyone who has this library confirm or explain what I'm hearing? I was considering buying the library to...
  5. Akarin

    How to switch between velocity and CC1 for dynamics in Vienna Instruments?

    Hi all, I can't figure out how to achieve this with the Vienna Instruments player (not Pro): I want to have my velocity xFade set to CC1 for long notes and to keys velocity for short ones. Is this even possible? Even if in VEPro I assign two different channels for longs and shorts, switching...
  6. al_net77

    Synchron Power Drums

    Just released: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Synchron_Package/Synchron_Power_Drums
  7. al_net77

    Brass... which one?

    Ok, I realized this is the time to get some brass to expand my palette. At now I've got only the VSL SE brasses (I picked all the SE one year ago) and the Epic Orchestra coming with VEP (but never installed). My genres can vary to orchestral to cinematic, so I'm looking for a "general" lib, if...
  8. R

    Selling VSL Synchron YAMAHA CFX grand piano (standard library)

    Selling VSL Synchron YAMAHA CFX grand piano (standard library). $ 195.00 USD I will pay for the transfer fee ($ 70.00 USD value)
  9. amadeus1

    Vienna Smart Orchestra Walkthrough

    Hi guys, Here's a measured video walkthrough of the Vienna Smart Orchestra, a sketching library, which will be on sales until September 30. If you already have some of their libraries you can get it for as low as 95 euros. It uses the Synchron engine. Thanks, Bill
  10. Paul T McGraw

    Dvorak 9th Mixing Feedback Please

    Will you please give me some mixing feedback? My ears are not as good as they once were and I need to know if I am on the right track. The piece used is the Dvorak Symphony 9 Fourth Movement. I have only finished the exposition section. This is 100% VSL plus the Spitfire Symphonic Strings. All...
  11. Time+Space

    14th September - This week's new music production news and offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at timespace.com New iZotope RX 7 Get Cinematique Instruments Vertigo and...
  12. R

    Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Looks like a sketching tool on the Synchron platform: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Starter_Editions/Smart_Orchestra
  13. JuanSebastianBach

    John Williams' Lost World Theme Mockup

    Hi all! Wanted to share this simple mockup I recently uploaded. I used VSL (All standard except strings) with MIR Pro (Vienna konzerthaus). Cheers!
  14. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off VSL, GForce, Nomad Factory, Ina-GRM, IK Multimedia, Plug & Mix, & Air Music Tech

    Up to 78% off the new Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings, Upgrade, and Crossgrades: https://www.jrrshop.com/vienna-symphonic-library?dir=desc&order=special_from_date 50% off GForce The Streetly Tapes Vol. 4 Expansion for M-Tron Pro, now $30.99 instead of $61.99...
  15. C

    FS: VSL bundle

    Everything is to be sold together. I will pay the 10% VSL license transfer fee and the international tracked delivery cost for the e-licenser key. Symphonic Cube STANDARD Appassionata Strings I STANDARD Fanfare Trumpets FULL Vienna Instruments Pro 2 Vienna Suite MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal...
  16. Bernard Duc

    Strings ultimate challenge: Mahler 5th Adagietto

    After the success of my LOTR mockup, and since I have too little work and too much time since I move back to Switzerland, I decided to tackle a new piece. I asked for suggestions and received quite a few... but finally I decided to go for what I consider the ultimate challenge for string writing...
  17. R

    VI Pro feature idea - 1-D matrix control

    The VI Pro matrix system has many attributes for live control and dealing with the many articulations VSL provides. But it presents challenges for editing in a DAW, working with articulation/expression systems, controllers etc, as you have to coordinate more than one CC/KS to get a single...
  18. Bernard Duc

    Template test: LOTR Lightning of the Beacons / VSTi mockup.

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to movie it. After moving back from the US where I was studying, I spent the past few weeks setting up my workstation and creating a new template in Reaper. I decided to do this mockup of "The Lightning of the Beacons" form the LOTR soundtrack...
  19. amadeus1

    Top 14 Cellos from 11 Top String Libraries

    Hi guys, Here's a video comparing 14 solo cellos. Thanks, Bill
  20. R

    XFade Considered Harmful (free Logic script for VSL)

    Have you ever noticed that while most sample libs feature dynamic crossfade (henceforth 'xfade') for expression control, many of the best demos rarely use it? xfade is an inherent compromise between limited sample levels and the continuous, within-note, dynamics afforded by wind and string...
  21. jrrshop

    Up to 88% off PSP, Venomode, Empirical Labs, BBE, Waves, Soundtoys, VSL, Prominy, Acon, Indigisounds

    Up to 88% off all PSP EQ's: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?cat=48&dir=asc&manufacturer=166&order=name&price=-&sale=1&type=2 Up to 87% off Venomode Complexer, Maximal, & Pivot, now $6.50 each: https://www.jrrshop.com/venomode?dir=asc&order=name 50% off Empirical Labs Arousor...
  22. amadeus1

    11 Top Solo Violin Legato Patches Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a link to the solo violin comparisons with descriptions: LA Scoring Strings, East West Solo Violin, EW Symphonic Orchestra Solo Violin, Quantum Leap Gypsy Violin, Vienna Symphonic Library Solo Violin, Chris Hein Solo Violin, Joshua Bell Solo Violin, Friedlander Solo Violin...
  23. C-Wave

    For Sale VSL

    >>> For Sale <<< - Bundle: Synchronized Dimension Strings I + II (both incl. VI Series) SOLD - NI India $50 SOLD - UVI Synsations $50 - AAS Strum-GS2 with two exp. packs (Good Folks and Latin Vibes) $100 - Soundiron Olympus Elements $60 - Soundiron Mercury Elements $60 Bundle the two for $100...
  24. amadeus1

    8 Top Brass Solo Libraries Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a comparison I just did on Brass Solo Libraries, the legato patch. VSL, 8Dio, Cinebrass, Spitfire, Berlin Brass, Hollywood Brass, Sample Modeling brass, and Symphony Series brass are compared with the legato patch. Thanks, Bill
  25. amadeus1

    Synchron FX Strings 1 Walkthrough

    Hi guys, here's a walkthrough and discussion of the new Synchron Player for Syncron FX Strings 1. Click Here
  26. amadeus1

    Orchestral Tools Symphonic Harps

    Hi guys, Here's a video on Orchestral Tools Symphonic 2 harps. It has more harp features than any I've seen before. In the video is a short comparison with VSL Harp 1.
  27. Dear Villain

    What Will Become of Us?

    I'm pleased to share my latest orchestral work, "What Will Become of Us?" featuring all VSL, including a blend of Synchron and Orchestral Strings. An orchestral tone poem inspired by "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Since our dawn to inevitable dusk A question implanted in our mind A question...
  28. jrrshop

    VSL Synchron FX Strings Introductory Sale

    Up to 25% off Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron FX Strings, Synchron Strings, and Synchron Package: https://www.jrrshop.com/vienna-symphonic-library?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Synchron FX Strings I is our most daring strings library to date, recorded with the signature ambience of our...
  29. amadeus1

    A comparison of Synchron Yamaha CFX with 9 other Grand Pianos

    Hi Guys, Here's a comparison of the VSL Synchron Yamaha CFX with 9 other well-known Grand Pianos. The Focus is on the New Synchron Piano.
  30. matthieuL

    SOLD : VSL Synchron Percussion I Standard Library 580€ (more than 25% off)

    I'm selling the new VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Synchron Percussion I Standard Library. 650 € (normal price is 795€). See the product page here : https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Synchron_Package/Synchron_Percussion_I The transfer license fee is included in the price. I'm selling too the VSL...
  31. jrrshop

    Up to 85% off Vienna Symphonic Library, Air Music Tech, Akai, and Positive Grid

    30% off Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Yamaha CFX piano introductory sale, now $222 instead of $306: https://www.jrrshop.com/vienna-symphonic-library?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Up to 85% off Air Music Tech instruments, starting at $19.99...
  32. matthieuL

    SOLD : VSL Synchron Strings I Full Library 550€ (50% off !)

    I'm selling the new VSL Synchron Strings I, Full Library (Standard+Extended). 650 € (normal price is 1090€). See the product page here : https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Synchron_Package/Synchron_Strings_I The transfer license fee is included in the price.
  33. J

    VSL Bundles

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have decided to sell my VSL licenses. These are the following: Vienna Instruments Pro Comes with 3 licenses to allow simultaneous running on up to 3 computers. Originally purchased for €146, asking price €122. VSL Symphonic Cube + Downloaded...
  34. Dear Villain

    Trio with Pianoteq, Embertone, and VSL

    Hi all, Originally, I posted this piece in a side by side comparison between VSL's solo violin and Embertone's Joshua Bell violin. I've since also changed out the Kontakt piano for Pianoteq's Steinway D. So...the final instrumentation is: Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, and Pianoteq piano...
  35. Dear Villain

    Anyone fancy a (gasp!) VSL string trio?

    Hi all! I recently completed Premonition for violin, viola, and cello. It's a dramatic work with distinct moods that emerge throughout, along with some extended/virtuosic string techniques. As always, I hope you'll take a moment to listen and comment if you feel so inclined...
  36. J

    NO LONGER LOOKING TO BUY Vienna Ensemble Pro, 6 or earlier

    NO LONGER LOOKING for Vienna Ensemble Pro - have now bought new. Thanks for looking.
  37. ziggurat

    SOLD - Vienna Strings Cube Standard Library

    All items have been SOLD! For sale is my license for the Vienna Strings Cube Standard Library. I'm doing less scoring than anticipated and have a one-year-old that has changed my life priorities, so I have decided to sell. This license gives you all rights, just as if you are buying new. You...
  38. Dear Villain

    Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, Pianoteq piano trio

    Hi all, Originally, this thread turned in to a comparison between VSL's solo violin and Embertone's Joshua Bell violin. I've since also changed out the Kontakt piano for Pianoteq's Steinway D. So...the final instrumentation is: Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, and Pianoteq piano. Hope...
  39. Dear Villain

    A different quartet: accordion, clarinet, guitar, marimba

    Part of our upcoming album, Acclarion (accordion and clarinet duo) performs alongside various virtual instrument combinations, including this piece, with guitar and marimba. The piece is named Geranos (ritual crane dance associated with the mythical king, Theseus). The guitar and marimba take...
  40. musicalweather

    Getting full orchestra from one developer vs. multiple developers

    Hi all, I’m wondering what your thoughts are about working with orchestral sections from different sample library developers vs. having all sections from the same developer. I’m currently struggling a bit to get several different orchestral libraries to sound as if they’re in the same space...
  41. Dear Villain

    Can I Dream?

    Greetings! "Can I Dream?" is my newest piece for violin, clarinet, and piano. Hope you'll enjoy! http://www.maestroscorner.com/audio/vsl/canidream.mp3 Cheers! David Carovillano
  42. stan-k

    Piano quartet

    Hi everyone, here is a chamber piece for piano quartet made with VSL SE+ and Pianoteq's Model B: And here is the score with music: All and any critique is as always welcome and appreciated.
  43. Maxfabian

    What do you think? New Orchestral/Jazz track!

    Finally I had some time making music! It ended up being some orchestral/jazz stuff. What do you think? Any feedback is more than welcome:) Thanks for listening! Cheers
  44. O

    EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds vs VSL SE Woodwinds

    I'm thinking about getting hold of the EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond at $199 to do mock-ups and background stuff, however I already have the VSL SE Woodwinds so could add the SE plus/Vol.2 for about the same price. Wondered if anyone has been able to directly compare these libraries? My...
  45. E

    Decided not to sell software

    Changed my my mind I am not selling my software.
  46. S

    New vids about vsl + finale

    Greetings I've been making some new videos about working with Finale and VSL. So far I've been focusing on SE instruments, but will prob expand at some point. Dealing with customizing matrices, controlling y axis from finale, incorporating keyboard maestro, working with velocity and slot cross...
  47. antcarrier

    Electric Guitar + String Orchestra

    Hi Guys! I have just finished my latest composition, for an electric guitar and string orchestra. I am expanding from my prog rock/fusion background a bit, haha. After programming the orchestra over the guitar, I overdubbed a real violin over the top to add some realism. I hope you enjoy :) Jon
  48. michaelamlacher

    FS: Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 incl. E-Licenser - EUR 120

    I am selling my Vienna Ensemble Pro Software including the e-Licenser on which the license is stored. You can upgrade to the new VEP Pro 6 for a special price directly at VSL.
  49. pinki

    For sale: vsl special edition vol 1 + vol 1 plus, vepro5, vi pro 2

    I am selling my VSL SE vol1 + plus orchestra with VE Pro 5 and VI Pro 2. This is a great starter set up. I will cover the license transfer fees. Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 which comes Epic Orchestra. I am asking £275 transfer fee included. Preferably Europe as I have to send the Vienna Key by post...
  50. J

    Vienna Instruments SE & VEP 6 for sale!

    Hi guys, Here are my products for sale : I have 6 volumes of Vienna Instruments Special Edition 1 and 2 : SE Vol 1 : Strings , Woodwinds , Brass , Percussion & More. SE Vol 2 : Strings, Appassionata Bonus , Guitars & Keyboards. Price is 330$ (Originally bought at 439$) Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 ...
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