1. ShidoStrife

    BBO Expression maps

    Hi all, I bought the BBO Brass recently (Hercules, Jupiter, Kopernikus) and noticed there doesn't seem to be cubase expression maps available for them on VSL site. Has anyone made them and care to share? I could make one myself, but I'd rather not spend the effort if it's already out there...
  2. Ben

    35% Off Vienna Instruments & MIR Synchron Stage + Synchron Percussion I-III on Sale

    All Vienna Instruments Collections and Bundles powered by the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players are now available at discounts of 35%, only through November 2, 2021! To make it easy to place these instruments in one of the best sounding scoring stages of the planet, we’re...
  3. Ben

    [NEW] Synchron Percussion III

    It's finally here, Synchron Percussion III - 229.6GB of content including 346,245 Samples. It consists of 6 section (also separately available): - Synchron Timpani III (Timpani Adams, Big Timpani) - Synchron Drums III (Field drums, Snares, Boobams, Ensembles, Drums and Pianos, Drum Riffs) -...
  4. P

    Best VSL VI Trumpet + Horn Ensemble patches to purchase (to compliment Synchron Brass)

    Hey All, So I have the excellent Synchron Brass, that is an amazing library, and the Timbre adjust, really does bring the samples to life more than ever. However, the ONE thing I miss , is the faster legato on the Ensemble Patches- You really notice it after having on the solo instruments -...
  5. widescreen

    Which VSL library should I buy before student discounts end today?

    I already bought some stuff at 40%, but probably I missed the one thing that's really outstanding by VSL. And much better than any competitor's (that I already own perhaps). What do you think? I already have: - Great Rieger Organ - Synchron Mallets I - Synchron Bells I+II - Synchron-ized...
  6. ptram

    Britten, Four Sea Interludes

    Hi, I really urged to readapt my old mockup to the newer VSL Synchron libraries. While I let it decant, I'll send it into the wild to grasp the first impressions. Britten, Four Sea Interludes - Dawn Britten, Four Sea Interludes - Dawn (older version) Paolo
  7. P

    VSL Flute, Oboe, Clarinet Ensembles (3 players) from VSL Single Winds worth having ?

    So I have the main VSL Synchron WW, and I must say it is excellent - The legato, the runs, the amount of choice - Pretty much it has everything. What it did not have though (though you can layer Flute 1 + 2 etc) is ensembles of each instrument , and I have noticed that having 3 wind players on...
  8. Time+Space

    THIS WEEKS DEALS! Wavelet Audio, Hypersamples, Lunatic Audio, Audio Modeling, VSL

    Some of this weeks deals and offers, in case you missed any... (IT'S A BIGGY!) HYPERSAMPLES - Founder of Hypersamples, Alessandro Camnasio (Gothic Instruments DRONAR, Avengers Endgame) has started his journey with 2 Kontakt sample libraries, with more titles in the near future! Save 27% on...
  9. Ben

    [new] SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs

    These historic instruments are indeed a blast from the past, captured with great attention to detail: SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs! Evocative sounds that can trigger long-forgotten instincts and desires. Exotic names like - Ophicleide, - Serpent, - Baroque Oboe, - Oboe da Caccia, -...
  10. ptram

    Bruckner, Aequale for three trombones

    Hi, In my quest to learn writing for brass, I can't but meet Bruckner again and again. This time, it is the first of his Aequales for three trombones. I don't have an alto, so it is two Tenors and one Bass. VSL Synchron Brass, full microphones set. It was not difficult to reposition them in...
  11. veranad

    CLOSED For trade: My Cubase Pro 11 (plus extras) for your VSL (SE or BBO) or Steinberg Iconica library

    Hi all: I have a Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5 license that I will not be needing. I would add to this license 1- an unused update to v11 (or to 11.5, if you can wait), 2- a recently bought eLicenser, and 3- a set of unused keyboard shortcut stickers (for PC). I am newbie when it comes to...
  12. Ben

    30% Off Synchron Strings + FREE Elite Strings Slurred Legato Update!

    Save 30% on Synchron Strings Pro, Synchron Strings I, Synchron FX Strings I and 27% on Elite Strings! Make sure to also download and install the new Slurred Legatos for the Synchron Elite Strings - free for all new and existing users! https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Package/Synchron_Strings_Bundle
  13. Ben

    [NEW] SYNCHRON-ized Single Woodwind Packs - More Woodwind!

    Many of you have waited for this release: SYNCHRON-ized Single Woodwind Packs - “Synchron-izing" the missing woodwind instruments and ensembles! Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Oboe d'amore, Heckelphone, Clarinet (Eb), Basset Horn, Contrabass Clarinet, Flute Ensemble, Oboe Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble...
  14. widescreen

    Some picks from VSL, which are better?

    As I'm eligible now for the 40% EDU sale by VSL I have some considerations to make. As it would be my first acquisition from VSL I have no experience with them (but some with 8Dio, Cinesamples, Spitfire et al). I have already the Vienna Key here and the 20€ voucher you get with it. I'm...
  15. Ben

    VSL Student Discounts - 40% off All Libraries & Software Products!

    Through October 4th get 40% on all libraries and software products! All details how to apply for student discount, here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/EDU
  16. jrrshop

    30% off Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Ensemble Pro Upgrades, MIR Pro, and RoomPacks

    30% off Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Ensemble Pro Upgrades, MIR Pro, and RoomPacks: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=61&order=name&sale=1&type=2 Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro (RoomPack Required) $485 Vienna Symphonic Library MIR PRO 24 (RoomPack...
  17. Ben

    VSL - August Splash, VEP7 & MIR on sale through August 23rd

    Here is an unexpected short time offer: - Vienna Ensemble Pro 7: https://www.vsl.co.at/Vienna_Software_Package/Vienna_Ensemble_Pro FIRST LICENSE for € 145 (regular: € 195) - includes 73 GB Epic Orchestra 2.0 ADDITIONAL LICENSE for € 95 (regular: € 135)Upgrade prices from ALL previous VE...
  18. P

    Combining / Creating a Full Dorico Articulation Template of Different Libraries

    While I am very Familiar with Cubase and it's way of working, I am gradually working more and more within Dorico. I already have the Excellent NotePerformer Sounds and Articulation Template, and they are really good, but I want to take it even further and use my Main Sample Libraries, for a...
  19. Ben

    Big Bang Orchestra: Buy 2, Get 1 Free

    This is a great opportunity get (more) BBO libraries: Until August 31st buy 2 BBO libraries and get the 3rd for free! Just put three libraries of your choice in the basket and the cheapest one will be free. https://www.vsl.co.at/Product_Overview/BBO_Map
  20. Ben

    VSL Synchron Brass

    Finally, the long-awaited library, and probably the one we've gotten the most requests for, is here: 136 GB of brassy goodness, featuring 8 soloists and 7 brass sections, is waiting for you! Soloists: 2x Solo Trumpets 2x Solo Horns Tenor Trombone Bass Trombone Cimbasso, Bass Tuba...
  21. Ben

    Upgrade Your Summer - Up to 60% Off Upgrades to VI Full Libraries

    Save up to 60% on upgrades from VI Series Standard Libraries to Full Libraries, only through August 2, 2021! Check out the entire price-list here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2021-07_Upgrade_Special And when visiting the product pages make sure to be logged-in to see your personal...
  22. O

    Weird problem: legato notes cutting short on different instruments/builds

    For ages I've had an issue which I thought was restricted to Cinematic Studio Solo Strings, whereby certain notes in a legato passage would cut short, although the disconnected release sample stills play when the key is lifted. This has happened on two different systems and with complete...
  23. Dunshield

    For Sale VSL - Vienna Symphonic Cube (full) - € 1.850,00

    Selling this for personal reasons. Obviously this concerns official licenses, with a company backed transfer proces. ----------------------------------------------------------------- VSL - Vienna Symphonic Cube - All licenses for standard and extended samples - Transfer is handled by Vienna...
  24. Ben

    SYNCHRON-ized Chamber + Appassionata Strings Sordino

    Check it out and get the 30 days demos - for free, available on the product pages! SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings (Sordino) SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings (Sordino) --- Once again, it's time for more strings! SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings (Sordino) - 20 Violins, 14 violas, 12...
  25. Dear Villain

    Piece for "World Class Marimbist" and String Quartet

    The Sword of Damocles is a dramatic, powerful, and gripping work for "world class marimbist" and string quartet. Owing to the demanding virtuosic writing for marimba, very few would actually be able to pull of the technical challenges of this piece in convincing fashion, save for the upper...
  26. P

    For Sale VSL Zodiac + free eLicenser

    Hi, I'm selling the new Big Bang Library Zodiac by VSL because it's not what I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent library. It got great reviews for a reason! But still... I don't use it. Never did. I already talked to the guys from VSL in february and they gave me their...
  27. Ben

    VSL Keyboard Special - Up to 40% off

    Last Call: Free 30 days demos of these pianos are now available: - Bösendorfer Imperial: https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Pianos_Bundle/Bosendorfer_Imperial - Concert D-274: https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Pianos_Bundle/Concert_D - Yamaha CFX...
  28. Ben

    [NEW] Vienna Organ Player - Great Rieger Organ - free 30 days demo!

    Here a video about the most important new features: And another great video by Fabio Amurri: --- Now also available as 30 days demo until the end of this month. Make sure to check it out! https://www.vsl.co.at/Synchron_Series/Great_Rieger_Organ --- It's time for a dedicated...
  29. P

    For Sale Synchronized Sp Edition Vol 5 - Dimension Strings £180 includes E-licenser PRICE DROP

    Selling my Sychronized Special Edition Vol 5 License - Dimension Strings for £180 , which includes the E-licenser. I will need to post the E-licenser , and based in the UK. So if from further than Europe, please check how much postage would cost, insurance etc. I am going to be paying the...
  30. Ben

    BBO: Bundle up to 35% Off + 30 days demo licenses - Synchron Elite Strings Intro price extended

    We just completed the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle by releasing the BBO: Ymir - Children's Choir. And to celebrate this we lowered the prices up to 35% off. Get the bundle here during this month to get BBO: Ymir and BBO: Zodiac included for free! (Promotional Price: € 1690) Additionally each...
  31. Ben

    [NEW] BBO: Ymir - Children's Choir - Free 30 days demos

    The final part of the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle is now available: Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir - Children's Choir We recorded 24 young singers between 8 and 14 years of the “Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen” children’s choir. With a tradition of over 70 years, this illustrious choir has performed at the...
  32. Ben

    VSL Synchron Elite Strings - FREE Slurred Legato update

    Hi there! I'm very excited to announce the release of our new Synchron Elite Strings! The Synchron Elite Strings is a chamber sized string ensemble (6, 5, 4, 4, 3 players) with a flexible and vivid sound, recorded in Stage A of the Synchron Stage Vienna. You will get tons of articulations...
  33. Ben

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Sale (April 2021)

    Through May 3, 2021 Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is on sale: - First license: € 145 (regular €195) - Additional license: € 65 (regular: €95) Get it here: https://www.vsl.co.at/Vienna_Software_Package/Vienna_Ensemble_Pro There is also a keyless demo version available on the website, so make sure to...
  34. Beat Kaufmann

    Combining String Libraries for an even more realistic result...

    Playing music, simultaneously with different string libraries, often makes the result sound even more real. The errors of the individual libraries add up to an average whole, so that they are no longer perceived as errors. The combination of libraries of different sizes also allows for more...
  35. Ben

    VSL Easter Special: Up to 40% off Special Editions and Smart Series

    You will find all information and prices here: https://www.vsl.co.at/News/2021-04_Current_Specials And stay tuned for more! :) Best, Ben
  36. Ben

    SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds + BBO Woodwinds Sale | FREE 30 days demo

    The SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds + the BBO Woodwinds are on Sale + you can get 30 days demos for free on the product pages! SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds + FREE Expansion Set - 345 EUR (reg. 445 EUR) BBO: Neptune - Tutti Woodwinds 65 EUR (reg. 95 EUR) BBO: Orion - Woodwind Ensembles...
  37. Ben

    Vienna Synchron Player & Presonus Studio One | Sound Variations

    This is a dream come true for many of us! Finally, there’s a sequencer that communicates efficiently with our Synchron Player, boosting your creative output with a simple interface! We’re stoked about the collaboration with the Presonus Studio One Team, and it’s incredible to see how convenient...
  38. Ben

    VSL Announcement: Moving from eLicenser to iLok (iLok key / iLok Cloud)

    Dear Community, We have some important announcements to make. You can read the post from our CEO, Herb Tucmandl, here in our forum: https://www.vsl.co.at/community/posts/t57384-Moving-from-eLicenser-to-iLok#post302591 Please note that the official discussion will happen at the VSL forum. Here...
  39. ILIO_Official

    VSL "Constellation" Bundles - Curated BBO Libraries - Over 35% Off

    New Big Bang Orchestra "Constellation" Bundles - Now through April 7, 2021! For a limited time grab a power pack of Big Bang Orchestra libraries at an incredible price! You have three bundle packs to choose from, each with its own unique focus: Essential Scoring Bundle, Power Brass Bundle, and...
  40. Ben

    VSL Strings Sale - Discounts on all Synchron & SYNCHRON-ized Strings

    Spring is in the air! Take advantage of fresh offers on all Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized String libraries and save up to 35% through April 1, 2021! Great offers on our multi-microphone Synchron Strings Libraries: Synchron Strings Pro, € 310 / € 495 (€445 / €740) -> 33% off Synchron Strings I...
  41. hazza

    FS: VSL Synchron Strings Pro

    Standard Edition. £270 inc transfer fee.
  42. Ben

    February 2021: Up to 35% Off All VI Libraries + Synchron Stage MIRx Extension

    To celebrate the release of MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna, including 2 variations with classical and Synchron compatible seating, all libraries powered by the Vienna Instruments player are up to 35% off! Here is a walkthrough comparing the difference in sound of the MIRx venues: Check out the...
  43. Ben

    Synchron Bösendorfer 280VC (Stage B)

    Hi everyone! Today I'm happy yo announce our newest entry in the Synchron Piano Series: The Synchron Bösendorfer 280VC, recorded in Stage B in our Synchron Stage Vienna (the same room as for the Synchron Blüthner 1895 and Synchron Bösendorfer Upright). (More videos to come, so make sure to...
  44. R

    VSL Bosendorfer Imperial Full Library

    I am selling my VSL Bosendorfer Imperial Full Library: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Bosendorfer_Imperial £350 -- Price flexible within reason. Please PM with offers VSL will facilitate the license transfer (~£50) and I will ship the USB licensing dongle (£30), both costs + worldwide shipping...
  45. Ben

    SALE: BBO: Andromeda Expansion Set & Dimension Strings + Bonus Content

    Yes - Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda is getting an expansion set - and if you already have Andromeda, it’s simply a free download for you here! Not so lucky and still missing BBO: Andromeda? It’s now on sale, so get it here! BBO: Andromeda’s Con Sordino Expansion Set focuses on the quiet side...
  46. rrichard63

    I can only afford one MIR Pro Room Pack. Which one should I get?

    I'm looking at MIR Pro 24 while it is on sale. I might be able to afford -- at most -- one room pack. Among the many things I would like to do with it is to integrate my Vienna Instruments libraries (and a few other pretty dry libraries) with the Synchron Player libraries I am collecting. Does...
  47. L

    Dimension Strings with VSS2

    Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas! I have VSL Dimension Strings and am determined to start using them to their full potential. My computer is pretty old and probably needs replacing at some point (8gig ram 2015 macbook pro). I have MirX (Teldex and Gateshead Sage). I can just about get away...
  48. Ben

    Sale extended 07.01.2021 - MIR Pro & CFX + Pummerin Bell Freebie

    MIR Pro is on sale starting right now until the end of the year! Combined with the current 3+1 Voucher sale you can save up to almost 50% compared to the regular price! Already a MIR user? This is a great time and opportunity to get additional roompacks. And if you are already a lucky owner of...
  49. Ben

    Happy holidays! - VSL Holiday Sale 2020 - BBO 30 days demos

    This Black Friday week is going to be a blast! Starting on Monday you should not miss these deals! So here’s my special advice: Combine the 3+1 voucher sale with the BF deals and save an additional 25% (BF price | BF + Voucher price)! Free / up to 44% off: We'll going to release BBO: Zodiac -...
  50. Ben

    Big Bang Orchestra Bundle - New Andromeda Expansion!

    Edit: I'm happy to announce the Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda Expansion BBO: Andromeda’s Con Sordino Expansion Set focuses on the quiet side of the orchestra: Con Sordino, played very softly in the range from pianississimo to mezzopiano. All string and brass players play con sordino (muted)...
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