volume fades and control

  1. K

    KSP - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  2. K

    Control (and fade in) volume of bus effect with Midi CC (64)

    How do I fade in the volume of a bus effect using the MIDI CC 64 (sustain pedal) as the trigger? I have been looking at ways to trigger the send level of an insert slot on a bus, using the sustain pedal, or a MIDI CC 64. How can I do that? My issue: I want to add more reverb (from say -30db...
  3. hozierschurch

    Volume Workflow Advice

    I’m creating Orchestral Hybrid music mainly using VSTs but concerned my methods re: volume might be way off piste! Typically staring with faders at -6db. If a vst is too quiet / loud in relation to others I’m using input gain / trim to level it out. After that I’m dealing with volume ‘on the...
  4. T

    Presonus Studio one 3 pro

    I am trying to add volume fades and cross fades. In all the tutorials I can find they show a standard wave form and indicate a simple line can be drawn to crfeate volume control. However, I cannot find an audio wave form anywhere. In the work space I can only fine graphics of lines and dodts...
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