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  1. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 50% Off Halloween Sale Starts NOW!

    Learn more: Halloween is just around the corner, so we've decided to run a 50% off sale on select libraries perfect for the scariest month of the year! This spine-chilling collection of products is guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of many with...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Release Hopkin Instrumentarium: Miago Trod | $29 Until 9/29

    Learn more: Hopkin Instrumentarium: Miago Trod is a giant resonating lamellophone created by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. This library further expands the sonic palette of the series with an instrument that has never...
  3. IKMultimedia

    IK Summer Sounds Sale - Up to 35% off SampleTank 4 virtual instrument workstation

    It's summer and you're ready to get to work on some music. You're sitting down to write a song. Perhaps you're looking for that one particular sound to give your latest project something special. Either way, or anywhere in between in the process of creating great music for video, for games...
  4. Soundiron Team

    Scoring For Video Games with Shaun Chasin

    Film / TV / Video Game composer Shaun Chasin let us into his studio to talk about his approach for scoring the video game "Way of the Turtle" from Illusion Labs. Shaun discusses landing the gig, finding the game sound in the demo process, creating multiple musical layers, the benefits of...
  5. P

    Pricing your virtual instruments/sample libraries...

    How does one go about pricing their virtual instruments? Say you found a really cool sounding piano or something, recorded it, and concluded there's some cool and unique content in there worth selling to the world. What next? I'd assume you'd go through something like Kontakt hub, but how can...
  6. Soundiron Team

    Building A PC For Music Production | Tips & Tricks

    In this video we talk about how to get started building your own PC for music production. We cover all the parts we chose, tips while building your PC, and things to keep in mind while deciding which parts to buy. We'd love to hear about your specs below!
  7. producerspot

    My list of Free VST plugins released in 2019

    I have posted on my site a list of the best free plugins released in 2019. The list is open, I am waiting for your recommendations. What plugin (effect or instrument) you have recently downloaded and liked (remember, it must be free and released this year) ???
  8. Spitfire Team

    The Ultimate Cinematic Organ – Available Now!

    Introducing Symphonic Organ – Available Thursday 22nd August.
  9. C

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    I've found myself really liking very focused individual sample libraries. While the Komplete's and Ominispheres would be nice, I can't always justify $400, $600, $1000 purchases. One option is to save up, but I feel I'd be saving up and not doing anything. Examples of what I am referring to in...
  10. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Tips & Tricks

    This is a series of different tips & tricks on things like sound-design, tech and tricks within the DAW and more. We would love to hear about some of your go-to tips and tricks that you've built over the course of your music production experience! Here is the latest video below Tips &...
  11. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | Writing A Marching Band Style Track

    In this Soundiron Session Craig Peters take you through his composition in the style of a cinematic fantasy/RPG styled track. Craig breaks down the creative decisions behind the music as well as showing the mixing and mastering process. Subscribe to our YouTube channel:
  12. keepforest

    Aizerx Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit by Keepforest (INTRO PRICE 199$)

    AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is the latest addition to the Keepforest's successful AizerX series and one of the biggest library ever released by Keepforest with +3000 wave samples. Inspired by the atmosphere of the cyberpunk world, this new library offers a lot of character and personality...
  13. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Valentine's Day Flash Sale | Save up to 33% off!

    While Valentine's Day is full of grand romantic gestures and elaborate 5 star dinners, it can definitely add up! So, we thought we'd give your wallet a break and offer YOU a chance to save. So we're running a Flash Sale on our heart warming ']Emotional Piano and the always endearing ']Elysium...
  14. Werewoof

    VI designers: What makes or breaks third-party demos?

    Hi there, IIUC, there are certain VI designers /companies who will take uncomissioned audio demos from aspiring composers and, if the demos are good enough, share them on the company's SoundCloud, somewhere on the product page. At least, that's how I'm guessing that happens. I'm not at all a...
  15. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Cyber Monday Sale - Last day to save up to 40% Off!

    The Soundiron Black Friday sale starts TODAY! We have some awesome deals on every instrument in our store. Save 30% off all Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and 40% off all individual non-player libraries. Don't miss out on your chance to save - Sale ends soon. Save big on our most...
  16. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - In The Studio with Composer Mimi Page

    We take you into the beautiful home studio of singer/song writer/composer Mimi Page. She has worked with composer Inon Zur on Fallout 4:Far Harbor as well as multiple collaborations with DJ/Record Producer Bassnectar. She has also scored The Lighthouse and Zak Bagans documentary Demon House. We...
  17. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Podcast EP 12 with BBC/Nat Geo Composer David Oliver

    Hi all, As some of you may know with our with recent release Rhythmic Odyssey, we worked with BBC/National Geographic Composer David Oliver. David has an amazing collection of drums and is very well versed in the world of rhythm. In this podcast we discuss: David's musical background The...
  18. RobertSinger


  19. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - 7 Year Anniversary Sale - 35% Off Store Wide!

    SAVE 35% STORE WIDE SALE! Soundiron's birthday is here! The years just seem to fly by so fast, don't they? So to celebrate we're doing a 35% off store wide sale! Save big on our standard open format libraries such as the colossal Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, the immensely popular Olympus...
  20. Time+Space

    3rd Aug - this week's new music production releases and offers at Time+Space

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at AAS Stranger Strings sound bank Boom...
  21. Time+Space

    New deals at Time+Space - iZotope, uJam, Best Service, VSL, Cinesamples...

    4th July celebrations means a host of new deals have started at Time+Space this week – too many to wait until our usual Friday round-up! Don't forget you can earn/redeem T+S loyalty points to save even more! JUST ADDED! - 50% off Garritan instruments (excl CFX) Best Service - Buy 1 get 1 free...
  22. jrrshop

    Up to 50% off AAS, Air Music Tech, Audionamix, and Serato

    AAS Chromaphone 2 $99 and 50% off all Chromaphone sound banks, now $19 each instead of $39: 43% off Air Music Tech Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade, now $74.99 instead of $129.99...
  23. augustof

    Libraries market

    Hi guys. It's there a source or any estimation on what kind of virtual instruments are the most demanded? I know is a general question, but I'm starting a small operation here and need some kind of guidance and opinions. My intuition says (virtual instruments, not loop libraries): 1. Acoustic...
  24. T

    Can Strezov's Freyja and Wotan work for epic tracks?

    It typically would cost $658 to purchase the bundle that includes Strezov Sampling's Wotan and Freyja choirs, but for Black Friday it's on sale for $460. The libraries seem really awesome so I'm leaning toward purchasing, but I just have a couple quick questions for people who own them: (1) Can...
  25. T

    SCS, CSS ... is it possible to pan the sections wherever you want?

    Edited original post to reflect the shift in focus of this thread to one particular issue: Looking at getting either SCS or CSS for black friday (SCS will be 25% off so around $500 and CSS will be 20% off so around $320) but had a quick question: I noticed that both SCS and CSS are recorded...
  26. VerbatimProd

    FS/FT: Loads of Plugins, DAWs, Hardware Gear & Accessories

    *Please note, this photo is to show our full studio only. Not all items pictured are for sale! Downsizing my studio & I have a TON of software & gear available for sale or trade. Hardware items shipped at actual shipping rates, unless marked free S/H. Local pickup from The Dalles, OR is...
  27. Michael_Picher

    Organs, Toy Instruments, Pianos, & More!

    I make virtual instruments in my spare time, mostly in the SFZ format. You can hear previews bellow, as well as follow the link to see everything I have!
  28. Knomes

    Owning KU11, it's convienent to buy Symphony Series?

    I own KU11 so i'd be eligible to buy all the symphony series collection at 150€ each one. I found two reviews about Brass ans Woodwinds here:
  29. 123creative

    123creative introduces Mixcraft 8 DAW software + Bonus plugin and samples

    Dear producers and musicians, We are happy to announce you MIXCRAFT 8 new version of user-friendly and intuitive DAW software released by Acoustica + BONUS plugin and samples from 123creative sound designers. This digital audio wokstation software is available in 2 versions: Mixcraft 8...
  30. R

    Unable To Install EW Installation Center on Hackintosh

    Hello, I am a brand new member of both the VI Control and the Hackintosh community. I have just completed my very first Hackintosh. Its primary purpose is for recording/performing live with virtual instruments through Mainstage. After installing Sierra I signed up to 'Composer Cloud', but...
  31. APD

    DEAL: 92% off Concert Strings Bundle by Kirk Hunter Studios!

    For just $99, get the Concert Strings Bundle ($1200 value) from Kirk Hunter Studios. The Concert Strings Bundle is designed for ultimate musical expression, playability and flexibility. Available at a whopping 92% discount until March 22nd, you will not find a better sounding, more playable and...
  32. creativeforge

    Virtual instuments & Android?

    I'm looking into taking a road trip to an artists gathering. I'd like to bring a keyboard with me, and a few vi libraries, mostly pianos and synth. I have a Motorola Moto X Play, with Android 6.01. The libraries would be on an external disc (WD), or maybe a USB thumb drive. Any tip if this is...
  33. Y

    Sample libraries and DAW templates

    I know Native Instruments has been working directly with numerous VI companies to optimize their new keyboards... So here's a thought: What if sample library companies created custom templates for the different DAWs out there?? I am a Logic user... So that would be first on my list! Hehehe...
  34. modiel

    Star Wars : Main Title - Mockup

    Hey guys ! I recently made this mockup of the Main Title of Star Wars for Strezov Sampling.. I wanted to make a demo of their libraries because I think they are amazing and too less people use them. So here is the version I made: French Horns : Strezov Orchestra: FRENCH HORNS Trombones ...
  35. Joris Devos

    Snippet film & orchestral music

    Hi, here you can find a snippet of some of my work. Everything has been programmed with virtual instruments. I have been making mostly pop and dance music in the past, but now my focus goes more and more towards film and orchestral music. It would be great if some of the great composers and...
  36. Joris Devos

    Snippet film music - sharing same passion

    Hi all, I've been following this forum for quite some time and finally decided to join. I hope to meet interesting people here who share the same passion as me. Over the last few years I've been working with some national and international artist, mainly pop and dance music. Nowadays my focus...