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  1. andylowemusic

    Virtual Toy Saxophone

    I got inspired by Spitfire's Make Music Day and decided I would create my own multi-sampled instrument based my daughter's toy saxophone. The sound is similar to a melodica. I went for 10 velocity layers, and sampled sustains and short notes. My video of the process includes some brief...
  2. IKMultimedia

    IK Summer Sounds Sale - Up to 35% off SampleTank 4 virtual instrument workstation

    It's summer and you're ready to get to work on some music. You're sitting down to write a song. Perhaps you're looking for that one particular sound to give your latest project something special. Either way, or anywhere in between in the process of creating great music for video, for games...
  3. IKMultimedia

    Total Studio Spectacular - Up to 75% off Total Studio 2 MAX

    Total Studio Spectacular Save up to 75% on Total Studio 2 MAX! Now more than ever, we all need powerful tools to fuel our creativity. Total Studio 2 MAX provides an incredibly diverse set of music creation tools - a huge bundle of music software with which you can create anything from...
  4. Sonixinema

    30% off Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings

    For our March Highlight we are offering 30% off Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings! The first of it's kind, this library combines unique and intimate orchestral textures with modern stringed instruments, providing unparalleled inspiration. Designed to blur the lines between acoustic instruments...
  5. jrrshop

    Up to 66% off Cherry Audio Voltage Modular, bundles, and upgrades, including Nucleus for $9.95 and the massive Year One Collection for $99

    Up to 66% off Cherry Audio Voltage Modular, bundles, and upgrades, including Nucleus for $9.95 and the massive Year One Collection for $99: Voltage Modular is a wildly powerful synthesis and audio processing virtual...
  6. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Woodentines for the Kontakt 6 Player

    Learn more: Hopkin Instrumentarium: Woodentines is a nuanced and expressive selection of wooden lamellaphones by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. Featuring 3 unique instruments with wildly different shapes and mechanics...
  7. P

    Pricing your virtual instruments/sample libraries...

    How does one go about pricing their virtual instruments? Say you found a really cool sounding piano or something, recorded it, and concluded there's some cool and unique content in there worth selling to the world. What next? I'd assume you'd go through something like Kontakt hub, but how can...
  8. Riot Audio

    Riot Audio releases Bowed Guitar Clouds - Cinematic Morphing Pads for Kontakt (with Intro Offer)

    Riot Audio has released BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS, a simple but powerful Kontakt virtual instrument for cinematic morphing pad sounds. Centred on recordings of bowed guitars, is the follow-up to the hugely successful Bowed Glass Clouds and will be available for £29 (regular price £49) until September...
  9. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Tines & Echoes

    WELCOME TO THE HOPKIN INSTRUMENTARIUM An inspiring and distinctive series of bespoke, hand-made instruments for Kontakt 6 Player Tines & Echoes is a unique hand-crafted tuned percussion instrument created by instrument designer and sound sculptor Bart Hopkin. It's a pentagonal sound box with...
  10. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Bronze Bin 3.0 On Sale For $19!

    We are excited to present the newest upgrade to a Soundiron classic, Announcing Bronze Bin 3.0! Soundiron's Bronze Bin is a unique tuned and untuned metallic percussion instrument library, created using common found objects with rather special tonal character. This bronze beauty contains...
  11. willbedford

    Frozen Percussion: Vibes by Fracture Sounds - Available Now at intro price

    The second instalment of our Frozen Percussion series is now available. Frozen Vibes features a concert vibraphone, performed with a bow and deep sampled in a concert hall. As with all our instruments, Frozen Vibes was programmed with ease of use in mind. Simply move the mod wheel while playing...
  12. David Donaldson

    A Psaltered Zither By MODWHEEL Released with Intro special

    I'm sure you've all been wondering "Where's MODWHEEL, what have they been up to lately, they've been very quiet?" Well we've been heads down, with the most wondrous metallic tones ringing in our ears...and it's time to spread that wondrous ringing far and wide. Today we are launching the A...
  13. MimiPage

    Soundiron's New Ethereal Vocal Library "Mimi Page - Light and Shadow"

    Hey Everyone! My name is Mimi Page, I'm a singer, songwriter and composer. I'm new to this forum, it's nice to meet you! I just released an ethereal vocal virtual instrument library with Soundiron that I wanted to share with you in case you're looking for some cool new sounds to create with...
  14. willbedford

    Midnight Grand by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    I am very excited to share Fracture Sounds’ latest creation, Midnight Grand.This is a stunning Steinway D Concert Grand, sampled in intimate detail in a modern concert hall environment. We prepared the piano with a layer of cotton, to create a delicate, cinematic tone. Midnight Grand follows...
  15. willbedford

    Frozen Crotales by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    I'm pleased to announce the first instalment of Fracture Sounds' Frozen Percussion series - a collection of deep sampled percussion instruments performed in unconventional ways to create infinite sustains, frozen in time. Frozen Crotales is a set of tuned orchestral crotales (also known as...
  16. vir2

    Vir2 Instruments - MOJO 2: Horn Section Now Shipping! $75 Off + Giveaway!

    We're excited to announce the pre-order for MOJO 2: Horn Section! We put many years into recording and producing the best possible horn library, and we think it's paid off. This is an entirely new instrument, all new sample content, GUI, and library features. The MOJO 2 pre-order offer is $100...
  17. Time+Space

    ENDS 10TH OCTOBER - 65% off Virtual Guitarist Amber

    "I've recorded several tracks using Amber and not a single person has spotted that it's not the real thing, some of the tracks have been listened to by top producers and engineers and not one of them has called fake. In fact I can't think of another VI that tries to emulate the real thing that...
  18. Sonixinema

    SONIXINEMA - Primal Sample Pack Release!

    Hi Everyone! To celebrate the two year anniversary of Sonixinema, we have released a Sample Pack with a handpicked collection of some of the best sounds from Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments! Including cinematic loops, dark textures, fierce risers and a selection of one-shots from an...
  19. Sibelius19

    Seurat Updated to 1.6 and 30% for a limited time!

    Hello Everyone! Seurat has been updated again, to 1.6! To commemorate, we've put it on sale for 30% off for a limited time (26 days left at the time of posting this). Current sale price: £26.25+ VAT The recent update adds the ability to reverse any sound source with the click of a button. A...
  20. L

    What outboard gear do you like to run some virtual instruments through?

    Just curious what some people might be doing out of the box to enhance the sound of some virtual instruments. What instrument, and what gear are you fond of combining?
  21. A

    My big fat guide to using a virtual orchestra.

    Hi all I've made an hour long guide to using VIs to create realistic orchestral mock ups and recordings. Hope it's helpful.
  22. jrrshop

    Up to 85% off Vienna Symphonic Library, Air Music Tech, Akai, and Positive Grid

    30% off Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Yamaha CFX piano introductory sale, now $222 instead of $306: Up to 85% off Air Music Tech instruments, starting at $19.99...
  23. Time+Space

    Rob Papen releases new virtual synth – Go2

    Leading virtual synthesis supremo Rob Papen has announced the immediate release of Go2 – a virtual synthesiser designed to provide music producers with powerful, easy to use features and the best quality sounds – all controlled within a single interface. What's more, it's extremely affordable at...
  24. augustof

    New website, what do you think?

    Hi guys, we are doing our first steps into VI arena. We just launched our website featuring 2 small VI (under development, free to test drive) Opinions? Thanks in advance! Augusto
  25. augustof

    Free Brush Drums Kit (VSTi Mac Only) Beta testers needed :)

    Just finished my first attempt for a VI (Mac only) made with HISE ( you are free to download and try it (will be a buggy one I bet). Navigate to Once page loaded, type "sampleson" without quotes and download will start Let me know if it worked. On 10.11.6...
  26. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  27. Epicomposer

    East West - Hollywood Choirs (REVIEW)

    Hollywood Choirs is the name of renowned L.A.-based virtual instruments developer East West/Quantum Leap‘s most recent product and their long-awaited sequel to 2005’s acclaimed Symphonic Choirs. The virtual instrument features a symphonic female and male choir meticulously captured by a...
  28. David Donaldson

    ***WaveSkimmer by MODWHEEL released with intro deal***

    MODWHEEL (in association with ShapedNoise) have finally finished the WaveSkimmer pulse machine. Kirke from ShapedNoise had a brilliant, germ of an idea, and it's only taken about a year of agonising by all of us to bring it to fruition. It's had a lot of minds on it, this one, some sharp and...
  29. marcodistefano

    Virtual Orchestration - Composition Walk through

    Hi everyone, hope you will enjoy this video where I am showing in detail how I managed to achieve a realistic orchestral sound in one of my recent compositions. Other videos are coming soon, let me know if there is something I should add in the format for the next ones.
  30. Epicomposer

    Epic orchestral production walkthrough

    We recently had the chance to talk with German composer and producer Dirk Ehlert (trailer music for The Hunger Games, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Unity) on the creation of his first solo album ELEMENTS, published by Dos Brains, L.A. In the course of the interview, Dirk was kind enough to...
  31. T

    NOVO Strings for $379 ... good deal?

    This is still part of their Black Friday sale that lasts until midnight tonight. (FYI to those who don't know ... many Heavyocity products are as much as 50% as part of this ... but you better hurry cause you only have a few hours left!) What do you guys think? If it were closer to the $250...
  32. T

    NI Symphony Series Brass Ensemble a good starting brass library?

    Just making my first orchestral library purchases now. As far as brass is concerned, I'm absolutely in love with OT Berlin Brass as nothing I've heard seems to come even remotely close. That said, since I'm only getting into this type of music, I think it makes more sense to start out with...
  33. T

    Are there typically good Christmas sales too?

    So I've been composing for three years now, but the majority of my products are from Best Service (specifically Tarilonte libraries). Right now is the first time that I'm really branching significantly beyond that (buying orchestral libs) and I'm amazed at the awesomeness of these black friday...
  34. T

    Can Strezov's Freyja and Wotan work for epic tracks?

    It typically would cost $658 to purchase the bundle that includes Strezov Sampling's Wotan and Freyja choirs, but for Black Friday it's on sale for $460. The libraries seem really awesome so I'm leaning toward purchasing, but I just have a couple quick questions for people who own them: (1) Can...
  35. David Donaldson

    MODWEEL releases The Lowdown V2 - all things Double Bass

    Back in 2014 MODWHEEL released The Lowdown, our unique take on a double bass virtual instrument sample library for Kontakt. It was our first release and it's still our most popular, so a few months ago we decided it was time for a serious overhaul. It deserved it. After feedback from users and...
  36. LinkinCB

    Three-Body Tech releases Heavier7Strings - 7-Stringed Metal-Style Virtual Guitar

    Three-Body Technology has announced the release of Heavier7Strings, a 7-stringed metal-style guitar virtual instrument with a complete effect rack and patterns library.
  37. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL Releases Mystichord......It's out there

    Looks a bit like a vintage organ, sounds like something from another sphere. 21 Patches (plus 215 snapshots) of mind blending transcendence from alphaville to dreamville exploring the furthest dimensions of inner and outer space. Only $US29 Watch this tutorial and all will be revealed.
  38. Vladinir

    News: SOLO Flugelhorn from CMP

    Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Flugelhorn Library for Kontakt.

    Sonuscore Releases Lyrical Cello Phrases

    Sonuscore proudly presents their newest product: Lyrical Cello Phrases If you've ever wanted to utilize the massive emotional force a cello contains, LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is the right heavy-hitter for you. What would your compositions be like, what would it feel like if you could have a...
  40. Robym

    Audiofier adds Two new Sound Expansions for SEQui2R 1.2

    Hello everyone! Here are 2 new Sound Expansions for SEQui2R 1.2 Expansion 2: Raw Analog Synths This collection of 80 new sound sources and 50 new snapshots/presets has been created by sampling unprocessed custom presets from vintage analog synths. These sounds are grittier and rawer than the...
  41. Robym

    Audiofier SEQui2R SYNTH available now!

    SEQui2R's Little BIG brother has arrived! It retains 99% of its predecessor’s features and has some new surprises too! SEQui2R Synth features 2 main oscillators, a Sub Oscillator and a Noise Generator. It includes around 80 waveforms divided in 8 different categories: Saw, Square, Sine...
  42. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL's "Creative Differences" series of drum and perc review

    A great review of 3 of MODWHEEL's"Creative Differences" drum and percussion releases ( we are still working on the 4th in the series Timpani and Kettle Drum) And in case you missed it here is us road testing a bunch of...
  43. Mundano

    Project sampling "Apollo-Dresden" 1884 Piano

    Good Morning, i've spent a month or so being member of this forum, and i thank you for your wonderful community! In this month i have learned a lot about virtual instruments, sample libraries, i have known new and old products and tools i didn't know, and i am improving my musical work with all...
  44. Cosimo

    Orchestral Positioning & Depth with Multiple Libraries

    Greetings! Long-time lurker and relatively new member here, and this be my first thread. Be gentle. I recently purchased Spitfire Audio's BML Mural Symphonic Strings and was wondering how any of you (who have it) would go about mixing with it for depth and position? I'm currently composing a...
  45. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL HAS 30% discount on all its Libraries

    Yes it's the season of giving and in the spirit of the season of giving MODWHEEL is giving a seasonal discount on any library from its rich and varied catalogue. Yes that's right we're giving a 30% discount on all our libraries while in season……..just enter the code "MerryChristmas" at checkout...
  46. willbedford

    Granulate - Black Friday Sale (20% off)

    UPDATE: 20% off until December 1st. Use coupon code - BLACK-FRIDAY ------ I'm very excited to announce the relaunch of Granulate, a tool for Kontakt 5 which allows any audio file to be imported and processed using a flexible granular synthesis engine. Granulate is available to download for...
  47. willbedford

    Granulate update 1.0 in progress (Kontakt granular synthesis engine)

    Hi everyone, For the past few weeks I've been working on an update to my granular synthesis engine for Kontakt. This is just a quick post to let you know what's to come. New Features: New, shiny user interface Per-note ADSR (useful for creating naturally-evolving pads) New asynchronous sample...
  48. SoundCues

    SoundCues releases "Kalimba Shakti De"

    Thumb pianos have a name.... SoundCues has released Kalimba Shakti De, a collection of 3 thumb pianos (including one bass kalimba, or marimbula) for Kontakt 4.24+. Mapped across a minimum of two octaves, this library offers 3 dynamic layers, 2 blend-able mic selections, and 5x round robin...
  49. Robym

    Audiofier SEQui2R 1.2 is available NOW!

    Hello Everybody, SEQui2R 1.2 is available and is packed with great new features! here is a 30 minutes video tutorial that explores most of the new features in SEQui2R 1.2 Reverse-able notes per step 2 Stutter/Buzz modes per step Ornament mode per step Triplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets...