1. 8Dio Productions

    💚 8Dio Love Luck & Leprechauns Sale! 💚

    💚 8Dio Love Luck & Leprechauns Sale! 💚 Solo Violin Designer 2.0 SOLO VIOLIN DESIGNER Virtual Instrument VST is a massive collection of over 4.000 phrases performed by renowned concert violinist: Thomas Yee. The intention of the library was to sample completely realistic solo violin by...
  2. 8Dio Productions

    Anthology Strings & Extended Studio Percussion Flash Sale

    Anthology Strings & Extended Studio Percussion Flash Sale Our iconic Anthology String and Adagio Strings are now on Flash Sale, plus we have extended our Studio Percussion Bundle by an additional 48 Hours! Sale Ends (02/04 11 AM PST) Anthology Strings Ensemble: Anthology contains both...
  3. A

    Identify an old violin

    My grandmother has an old violin with almost no marks and text on. All I know is that my grandfather owned it in his youth and if I lowball it should be at least 70 years old. The word "Czechoslovakia" is carved on the bow and below the fine tuning pots (or whatever they are called) there's a...
  4. Mads Skønberg

    Italiona - new track / new genre

    Hey, what do you experts think about my new composition?
  5. ramirogomez

    Sample Modeling Solo & Ensemble Strings video review with real time playing examples

    Hi to all, i want to share with you a new video review of Sample Modeling Solo and Ensemble Strings, that i upload a few minutes ago. Please tell me what you think, and if you see something to improve. Because this is the first of a series of videos that i am uploading in the following weeks...
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Taylor Davis Violin (Reviewed)

    Hey friends! Today we'll be reviewing a wonderful new library from Cinesamples, featuring video game violinist herself Taylor Davis. Please enjoy!
  7. Mads Skønberg

    Mixing genres

    I love to mix genres. If you want you can tell me what you think about my last track:
  8. Mads Skønberg

    Eye Of Paradise

  9. D

    2nd try with this piano quintet

    Hey all, Here's a piano quintet in 2 movements that I wrote called Pathos and Rapture. I did post it a while back, but..."crickets" :) lol Anyway, I'll give it one more go. I totally get that it's not the style of music most crave and the length is also a challenge in our fast-paced world...
  10. BradHoyt

    "The Fixer" - Featuring the free Stroh Violin by Impact Soundworks!

    Here's another track from "The Affinity Bridge" soundtrack. This recording features the Stroh Violin by Impact Soundworks and is supported by various Spitfire libraries, including Solo Strings and the Cimbalom. Feedback is appreciated!
  11. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt video tutorial: how to make mic level knobs + free bowed nagoya harp kontakt library

    In this video, I find out what happens when you play a Japanese Nagoya Harp (Taishogoto) with a violin bow! In the process, I demonstrate how to make microphone volume level control knobs. There's a FREE Kontakt library in the description to the YouTube video. Enjoy!
  12. ChrisSiuMusic

    Emotional Violin: A Walkthrough

    Best Service has just uploaded a walkthrough of the Emotional Violin. Check it out here:
  13. jrrshop

    60% off EastWest

    60% off EastWest libraries and bundles (excludes educational, upgrades, and Voices of Soul). Also, receive a free license for Play 6 with every purchase. Play 6 provides improved effects, faster loading times, and advanced integration with hardware controllers for all EastWest libraries...
  14. N.Caffrey

    Violin artificial harmonics

    Hi, could someone help me with violin artificial harmonics? I know the correct notation requires to have the note you want to play written 2 octaves below, with a squared note a perfect fourth above. This works for high notes, but for lower notes how should I approach this? As I should use a...
  15. T

    Joshua Bell Legato Issue?

    Hey guys, I just bought the Joshua Bell Violin yesterday and seem to have noticed an issue with some of the legato samples. I've noticed this issue in the transitions between various pairs of notes, but the most glaring one so far seems to be between Bb3 and Eb4. If you listen to the brief demo...
  16. James Marshall

    What's this playing technique?

    Hello everyone, The string player here (violin assumed, but please correct me), plays a sustained note and after about 5-6 secs switches to some what sounds like to me some sort of strong vibrato harmonic-like tone. It's happens throughout the piece. What is the player doing here? I've heard...
  17. S

    FS Embertone Friedlander Violin & Blakus Cello

    Selling for 100$ each. Pm me if interested.
  18. thestickman8

    A Fleeting Victory - featuring a live violinist

    Hi all. I recently had the opportunity to write some solo violin lines for a live player for this piece of music. I think it is probably my most well put together piece so far. Hope you like it!
  19. Audio Motion

    Violin Bow MIDI Controller using the Apple Pencil

    Hi everyone I always felt that we lack a device for controlling bow movement for strings that is as intuitive as a breath controller. This is why I wrote a new iOS App called Pen2Bow, a violin bow MIDI controller using the Apple Pencil on the iPad. It takes full advantage of the sensors in the...
  20. D

    Trio with Pianoteq, Embertone, and VSL

    Hi all, Originally, I posted this piece in a side by side comparison between VSL's solo violin and Embertone's Joshua Bell violin. I've since also changed out the Kontakt piano for Pianoteq's Steinway D. So...the final instrumentation is: Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, and Pianoteq piano...
  21. D

    Joshua Bell played my music...well sort of!

    I posted this on the Embertone developer's thread, but for those that might not expect to hear music there, I'm posting it here as well: Hi, I just completed a piece for violin and piano using the Joshua Bell violin, and I'm thrilled with the results; so much so, that I really am hoping that...
  22. D

    Anyone fancy a (gasp!) VSL string trio?

    Hi all! I recently completed Premonition for violin, viola, and cello. It's a dramatic work with distinct moods that emerge throughout, along with some extended/virtuosic string techniques. As always, I hope you'll take a moment to listen and comment if you feel so inclined...
  23. D

    Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, Pianoteq piano trio

    Hi all, Originally, this thread turned in to a comparison between VSL's solo violin and Embertone's Joshua Bell violin. I've since also changed out the Kontakt piano for Pianoteq's Steinway D. So...the final instrumentation is: Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, and Pianoteq piano. Hope...
  24. D

    Can I Dream?

    Greetings! "Can I Dream?" is my newest piece for violin, clarinet, and piano. Hope you'll enjoy! Cheers! David Carovillano
  25. R

    The Audio Modeling SWAM String Orchestra

    Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings, Op. 48, Mvt 1 16 SWAM First Violins in 4 stage positions 14 SWAM Second Violins in 2 stage positions 12 SWAM Violas in 3 stage positions 10 SWAM Violoncello in 2 stage positions 7 SWAM Basses in 1 stage position Midi CC Performance with Tec Midi Breath...
  26. Grim_Universe


  27. J


  28. Lukas K

    Fugue for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 3

    Hey guys! I would like to share with you the piece I wrote recently. It's the last fugue of a 3-part cycle of fugues for this trio. The first fugue was composed pretty much in Bach's style, the second one can be found HERE, and here is the third one :) My goal was to experiment with the...
  29. A

    Self playing violin

    I just found this YouTube video about a self playing violing. It is an old "music-box" machine, which includes an actual violin. Now, does this sound Midi? :-) How do you think it compares with todays best Solo-violin libraries? (e.g. the SWAM violin).
  30. N

    How to get legato violins to be on time

    it is difficult to get legato violin patches to line up on the beat. moving the notes back by two sixteenth notes usually works, but this is not always the case depending on what the melodic line is. also, if i don't have the notes overlap with each other throughout the duration of a melodic...
  31. D

    A piano trio made with VSL

    I played the piano part in, which does a lot for the realism, in my opinion. Hope you'll listen, comment, and enjoy :) Dave
  32. Jorgakis

    Piano/Violin Duo (Bohemian Violin)

    Hello guys, recently bought bohemian violin and I thought it was amazing. Have some problems loading my template with the uvi station loaded, though. But nevermind, I was happy to create a decent sounding solo violin mockup, I was trying to do for so long. Hope you like the composition...
  33. L

    FS: Emberton Strings Solo: Violin & Cello

    Hello, I'm selling my Solo Violin & Solo Cello Library from Emberton for each 90 EUR. I sent a mail to Emberton and the guys gave me the OK. Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested. Hello. Thanks for reaching out. We can certainly do that for you! All we need is the buyer's...
  34. A

    Two pieces (violin solo and quintet), guess the VST :-)... no, real musicians!

    Hi guys, Thanks to this forum, I realized that recording a real musician (or two musicians) is a good and inexpensive alternative to using sample libraries. :) During a very brief google session I managed to find 3 performers with good references and affordable rates. One of them was...
  35. APD

    DEAL: Get 60% off Embertone's Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate.

    60% off Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate Embertone’s Intimate Solo Strings Bundle is an astonishing collection of the most detailed, life-like solo strings on the market today, with all the controls necessary to create beautiful and realistic...
  36. M

    FS:Emotional Cello & Chris Hein Violin

    Emotional Cello: $175 Chris Hein Violin: $100 If you want to buy them both, I'll sign over my Best Service account, which contains these 2 products and Medieval Legends II. I'll pay the Best Service License Transfer Fee. Payment Via Paypal.
  37. E

    New user demo's with the Sample Modeling violin

    Hi, Herewith a few tracks made with the Sample Modeling violin. They are all very exposed, no orchestra behind the violin, only with Schindler's List a harp (since there is harp in the original embedded already) and the piano in the Brahms mockup. So full attention for the violin in theses...
  38. R

    Sample Modeling Violin Demo: Solo Violin and SM Strings in sections.

    Cadenza (for an imaginary Concerto) - Rohan De Livera The articulations performed were realized with the corresponding controllers (in parenthesis) Martele (bow pressure), dbl and quad stops (poly dbl hold + pitch...
  39. calebfaith

    EW Hollywood Solo Violin Review/Walkthrough

    Hi, Let me know what you'd like to see next and don't forget to subscribe! Here is the review:
  40. Vik

    Poll: which of these 30+ virtual violins would you recommend?

    There are already several polls about virtual strings/violins here on VI-C, but those were created while there still was a 10-response poll limit – so one poll was about products with only solo violin products samples, the other was about quartets/first chairs etc. But any violin hunter out...
  41. N.Caffrey

    Microphone for flute and violin

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a microphone to record flute and violin in my studio. Do you have any experience or suggestions? My budget is around £200-300. Thank you
  42. Vik

    Poll: Solo string/first chair libraries you are really happy with?

    This poll is closed now, since a new and more complete poll exists here: Hi, I just started a poll about fav. solo/FC violins, listing only products where the violin can be bought as a...
  43. Vik

    Poll: Which solo violin libraries are you really happy with? (old thread)

    ETA: This poll is closed now, because there's a new, more complete poll in this thread: Based on the solo/first string string instruments listed in this thread (I'm sorry if any...
  44. Lukas K

    Fugue for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 2

    Hey guys! I would like to share with you one of my pieces which was premiered recently at the Bratislava Conservatory. If you are interested in seeing the score, just let me know :) Thanks for listening! Lukas _____________________ OTHER COMPOSITIONS: Rocky Meets Beethoven (Variations...
  45. Less Miles

    FS: Embertone Friedlander Violin and Blakus Cello

    I've already been in contact the the guys over at Embertone, and have received their blessing to do a license transfer. These are GREAT sounding strings if haven't heard them already. I bought them for a project that didn't have a budget for strings, and the results spoke for themselves. Some...
  46. slavedave

    Sold - thank you: Embertone Blakus Cello and Friedlander Violin

    Hello, I have sought and received permission from Alex at Embertone to sell these two licenses: Blakus Cello €80 Friedlander Violin €80 Beautiful libraries - I bought them to play live with an Akai EWI400s wind controller, but can be controlled by any other midi controller. Lots of real-time...
  47. anderslink

    Selling iZotope, Waves Vocal Bundle, EMITG12345, NI Passive EQ, Softube Dynamite.

    Hey guys. This post has been edited to reflect new stuff I am selling. All of the sample libraries have already been sold but these plugins remain. Make me an offer! Waves Vocal Bundle $149 Version 9.2 Native Instruments Passive EQ $49 Softube Valley People Dynamite $90... $25 transfer for...
  48. E.Heart

    Allegretto for Violin - rendered with a new virtual instrument (solo violin)

    This is my first post on this forum. I love the violin and wish I could play it, but actually my main instrument is the piano and keyboard. I mostly work on orchestral work with my DAW and have been looking for a good solo violin virtual instrument for a long time. A new solo violin library has...