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  1. S

    FS: Embertone Blakus Cello + Friedlander Violin (110$ for both)

    These sell for 125$ each. I am offering both for 110$, which is less than half price, if you buy them together. Separately, the price for each is 60$. Contact me, if you are interested. I have already spoken to them about transferring the license. These are 16/24 bits libraries.
  2. Vik

    Poll: which of these 30+ virtual violins would you recommend?

    There are already several polls about virtual strings/violins here on VI-C, but those were created while there still was a 10-response poll limit – so one poll was about products with only solo violin products samples, the other was about quartets/first chairs etc. But any violin hunter out...
  3. Vik

    Poll: Which solo violin libraries are you really happy with? (old thread)

    ETA: This poll is closed now, because there's a new, more complete poll in this thread: Based on the solo/first string string instruments listed in this thread (I'm sorry if any...
  4. ricz

    Short piece with Bohemian Violin

    Hi folks, I recently acquired Virharmonic's Bohemian Violin. By far my favorite new instrument from the last year. Not perfect, but quite inspiring. Anyway, I did this playing around with it the first day I got it. A simple line against a simple string bed. The arrangement could be...
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