1. Kore G

    Alden Nulden Productions StatiX II

    StatiX II is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library. It is a powerful tool which emulates the sound of a vinyl disk. it’s appropriate for hip hop music producers, and for those who want to make a custom beat sounds like taken from a vinyl disk. You can download on...
  2. echo | collective

    Echo | collective presents: phono

    PHONO is a set of textures lovingly recorded from the blank spots of old and new vinyl records. Comprised of various loops pops and decays, this collection spans the range of what a needle on an empty track can sound like. 108 flavors of rhythmic noise, crackles, hiss, pops, buzzes, bumps and...
  3. donbodin

    First Look Review of Vinyl Strip from Sample Library Review

    I had a great time pulling out an old track with that 60s kind of style and reworking it utilizing Vinyl Strip plugin from AudioThing. More info and link to the free demo of Vinyl Strip Available for $65 from Mentioned in this video: my Review of Vintage Rhythm Section