1. Dear Villain

    Cartoon Classic for Big Bang Orchestra +

    Hi all, Today, VSL released their all new (FREE!) Big Bang Orchestra. I wrote a piece that features it alongside their Special Edition Volume 1. Hope you'll take a look and check out the BBO at VSL's site! Cheers, Dave
  2. Ben

    VSL Student Discounts - Up to 45% Off Sample Libraries and Software Products!

    Our annual student discounts have started! 35% Discount if you purchase for less than €400 40% Discount if you purchase for €400 – €1,000 45% Discount if you purchase for more than €1,000 To take advantage of this offer, you must have a valid student identity card or confirmation of...
  3. D

    Cubase & VE Pro Template: Freeze and Unload?

    I've googled this and searched the forum, but I didn't come up with anything pertaining to my situation. If I messed up and this is a frequent question - I'm genuinely sorry. I recall some people saying they freeze tracks in Cubase (with a VE Pro template) for faster loading, but I can't really...
  4. beyd770

    My first payed job - Happy cinematic animation sketch :)

    Hello! Got my first job as a composer and working on a little theme for the project. It was mocked up really fast after writing the theme and harmony using piano. I like the sound, but know there are room for improvement - any tips for a total beginner? Will try to make it very simple...
  5. Oliver

    Hans ZIMMER Symposium - Anyone in Vienna this Weekend?

    Hans Zimmer is giving a symposium and masterclass this weekend in Vienna. Anyone there, besides me?
  6. amadeus1

    Vienna Smart Orchestra Walkthrough

    Hi guys, Here's a measured video walkthrough of the Vienna Smart Orchestra, a sketching library, which will be on sales until September 30. If you already have some of their libraries you can get it for as low as 95 euros. It uses the Synchron engine. Thanks, Bill
  7. beyd770

    Vienna Smart Orchestra - Quick sketching and scoring

    closed, thread already made
  8. ziggurat

    SOLD - Vienna Strings Cube Standard Library

    All items have been SOLD! For sale is my license for the Vienna Strings Cube Standard Library. I'm doing less scoring than anticipated and have a one-year-old that has changed my life priorities, so I have decided to sell. This license gives you all rights, just as if you are buying new. You...
  9. J


  10. S

    VSL Scoring Bundle

    Has anyone bought the limited offer bundle by VSL? If so does it feel justified? I have a few of the solo wws and brass but the offer is still tempting since you get MIR24, Synchron reverb for it and the Synchron perc. I could also get the 40% extra discount which would be insane saving. I'm...
  11. C

    Please delete

  12. R

    Fs: my whole VSL Collection + VIPRO2 + MIR Teldex, UPDATED

    Hi, I'm selling, as a whole bundle, not separate instruments, my whole VSL collection consisting of these products (see attached images) The total value of my licenses is 4.184.00 Euros, I'm selling the whole bundle for 2600 Euros. Included are the handling fee for license transfer I'll have to...
  13. S

    Vienna Symphonic Libraries & Software For Sale

    I have decided to sell my VSL collection and am looking for someone interested in these great libraries. Instrument Libraries: Vienna Cube & Extended Libraries Dimension Strings 1 Full Appasionata Strings I, II & Extended Saxophones & Extended Software: MIR Pro MIR Roompack Vienna Konzerhaus...
  14. B

    Slow Connection Time to VEPro on Slave PC - help needed

    Hi all, I'm building a new orchestral template and have just added my first PC into the mix as a slave. I have one other slave that is a Mac Mini and an iMac running my DAW. I am using VEPro 5 to host all my VIs across the network. Due to my scoring needs, I am using one instrument per instance...
  15. gigio76


    Hi, Do you usually use any instrument templates? If so what's your preference in terms of structure? g
  16. R


    Hi, I am selling following license: SOLD
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