vienna instruments

  1. amadeus1

    VSL Synchron Yamaha CFX Piano

    Hi guys, Here's a video walkthrough and review of the Yamaha CFX piano by VSL. I has 10 mic positions and adds more selection to your piano libraries. Thanks, Bill
  2. J

    For Sale Vienna Special Editions 1,2,3,4 (+Synchronized versions) , VEP 6, Vienna Instruments Pro 2 and more

    Hi Guys, Selling those products: Vienna Special editions 1,2,3,4 (regular versions) and the SYNCHRON-ized versions. (I don't own 1 plus and 2 plus). Vienna Smart Orchestra Vienna Instruments Pro 2 Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 (3 Licenses) Only complete bundle buyer of everything listed here - please...
  3. Ben

    Vienna Heroes: Vienna Instruments PRO 2 Retina / HiDPI

    Now it's finally available: Vienna Instruments PRO 2 Retina/HiDPI. Enjoy this great player in higher definition! Download and install the latest version from the MyVSL Section. It doesn't stop here: To celebrate this we have split up the three licenses package of VI Pro 2, so you can get your...
  4. barteredbride

    CLOSED SOLD. VSL - 62-70% discount !! with free shipping, free elicenser and transfer fee

    EDIT: EVERYTHING IS NOW SOLD. I´m leaving this thread so others can guage market prices, etc. FREE insured shipping / courier to all EU countries. FREE new USB e-licenser Steinberg / Vienna Key. I will pay the VSL transfer fee. All standard libraries. VSL prices in brackets. SOLD - BUNDLE...
  5. Akarin

    How to switch between velocity and CC1 for dynamics in Vienna Instruments?

    Hi all, I can't figure out how to achieve this with the Vienna Instruments player (not Pro): I want to have my velocity xFade set to CC1 for long notes and to keys velocity for short ones. Is this even possible? Even if in VEPro I assign two different channels for longs and shorts, switching...
  6. R

    VI Pro feature idea - 1-D matrix control

    The VI Pro matrix system has many attributes for live control and dealing with the many articulations VSL provides. But it presents challenges for editing in a DAW, working with articulation/expression systems, controllers etc, as you have to coordinate more than one CC/KS to get a single...
  7. ziggurat

    SOLD - Vienna Strings Cube Standard Library

    All items have been SOLD! For sale is my license for the Vienna Strings Cube Standard Library. I'm doing less scoring than anticipated and have a one-year-old that has changed my life priorities, so I have decided to sell. This license gives you all rights, just as if you are buying new. You...
  8. Fastel

    Night on bald Mountain with VIs

    Hi everyone. Some months ago I asked for feedback for my "Mussorgski piece". Now as I have bought the Special Edition 2+ for Vienna Instruments - I improved my Version. And here it is. My aim was to get as close as I can to a "realistic" performance. Still a hell of detail work... Would be...