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  1. JT3_Jon

    Cubase and VE pro - better to load everything in a few VE pro instances, or less in more VE pros?

    Hello everyone, Before I spend a bunch of time which could potentially lead to disaster, does anyone have any info on if its better to load individual instruments into large VE pro instances using multiple ports, or better to load many, many small VE pro instances using less ports? I come from...
  2. N

    Yosemite's activity monitor contradicting kontakt memory usage

    this is a screenshot of the only kontakt instance i have open, and it says there's no more than 3gb loaded. the activity monitor to the left says different and claims that more than 7gb is being loaded. why is this occurring?
  3. N

    Vep5 with logic - best way to set up?

    When using Vienna ensemble pro 5 with logic, which is the most efficient way to set it up - multiport, event inpup, or separate instances each with 16 midi channels? Thanks
  4. N

    VEP5 Multiport Layer Aux Issue

    The moment I add an aux track with the multiport template in Logic, only midi channel 1 is addressed on vienna ensemble pro no matter what midi channel I'm playing on. What caused this, and how do I fix it?
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