1. dman007

    Cubase 10.5 no video playing

    I have two systems with Cubase but different graphics cards, but I get this on both. Whilst I'm working to video in Cubase 10.5, I repeatedly get just a blank white screen in the video window, or a white screen with just the timecode. Closing the windows (F8) and re-opening usually results...
  2. dman007

    How do you work with different tempos, time signatures and hit points when working to video in Cubase?

    How do you work with different tempos, time signatures and hit points when working to video in Cubase? I'm using a time signature track and tempo track, working with virtual instruments and audio... I recently had the issue of how do I fix a time signature and tempo at a point in time, and...
  3. dman007

    Free software for adding music to videos?

    Regarding adding music to video that already has dialogue and sfx, is there a good, free or inexpensive video editor that can do this job for different frame rates and export formats (e.g. for HD, for YouTube etc) ?
  4. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: How to add simulated legato to your Kontakt instruments

    In this video, I demonstrate two different approaches to adding simulated legato to your Kontakt instruments: SIPS and the Kontakt Factory Unisono-Portamento. In the process, I add new legato patches to the Box Cello sample library I released last week. The Box Cello library can be purchased...
  5. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: How to Make Release Triggers + FREE Tea Kettle Whistle Kontakt Library

    In this video, I show how to make release triggers in Kontakt. In the process, I create a full-featured Kontakt library out of the whistle from a Chantal tea kettle. Also, there's a link to a FREE tea kettle whistle Kontakt library in the description to the video. You'll have to watch the video...
  6. Aleela

    Cubase working with video - tutorials?

    Hi! Where can I find tutorials that explain how to work with videos and other film scoring features in Cubase?
  7. S

    New Virtual Instrument Channel

    After participating in discussions and learning from so many on this forum, I decided to create a YouTube Channel to share some of the things that I've learned, as well as provide walkthroughs of virtual instruments, always ending with a tip or trick, or showing how the VI sounds with other...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Your Thoughts On Shorter Tutorials vs. Live Composing Sessions

    Hi all, I wanted to get your thoughts on whether you prefer watching tutorials on the shorter side (30min or less) vs. a 3-4 hour composing video detailing each musical decision (DJ/Dirk Ehlert just to name a few). Which do you prefer and why? Up to this point, I have only done videos around...
  9. JimVMusic

    Masterclasses you wished existed

    Hi all, I'm considering creating some video masterclasses. I wanted to find out what people are interested in studying. Anything you feel is missing? Thanks so much, looking forward to your input! James L. Venable
  10. M

    Video Rendering Software with Audio (Resolved)

    Hi, I use Cubase 9 Pro. I want to render the audio files into the Video file I am working with. I am not sure if this is possible in Cubase 9. I guess it is not. Kindly suggest some good Software which renders Videos at various output quality and also which is low on CPU.
  11. danielb

    Sample Library Video Tests.. french.. orchestral swarm, joshua bell

    Hello All ! Voici un nouveau site en francais avec plein de tests videos de librairies: Derniers tests : Orchestal Swarm de spitfire Joshua Bell de Embertone Metropolis Ark de Orchestral Tools... StrikeForce de Laboratory Audio Et des news régulière sur facebook ici...
  12. dog1978

    Thrill review and interview videos

    I've done a big package about thrill. At first I shoot a little film for trying out "Thrill": Here is the review: And here a interview with Stephan Lembke of Galaxy instruments (check the english subtitles): And we couldn't find the spider after shooting the intro video:
  13. windyweekend

    Cubase 8 video question

    This might not be the right place to post this, so everyone please feel free to tell me to bog off somewhere else if I'm in the wrong place! I'm scoring a movie at the moment and the Director has just sent me a new cut of the video for a scene. It looks almost exactly the same as the original...
  14. MoteMusic

    Puzzle/sidescroller soundtrack

    I'm putting out a downloadable music pack for people to use in their game projects, and this is the final track. After a good many weeks I'm now at the stage just to tweak before putting it out there. I would love to know how it's sounding to you! All synth patches etc. are built variously from...
  15. Phryq

    Weird music video (first time)

    So I made this in After Effects. What do you think?
  16. darrenwonnacott

    New Weekly Cubase Tutorial Series

    Hi Everyone, I’m starting up a weekly Cubase tutorial on Youtube. These videos will be short useful things that someone new to Cubase or has recently switched from another DAW may find useful - or even if you have used Cubase for a while there is always something new to learn. Please subscribe...

    Cubase Video

    Hi Guys, So i've just imported a video into Cubase and all is fine, except for the actual viewing size of the video (not the aspect ratio). When i watch the video outside of cubase, I can view all that is in the film shot. However when I import into cubase, it seems to be zoomed in. So the...
  18. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X - Movie tempo ''freeze'' ?

    Hey All! So I am searched Google and You Tube for answers, but with no result. My question goes: How can I ''Lock/freeze'' the video/movie in Logic Pro X when changing tempo? I am aware of the great audio flex function, but this, as I can see does not affect the video/movie. - So it...
  19. W

    Does visual info help in hearing midi as realish?

    Got sidetracked in flute programming, but came to this forum with a hypothesis: that if you provide some visual reference to a listener, it can help make the sound more believable. Here's a lip-sync'd orchestra and choir pretending to perform a midi work. Opinions?
  20. d.healey

    Overture 5 has finally been released

    The Overture 5 public beta went on sale a couple of days ago. Obviously being a beta version it's not finished yet, but if you want to help its development (spot bugs, request features etc.) it's really worth checking it out.
  21. A

    As Spring Goes By (Video)

    Here is a new piece I wrote today :) Hope you like it...