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  1. S

    Legend of Zelda Thematic Overture using exclusively the Spitfire Symphonic series.

    I love the game, but the music even more. I made this using the Spitfire symphonic series as well as their percussion. Great sound if you layer the right articulations together.
  2. Tremendouz

    Bill Brown - Lovers Reunited (from Lineage 2) Mockup-ish

    Hi! Here's a little something I made a few months ago and I consider it my best orchestral work so far (the bar is set very low). It's not an accurate transcription of the original by any means since I lack both the ear and the orchestra knowledge so I just used whatever sounded good Here's...
  3. P

    What are my choir options?

    So, I'm looking at buying a choir library or two. I currently only have choirs through the various composer cloud methods. I'm working on a project that would heavily benefit from a choir. Especially a smaller, chamber-sized choir. The sound I'm going for is probably most similar to The Elder...
  4. soundsbyjohan

    Just released my first soundtrack, tell me what you think!

    Hey all! I just released my first game soundtrack to the public. It's for a game called "Dude, Stop", a puzzle game where you're supposed to do everything wrong while anoying the VO ranting about how bad you are. It was a fun challenge to write quirky and funny music that wasn't too intrusive...
  5. Soundiron Team

    Scoring For Video Games with Shaun Chasin

    Film / TV / Video Game composer Shaun Chasin let us into his studio to talk about his approach for scoring the video game "Way of the Turtle" from Illusion Labs. Shaun discusses landing the gig, finding the game sound in the demo process, creating multiple musical layers, the benefits of...
  6. Andreas T.

    Greetings from a Video Game Music Composer!

    Hello fellow musicians! My name is Andreas and I am a video game music composer. I am from Greece but I've recently moved to U.K. to pursue my career. Creating orchestral music, guitar-driven music and, sometimes, chiptune stuff is what I would like to believe I am competent enough. Even...
  7. J

    "Tremor" - Ambient VG Music

    Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  8. Raymond Moore

    A New Day(Happy Ending/Disney style composition)

    Hi I'm new here! I've been composing for a little while and decided this past month to post up my original compositions online! This is my latest piece: Hope you enjoy!
  9. JaikumarS

    Youtube Channels for Game Audio

    Looking for good Youtube Channels with music tutorials for video games. Thank you.
  10. Andrew Goodwin

    RiMe - game OST Gorgeous work! It's 40 tracks to the game RiMe. The dynamics are just spot on.
  11. H

    Old school Video Game sound and feel Libraries

    Was wondering if anyone here had some good recommendations for libraries or programs for the following "genres" of game music 8BIT - I see Plogue Chipsounds as a recommended option for 8bit and earlier. 16BIT - Something to recreate the 16bit sound like in the following in particular would...
  12. Nathan Allen Pinard

    New Youtube Series where I Orchestrate using StaffPad/Studio One

    Hey everyone! So I decided, just to see how it would work, to post my sessions with writing music. In this case I'm writing for an OC Remix project and completely re-orchestrating a video game theme. I've always known about OC Remix and always wanted to do something like this. I have 6...
  13. S

    Battle Theme for Retro RPG

    Howdy! I'm in the process of composing music for a Final Fantasy-style RPG game that a friend is making. I usually do rock/pop stuff for music libraries, and while I've fooled around with some orchestral stuff before I still feel quite lost. While I'm pretty satisfied with how the track sounds...
  14. Oliolijanko


    Hi everyone! This is a piece I composed for the Pixel Federation company, one of the major online game developers, for their strategy/fantasy game Emporea: Realms of war and magic a very popular game on facebook. This was a demo track I made for them to get the job and fortunately I succeeded :)...
  15. K

    Composers Challenge - Mass Effect 2! Sci-fi! Action!

    Hello everyone, I have run Composers Challenges but this is the first time that I've posted here. So hopefully this may interest you. This contest is about giving a chance to the amateur composers more than anything else. Mass Effect 2 is an award winning video game and a part of the most...
  16. Chris Porter

    Two games I composed the soundtracks for are on Steam Greenlight

    Hello friends! Hopefully this post is within the realm of what this forum should be used for as it's relevant to my career as a video game music composer. I wanted to use this forum to happily announce that two video games that I composed the soundtracks for are on Steam Greenlight. One of the...
  17. Andrew Goodwin

    Unrealistic RPG Music

    Hi guys, I just finished 5 Video Game tracks, on purpose instead of realistic I went the other direction.(think salmon downstream) Very fun to do once in a while. No CC curves were harmed (touched) during the making of this music. Anyone had any experience with music packs? I'm interested...
  18. Andrew Goodwin

    SNES style song "Lost Island"

    Hey guys, My journey through SNES sounds has been quite interesting and I have written two songs with some info I learned. Here's the first one:
  19. B

    K.O.M.R.A.D. - Tiny Robots

    This is for a video game about a Soviet Artificial Intelligence from the 80's that doesn't know anything's changed since then and you're the first person to talk to it. This track is the computer's stab at a techno baroque mashup that sounds like old-school arcade games.
  20. Chris Porter

    Chris Porter - Video Game Music Composer
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